Kanye West Blasts Press, Omits Jay Z's Name During Bonnaroo Performance

"I want ya'll to know that anytime I'm in the studio, made a record, make a t-shirt, I give it everything I got," Kanye West says.

After a still infamous set at the music festival in 2008, Kanye West returned to the Bonnaroo main stage last night (June 13). Rattling of recent songs like “Black Skinhead,” “Mercy,” and “Cold” alongside career high-points like “Jesus Walks” and “All of the Lights,” West also took aim at the press during a short, mid-set rant.

“Where the press at? Where the press at?” he yells in a video featuring audience members booing.

“This is real Rock and Roll if you ever grew up on real music,” he says. “The reason why you write that shit about music. I’m from the Southside of Chicago. I dreamed of R. Kelly giving me a deal.”

In 2008, West didn’t start his set to around 4:30AM and leveraged blame at Bonnaroo itself as well Pearl Jam for the delay. According to Billboard,last night at the event, several audience members held “full-sized cutout[s] of Ye and his animated Aquaman suit” as parodied in the “Fishsticks” episode of South Park.

"I want y'all to know that anytime I'm in the studio, make a record, make a t-shirt, I give it everything I got," he said according to the site. "And when I talk that shit, it's so you can talk that shit. If you're a fan of me, you're a fan of your motherfuckin' self. You can go out and do anything." These were humble words for the man, who contradicted the tone of this speech by ending it with "I am the number one muthafuckin' rock star on the planet, at Bonnaroo!"

“The fact that there are so many people here tonight, it humbles me," he later said. "It humbles me in a way it gives me strength. I know I set my goals very high. What I promise you as I stand here tonight, 37 years old, this is only the beginning. I ain't going after nobody on the radio. I'm goin' after Shakespeare. Walt Disney. Mozart. Henry Ford. Howard Hughes. David Stern. Elon Musk. You can only achieve as high as your dreams."

During the 2014 Bonnaroo performance, Consequence of Sound reports that Kanye West omitted Jay Z's name from "Cold." Earlier this week, Consequence of Sound noted that West has been omitting Jay's name from several songs. "It’s unclear whether The Throne collaborators are at odds, but Kanye had to know his omission of Jay Z’s name would be noticed by observant fans," Consequence of Sound says. "Some have speculated that Jay’s non-attendance at Kanye’s wedding earlier this month may have sparked a riff."

Last month, Billboard reported that Kanye West is planning a 12-song album slated for release later this year. The site reported via a source that the project will be “mostly a mixture of Soul samples and tamed Yeezus-esque darkness.”

West's setlist is as follows, via HotNewHipHop

View the full setlist and some videos from the performance below.

"Black Skinhead"
"I Don't Like (Remix)"
"Can't Tell Me Nothin'"
"New Slaves"
"Say You Will"
"Run This Town"
"Diamonds of Sierra Leone"
"Jesus Walks"
"All Falls Down"
"Touch the Sky"
"All of the Lights"
"Good Life"
"Bound 2"

"Blood on the Leaves"

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  • Aaron Houlihan

    I was in the audience at Bonnaroo and I've so far only seen internet article cover Kanye's show correctly. The people booing Kanye came specifically to boo him but for me as a fan of rap and as a fan of Kanye West I thought it was the best live musical performance I've ever seen. The press hasn't mentioned how he thanked the audience for spending their hard earned money to see him or that a large portion of his show was dedicated to Jesus. He really did put his heart and soul into that performance and told his life story through his music. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and leagues above any other act at Bonnaroo this year and don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Friends of mine who couldn't stand kanye before the show were crying during heartless. I'm convinced I'll never see anything better in my lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    He got booed when he compared himself to Jimi and John, how come it ain't mentioned up on here.smh

  • Anonymous

    Jay is a grown ass man, he does what he feels is right for his fam, so he didn't go to a fucking wedding, big fucking deal. Same folks at that wedding or probably betting when that marriage will go bad.

  • Anonymous

    after graduation he started being an artist and stopped being a rapper

  • Anonymous

    kayne has three album NUFF SAID


    Did he really say David Stern? lol. This guy always mentions people that had significant cultural impacts on the world. Really, really significant impacts because they created things of ingenuity that never existed before. If he's talking about comparing bank accounts then he's right, he's got a long, long way to go. But if this clown is talking about ingenuity, innovation, or legacy...the lol. LOL in all caps. This guy is stupid if that's the level he's trying to compete on. The only thing 'new' thing this guy does is coherently irritate people for 20-30min at his shows with these fumbling talks. He hasn't invented anything. He hasn't created anything that has changed the world. Henry fucking Ford...he built the fucking car man. wtf has Kanye West done. He would say...'I'm the first black man to build the car. Worship me.' Small minded guy. If he would get past the 'I'm the black man getting into fashion' and complaining like a little bitch then he would probably realize that he might be able to do something great. Instead he waste it on...'I know you allergic to peannut butter, BUT its my favorite so i put it in your sandwich i just gave you. You should thank me!' bullshit. Way to go Kanye, keep it up. lol

    • Anonymous

      meanwhile it was the black guy who invented the motor that henry used to move his wheeled carriage w/o a horse, david stern did nothing but capitalize off of his inventory he ain't invent anything and shakespeare didn't invent anything plenty of artists have had these onstage rants for decades talking about art & industry, you must be new applaud yourself

  • Anonymous

    he does this shit at all his concerts like fans want to hear him whinge for 20 minutes. and jayz is trash. kanye would be better off not associating with him anymore.

  • qaadiru rashaad

    he is funny !!! lmao

  • Anonymous

    lol..he's supposed to be one of his good friends..and he didn't show up at his wedding...a slap in the face...

  • Anonymous

    "According to Billboard,last night at the event, several audience members held full-sized cutout[s] of Ye and his animated Aquaman suit as parodied in the Fishsticks episode of South Park." Please someone have a picture of this!

  • South African Hip Hop Head

    Kanye West is a pussy!

  • Anonymous

    A "rift", DX...

  • Anonymous

    Im a cross-dresser white DMX fan and I hate Jay-Z. Is it normal?

    • S6D

      Don't nobody care about your personal preference of what you like to wear nigga you are a individual like each and every one of us if you wear girls clothes is none of our business and why would that an impact on who you prefer as an artist? i like Jay-Z just as much as i like DMX some people prefer one over the other what you wear has nothing to do with it...

  • DownDaHennyOthersSnortCoka

    Bunch of fruitcakes. Bunch of wiggers, on here using the N word like they been vouched for. Listening to 2 chainz and any fucking trash that came out after this faggot does not make you legit. Fuck all the gay shit, fuck all the soft shit. Fuck DX,bunch of pansies always deleting proper posts. This site is one big joke with 99.5% of its readers following suit. .5% come for the real, and since this site is 99.9% bullshit, it's a rarity to find that real. Lord Jamar is dat dude no doubt. But fuck suburb raise rappers, fuck sorry white rappers, fuck corny emo rappers, fuck battle rappers. Fuck a privileged white boy, fuck an uncle tom, fuck a white washed mexican. FUCK FAGGOTS, AND FAGGOT RAPPERS.

    • Anonymous

      Venting is good for the soul, Id rather you do it online instead of shooting up your High School.

  • Anonymous

    id be pissed too if my man opted out of the most important day of my life i love jay but thats just some nigga shit

  • 9elevenbeats

    Why does kanye seem so mad now and days? He just got married and hes an amazing artist! http://9elevenbeats.com



  • Anonymous

    these niggas soooo emotional

  • BustazBetterRecognizeWatsComing

    This is how you know DX is comprised of bitch-made individuals. How do you gobble on this homos pair, but not cover real hip hop? Big OG Tray Deee's prison release never made headlines, did ten calendars on some real, but this supposedly "hip hop" site didn't make a single mention. They cover the most obscure piece of shit struggle rapper, to struggle battle garbage, to ALL WHITE shit rappers. When dealing with the real, these "journalists" ain't nowhere to found. But in a heart beat they'll post a tweet from a homosexual, how the game get this contorted???? Anyways, for you real dudes really appreciating that authenticity, eastsidaz back together, back in your ass like thongs and briefs. They put out a new song, "Get U Right" peep it out, cuz I know for certain these DX marks won't put it up, they just put on fag shit.

    • NooNuNewKnew

      I hear you OP. I think it's time for a new site... who's got it in them to create such a thing. Something like a super improved DubCnn...

    • Anonymous

      should have stepped your hashtag game up son, Boosie came out feelin like Pac

  • j

    just SHUT UP already. What would our world be like if every motherfucker with a microphone went on nonsensical rant like him

  • Czar

    1 of the realest to ever do it.

    • darius

      j: Real? He thinks he fucking Walt Disney and shit Everyone thinks highly of themselves. He's just one of the few that will let others know it. Only difference between him, Walt Disney, etc. is that they didn't set out to change history, their actions simply lead to it.

    • j

      Real? He thinks he fucking Walt Disney and shit

    • NaS

      give it another 10 years before speculating that

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