Hip Hop Singles Sales: Week Of 06/08/14

Iggy Azalea keeps her top spot, while 50 Cent and Pharrell Williams songs enjoy sizable sales spikes.

One of Iggy Azalea's singles remains on top of the R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart, while 50 Cent and Pharrell Williams songs see tremendous sales increases on the chart this week. 

Iggy Azalea Fancies Herself At #1

Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” single is the #1 single on the R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart for the sixth consecutive week. 

The rapper’s single has been on the charts for 14 weeks. It jumped to the #1 spot from the #4 slot six weeks ago. It sold 263,080 copies this week, a nine percent decrease from last week’s 288,520 units sold.

“Fancy,” which also features Charli XCX, has sold 1,933,918units.

“Work,” another single from the Australian rapper, dropped four percent in sales this week. The #12 single on the charts, it sold 24,790 units this week compared to 25,823 units last week. On the charts for 63 weeks, “Work” has sold 341,687 units.

Pharrell Williams’ “Come Get It Bae” Enters The Top 10

Pharrell Williams’ “Come Get It Bae” single stands at #10 on the charts this week.

On the charts for 14 weeks, the song enjoyed a 72 percent sales boost, moving 33,342 units this week compared to 19,363 copies last week.

The song, included on the singer-rapper-producer’s G I R L album and featuring Miley Cyrus, has sold 204,586 units.

Williams’ “Happy” single is also in the Top 5. It is #4 with a total of 5,513,341 units sold.

50 Cent’s “Smoke” Rises Up The Chart

In its tenth week on the chart, 50 Cent’s “Smoke” single enjoyed a 92 percent sales spike. 

The song, which features Trey Songz and appears on the Queens rapper’s Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win album, sold 5,839 units this week, up from 3,041 copies last week.

“Smoke” is the #61 song on the chart this week and has sold 56,447 units.

Hip Hop Singles Sales: Week Of 06/08/14

#1. Iggy Azalea f. Charli XCX - “Fancy” - 263,080 (1,933,918)

#2. Jason Derulo f. Snoop Dogg - “Wiggle” - 145,797 (668,375)

#3. John Legend - “All Of Me” - 115,795 (4,004,125)

#4. Pharrell Williams - “Happy” - 104,288 (5,513,341)

#5. Lil Wayne f. Drake - “Believe Me” - 95,510 (179,562)

#6. Jason Derulo f. 2 Chainz - “Talk Dirty” - 58,182 (3,663,353)

#7. Nicki Minaj - “Pills N Potions” - 47,514 (191,231)

#8. Michael Jackson f. Justin Timberlake - “Love Never Felt So Good” - 46,374 (472,961)

#9. Chris Brown f. Lil Wayne & French Montana - “Loyal" - 34,751 (800,457)

#10. Pharrell Williams f. Miley Cyrus - “Come Get It Bae” - 33,342 (204,586)

All sales data is courtesy of Nielsen Soundscan.

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  • View Nigeria

    Normally 50cent got em ranking.... nice one Cent.

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  • jj

    Where is my nigga 50 cent at???????

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  • Anonymous

    I knew the day would come when a white female rapper would bring home a plaque, it's the signal of the death of HipHop as we know it. HipHop as the voice of the minority underclass and the streets is pretty much dead on a mainstream level. Now that Iggy has became successful the search for another Iggy is a top priority for the labels who understand that a white female rapper is marketing gold in the highly lucrative Europeon market. Operation Infiltration is complete.

  • Garbage

    All Crap...Whos buying this shit? 14 yr old girls?

  • certified classic

    iggy classic is a fucking classic album. Top 10 hits the new mackelmoore straight classic.

  • Anonymous

    so the single smoke sold more than 50's album

  • flah101

    does iggy have aids in her cerebral palsy?

  • Anonymous

    French Montana stays on them charts, that boy finds a way to stay relevant even though he can barely rap.

    • Anonymous

      He video tapes peoples families and blackmails them into putting him on records and in videos...

  • Anonymous

    Sexy ass Iggy out here bodying niggas in they own genre....poor 50 Cent got Dr Dre and Trey Songz on the same single and hes getting murdered by Snoop Dogg and 2-Chainz. YMCMB still moving strong.

    • Anonymous

      hahah poor 50 he only sold 5800 smoke singles this week on top of the 47k albums and whatever all the other singles sold. i know he got 10 year old songs that move more singles every week than a lot of these new rappers new shit.

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