Twista "Dark Horse" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE: Twista's forthcoming "Dark Horse" album is now available for streaming.

Twista is set to release his Dark Horse album August 12, according to Best Buy

Among the songs on the forthcoming collection from the Chicago rapper is “It’s Yours,” a selection featuring singer Tia London and produced by longtime collaborator The Legendary Traxster.

Twista has been discussing Dark Horse since at least 2011, when he and Traxster were in Los Angeles working on the project. 

The Dark Horse cover art and tracklist are as follows:

1. The Dark Horse
2. I Am Such a Mobsta
3. Devil’s Angel
4. Beast
5. Getting Paper
6. It’s Yours
7. One More Joog
8. Crisis
9. Burnin
10. Want My Love
11. Nothing Like Me
12. Me and You
13. 6 Rings

(June 13, 2014)

UPDATE: Twista's Dark Horse album is available for stream at Billboard.

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  • nspeez

    I'm a Twista fan and all, but this album sucks.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I aint gonna listen to this shit give me some drake, french montana, whiz khalifa shit. real ass hiphop. No old men hiphop

  • Anonymous

    This nigga has incredible album covers and titles but his music sucks since Adrenaline Rush.

  • Anonymous

    why rappers always have the worst album covers?

  • Edward Enigma

    Barclays gonna hit him with a horsepowered lawsuit lawsuit

  • Anonymous

    50 cent already used this album cover for one of his singles

  • Anonymous

    Album is pretty dope. Sounds like the old school Twista with those dark beats minus a few

  • SMOkin'

    The album is pretty good. I finally got some new music from Twista to listen to now I just need Big Smo to drop something. Hopefully they can collab that would be dope

    • Anonymous

      both of you need to stop smokin its ok to be a fan but you don't have to compare him to every artist that's mentioned on the site and to the anon just let it go he isn't gonna stop because you're bitching at him like i'm sure this comment won't stop you two from flirting with each other

    • SMOkin'

      I don't post on every article. Why are you so worried about it? There's a ton of stupid comments on this site. Do you reply to all of them? Let me post what I want to post unless someone pays you to reply to me

    • Anonymous

      I never said I didn't care. I'm just saying you're posting about this Big Smo guy on every article. You can be a fan but don't overdo it. You don't see me posting about my favorite rapper on every article. It's a buzzkill, especially after the fact you said that you didn't care if people listen to Big Smo or not. You're just wasting your time.

    • SMOkin'

      I don't care if people listen. I don't think everybody that post comments is looking for a reply. You must care because you're commenting on it. I'm a fan of Big Smo so what? We have our own opinion. You don't see me disrespecting people who're fans of rappers that I don't like so fuck off and stop being such a crybaby over a comment kinfolk

    • Anonymous

      Will you shut the fuck up about Big Smo already? The more you post about him, the more people aren't going to listen.

  • c4

    fucks up wit that cover tho? Should of just went full retard n had twista riding it doin the cowboy hat in hand yee haaa shit

  • Anonymous

    DX STAFF: Lol don't blame us, you illiterate, no pussy getting motherfucker are you a child????? your hiphopdx staff, no pussy getting motherfucker??? ha lol corny nigg*r

  • Anonymous

    the cover loosk dope HipHopDX just made it look shitty cuz they used a low resolution version

  • Anonymous

    They didnt put the features yet

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That is the stupidest looking album cover of 2014.

  • Real talk 78

    Funny he picked that title though. Nigga knew what he was doing. Trying to pick that Katy Perry money up. Idiots will search for her song called the same thing (dark horse) and stumble on his whole album. Shew is on of the top on i tunes. Can't know the hustle...I like dude. He can spit. Nuff said. This dude is strategic to say the least.

    • SuzyDoodle

      "An artist of his caliber does not take that long to craft and album." tell that to Dr. Dre X)

    • @dilli

      But now he is actually releasing it though. You don't have all the answers!!!!(Kanye voice). Half the time artists change titles or drop the whole album anyways. Don't be so ignorant to think he didn't reconsider getting it out under that title because of that. Nigga should have released that in 2013 at the latest. An artist of his caliber does not take that long to craft and album. He is hands down one of the best rappers of all time and sounds like nobody else. it will probably be fire though so who even cares.

    • dilli

      "Twista has been discussing Dark Horse since at least 2011, when he and Traxster were in Los Angeles working on the project."

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