J. Cole To Celebrate 5-Year "The Warm Up" Anniversary

J. Cole to mark the celebration with an appearance on MTV's "Rap Fix."

J. Cole is slated to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of his The Warm Up project.

MTV has announced that Cole is slated to celebrate the release with the network's Rap Fix program. "6/15 marks 5 yrs since @JColeNC dropped the #TheWarmUp. He and @RealSway are celebrating with a RapFix special. 7:30pm Sun on @MTVJam," the network series says in its Twitter post. 

The mixtape, which is streaming on HipHopDX, was released in 2009. Cole spoke about the effort and how it compares with The Come Up during an interview with HipHopDX in 2010

“I think The Come Up was way more raw [than The Warm Up]," Cole said at the time. "It’s raw, just straight rappin'. I am just trying to prove I can really rap with anybody. I can hang with anybody. I was trying to keep up with the [Lil] Waynes and all that at that time. And then The Warm Up was more so me trying to show that I can put together an album and a body of work, something with songs, and a concept, and it flows, and a sequence that tells a story. So that’s more like what The Warm Up was about. I think my style was more represented with The Warm Up. That’s my style now." 

To listen to J. Cole's The Warm Up, click here

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  • Yeezus Christ

    Overrated. shouldnt even be mentioned on this site.

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  • james

    Im from Fayetteville NC "Fednom" and fortunate too know jcole....I hope Cole open the door 4 not jus Fednom but the entire NC region. Who would I like too SEE COLE COLLABORATE FROM NC? hometown fellow artist "Banga" Yours Truly. They had there differences in the past but both artist are phenomenal. Shoutout Dreamville the 910 to da 2-6 Lets put egos aside humble ourselves & work 2gthr

    • Tre

      FYI...the correct spelling would be Fayettenam. The nickname was derived from Vietnam and was coined during the war. Hence the name Fayettenam not Fednom.

  • Anonymous

    it's been 5 years already? Holy ship wreck. Time flies. This guy is a vet now.

  • Anonymous

    Smh 5 year anniversary for J.cole? Work on something new.

    • Anonymous

      LOL I'm sure he is working on something new man if I know j.cole by now he is going to surprise his fans like he did on his birthday with the partnership deal of his dreamville label with interscope and of course the revenge of the dreamers mixtape to go with it but yea it's still nice to see j.cole relecting on his career so far it's been half a decade and along time coming to this great success he has achieved thus far already with two number one albums that went gold, but I just don't think his mixtapes got the recognition they so much deserved at the early beginning stages of his career so only think it's right that he acknowledge how he got started before continues his excellent career down the road of success in the world of hip hop MAN I CANT WAIT TO HEAR WHAT J.COLE WILL DROP NEXT though maybe that long awaited collaboration album with Kendrick Lamar or maybe just his third studio album whichever one it will be i know it will be a FIRE HOT HIT!!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^hi hater, we haven't seen you in like forever!!

  • Anonymous

    Easily his best work

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