Chilla Jones On Dizaster Vs. Math Hoffa: "Dizaster Is Better Than Math Right Now"

Chilla Jones also likens Battle Rap to wrestling.

Chilla Jones talked exclusively with at King Of The Dot's Vendetta 2: Redemption in Los Angeles, California. In the interview, the Boston, Massachusetts native spoke about the upcoming battle between Dizaster and Math Hoffa scheduled for June 28 at King Of The Dot’s “Battle Of LA 5” event. 

“This Battle Rap shit, man, it’s wrestling,” he said. “People play characters. People are different on camera than they are off camera and all this other shit, man. That’s all I think Dizaster’s trying to do is hype up a battle between them for 'Battle Of LA' or whatever King Of The Dot events might be coming up, but I don’t buy that.

“I would like to see that battle go down though," he continues. "Dizaster vs. Math? I would probably actually edge it to Dizaster, man. Dizaster is not my favorite emcee of the moment right now. We had some words on Twitter, but in all honesty I would edge it to him in that battle. I think Dizaster right now is better than Math.”

Chilla Jones also discusses his Twitter altercation with Dizaster and his feelings towards the battle between Caustic and Aye Verb. To read the full article, visit Battle Rap.


  • Anonymous

    white boys hate math hoffa SMH

  • rivy

    dizaster can rap, but i'm not really interested in what he has to say.

  • Battlerappsuckazzzxmaxkurll

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