Star Defends Chuck D, Asks Why No One Has Slapped Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg

Star recalls working at Hot 97, says he had respect for Hip Hop even when he had a problem with the genre.

Over the past few days, a feud has erupted between Public Enemy lyricist Chuck D and Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg. Following the growing rift between the two, radio host Star shared his thoughts on the matter as part of the New York Stays Losing Tuesday segment on his Star: Live & Direct radio show.

While speaking on Rosenberg, Star referred to him as “a little slob” and questioned why he hasn’t been slapped yet.

“The point is Chuck D is being shitted on,” Star said. “Chuck D from Public Enemy. I’m not gonna say that he’s being shitted on by a culture vulture, culture robber. Mothafuck his lack of color. Mothafuck his culture. It’s not about this. A little slob on Hot 97, with no ratings, is now taking a shit on Public Enemy. Chuck D to be exact. You niggas are gonna take this L too? Nobody’s gonna slap him in his mouth…This is what he’s gonna rely on when people bring it to him. ‘Oh, I’m just a Jew. Why me?’ Let’s bypass all that shit. A bitch ass slob who’s contributed nothing to the culture of Hip Hop is calling out Chuck D, my nigga.”

Star later recalled his time spent at Hot 97 and an on-air interview with Chuck D. He says that even though the Public Enemy rapper said “some sideways shit” he let it slide because of who Chuck D was.

“When I got to Hot 97 it was strictly a gangster move,” he said. “I was nobody’s intern. Nobody’s boy. I gangstered that fuckin morning show. And they gave it to me because I threatened to leave and go to WKTU. When I got on the microphone even though I had a problem with the Hip Hop culture and rap music I showed respect to niggas like Grand Wizard Theodore, fuckin Kool Herc, Starsky. Chuck D came on my show and truth be told he said some sideways shit. And you know what, my nigga? I let it ride cause it was Chuck D.”

Following the Hot 97 Summer Jam music festival, Chuck D criticized the annual event and called it “a sloppy presentation of the art form,” during an interview with Billboard. Upon hearing Chuck D’s Summer Jam critique, Rosenberg responded on-air yesterday (June 10) during his The Realness segment and accused the rapper of “trolling.”

“Listen, Chuck, I respect the hell out of you, but you sir are trolling and you are above that… Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop,” Rosenberg said. “We love you, you’re a father of this game. You contributed. But we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns Hip Hop.”

Chuck D immediately fired back with a handful of tweets sent last night.

Video of Star addressing Chuck D versus Peter Rosenberg can be found below (via Vlad TV).



  • Oaklands Own

    Star is saying exactly what I thought when I heard about what Paul R said... He just spitting real shit.

  • Anonymous

    Ebro just put out his list of top 10 rappers right now and its as sad as you would expect! cant remember it all but 1. Drake 2. Meek Mill LMAO

  • theactualtruth

    The more Ebro and Rosenberg open their mouth and reveal how low their I.Q. really is with each statement on twitter, the worse they make the situation for themselves. I'm glad they are outing themselves with their own stupidity. It's almost an unfair fight. Don't hurt 'em Chuck! LOL

  • black-is-back-all-in-weregonnawin

    Rosenberg's done nothing for hip hop? Are you kidding me? Do you know the artists who he plays on his show? Do you know what artists whose tapes he hosts or shows he emcees? Do you have any idea what type of hip hop he is advocating for on his morning show, who he talks to on Juan Epstein, who he interviews on the regular? Google that motherfucker and find out. They responded to Chuck D because he was wrong in his assertion that Hot 97 does nothing for hip hop or local new york music. I challenge you to name another commercial radio station in the US that does more for unsigned hip hop artists? Truth be told, the fact that Rosenberg and Ebro can even have this conversation indicates that Chuck's facts are not exactly straight. As for Star, he's the original troll and he's trolling again right now. That fucker got his ass kicked by dame dash and a lot of other motherfuckers. Ironic for the most disrespectful dude of all time to accuse someone else of disrespect. He needs to go back to focus on being broke with his skinny ass.

  • ChuckNorris

    Someone anyone please Ive been listening to hip hop since 86' and I just want One person to tell me of just one verse that chuck D spit, that is considered nice... Give me one song that you're like oh shit did you just hear what he said! Anyone...ZZZZzzzzzz I think people support assholes like Chuck D because he will cry about how the white man for any reason he can make up in his head....

    • Chrissy

      "Fingers in the air, like you really give a damn Peace sign up, let me hear you say: YEAH!! Power to The People, put your hands in the air Peace sign high, like you really do care" That's a Chuck D hook - You clearly don't know good rap if you can say Chuck D sucks. You feel he's racist, I don't if he is or isn't but even if I shared that opinion with you I'd never say that man isn't talented as f*#k! Chuck has one of the best rap and hip-hop voices ever and he could be rapping the most hostile white trash verses in my face one day and love it before I even knew I was just insulted - and I am as white as a ghost dude. You should maybe spend a day getting to know that music and the all the artist that make it great before letting us all know you don't know anything about the music you have been listening to for almost 20 years imo

    • sceezone

      Black Steel in the hour of Chaos, you asswipe. Are you serious?

    • truth

      nigga you buggin. name songs or verses that's considered nice? go back to sleep, yo.

    • nathaniel T

      Cant name songs, I can name albums of his fire. You must be a young cat take shit. You must dont know how influential It Takes a Nation of Millions and Fear of a Black Planet is. Till this day its still one of the greatest albums of all time not hip hop but all albums.

  • ChuckNorris

    Chuck D is nothing but a racist, period. That dude could be doing an interview on dunkin donuts and find a way to blame the white man for something. He came out at a time when hip hop was more political... we had public enemy, tupac, ice cube etc but if you listen to Pac he's like "both black and white are smoking crack tonight, and the only time we deal is when we kill eachother, it takes skill to be real, time to heal eachother" that's real. CHuck D only preaches racism, when is the last time you heard chuck d in the news over any type of harrassment from the Law...NEVER... But pac did a whole fucking lot and still wasn't a racist. FUck CHuck D and whatever black people feel he did for hip hop because I just don't fuckin see it. he is a racist fuck... that's all he preaches about. HEy chuck D how do you feel about breast implants? Oh let me Guess " the white man has... blah blah blah go suck a dick cuz you weren't a slave and nobody you know was a slave. stfu please or go chill with Lord Jamar's faget ass go suck eachother off.. RIP to Pac tho for always giving both sides and just being real all over.

  • rivy

    chuck d is a conspiracy nut.

  • LOL

    This mf is funny LMAO. Fellas watch your black female around White men. White Men wanna fuck them LMAO!

    • Snitch

      "is killing them in school" I'm calling the cops on you, nikka

    • theactualtruth

      Actually, it's the black women that chase white men nowadays. So watch your black women.... because they sneak out at night to f**k white men behind your back. You made your bed, lay in it. Alone. LOL

    • chuck norris

      The truth is, it's not white dudes trying to take your black women... No I'am in a interracial relationship and come to find out they just need real men to raise their children... oooh ouch... I have 3 kids with a beautiful black women who is extremely intelligent, is killing them in school and bout to be very successful. She realizes that black dudes are always crying about the white man holding them back but it's just an excuse for not doing shit with themselves... boo woo

  • IROC

    These wack azz dj's stay running they mouth to get ratings it doesnt take a genius to be a dj or talent , and because no one has smacked this so call jew you best believe he not putting his self in a position to get smack , Chuck D is way to intelligent to stoop to this moron level , Only a fool with nothing to lose engage in acts of ignorances !

  • banye

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck all that yappin, you youngins saying "who the fuck is star" need to do some homework, dude has been checking so called gangsta niggas since forever and NEVER got touched for it

    • Anonymous

      Honestly I never heard that dame dash story but I can tell you no nigga ever stepped to star in his whole career he even had the heart to go at 50 back in 2002 and your man curtis ran the fuck out the club

    • blackisbackallinweregonnawin

      You're wrong. Dame Dash pistol whipped him. And he deserved it. I'm sure lots of other rappers have touched him as wild as he talks.

    • 4 real

      Real talk my nigga. These MTV 2000's kids dont know shit.

  • Anonymous

    "A bitch ass slob whos contributed nothing to the culture of Hip Hop is calling out Chuck D, my nigga. Can't argue with that statement.

  • x

    I'd elect Chuck D president of hiphop in a second. No dis to KRs but as far as the precision of his words no one else comes close.

  • i fucks with him heavy!!

    Star's shot97 channel on youtube is the funniest shit in hip hop charlamagne don't got shit on him hes the real hater. He goes in on everything from rappers doing dumb shit and thugs shooting in chiraq to old school stories when he was a cokehead n fighting with people at the dollar tree store and mcdonalds these days lmao

    • Anonymous

      This nikka went live with 20 goons to Jimmy Henchman's office during that whole Aaliyah situation, once he got there Jimmy was all shook on some "let's talk it out" shit lmao, he been my favorite ever since

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    99% of hiphop now is 'trolling'. This website's whole existence relies on trolling, creating contraversy, and fueling the fire of negativity. NOBODY in the 'hip-hop' world takes any accountability for anything. But they'll be quick to take credit for something though. Hip-Hop is dead fam. And all these cocksuckers piss on it's grave every day and laugh about it.

    • betamax

      Yawn. I didnt like star back then and was glad they got kicked out several times. Rosenberg didnt start this thing Chuck D did. ps i didnt like public enemy back then as well. Flavor Flav is more relevant than Chuck D.

  • Anonymous

    Rosenberg is just defending his radio station... I mean, it's logical... anybody in his position should defend their radio station. Why should he get slapped? For voicing his opinion? Why is he a culture vulture? For playing hip-hop? Just because these people, like Chuck D or Lord Jamal, did something big for Hip-Hop, that doesn't make them always right. People need to chill out and make good music.

  • Ddot

    Peter Rosenberg is a little bitch who has done absolutely nothing to help move hip-hop forward, or anywhere for that matter. He caught some fuckin' feelings cuz Chuck hated on their shitty little concert. Get over it Rosenberg. Your station blows, your show is un-listenable (primarily because of how dumb and uninformed you are), and the Summer Jam is a modern-day Minstrel show: essentially setting humanity back many, many years. Fuck you Rosenberg, you little pussy.


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  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't make that bigger deal about what Rosenburg did, it the radio stations and all the corporate outlets making sure they forget who originally brought that fire so these babies would be able to do there bullshit/thing in the future.

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing to see a "grown" man advocating slapping another human being for voicing their opinion.

  • Anonymous

    He's right tho man, ya'll can stop trolling for once. Rosenberg has no respect right now

  • Bizzalls

    NO, STAR. You fuckin cocksucker. The real question is why haven't YOU GOTTEN SLAPPED YET?? You fucking homo!!

    • he aint hard to find

      hes been bringing it to everyone for all these years and no one steps to him cause he aint shook of these fake thugs and he carries a glock on him all the time

  • The Squ1sh

    Star is a faggot

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is Star?

  • R.Pgh

    Not that I disagree in the fact the Peter Rosenberg needs slapped for disrespecting a legend like Chuck D, but anything coming from Star needs to be viewed with a grain of salt. Dude has been a fucking clowning since him and Buckwild had their bullshit ass comedy column in the Source back in the day.

    • realness please

      go watch some his shows on shot97 youtube page I guarantee u change ur mind he speaks the truth ive never heard any radio or interviewer speak on things the way he does fuckin hilarious as well

  • Anonymous

    Star is the whitest black man.

  • felix

    "When I got on the microphone...I had a problem with the Hip Hop culture and rap music" this is all that needs to be said.

  • Anonymous

    Last time I saw Star he was in that video with Lord Jamar lookin more cracked out thewn Rick James in the 80's Someone stage an intervention for this baser and I might give a fuck about his opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Im guessing you never experienced a crackhead SMMFH Dude was just drunk. Crackheads are waaay over the top... get out from behind your computer now and again MF, stop exaggerating shit..

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