Game Lying About $20,000 Bet, Kevin Durant Says

Kevin Durant says Game's claim of a $20,000 bet is false.

Soon after Game revealed that he and Kevin Durant made a $20,000 basketball related bet, the Oklahoma City Thunder star has addressed the matter. 

"That's false," Durant says, responding to a question from TMZ about the bet.

When Durant is informed that Game put this information on Instagram, Durant replied: "He's lying."

Game's Instagram caption referenced here is as follows, as is the TMZ video of Durant:  

"Bet Kevin Durant a.k.a. @EasyMoneySniper $20,000 that he'd have to donate to the @froggallstars & play wit #LaFamilia in the #DrewLeague if I made an NBA 3 pointer all net & my hittas @jharden13 @Demar_Derozan & @ChampagnePapi was right there to witness it all... I guess that's that ! KD must ain't get the memo..... My jumper wetter than stripper p%$$¥ !!!!!!!!!! #BloodMoney #OvO #LaFamilia #itMustBeTheShoes #AirYeezys #GiveMeA10Day #iCanGuardLebron #WithMichaelJordans20YearOldBody #MyJLikeJakeShuttlesworth #KeepTheChange #DontBowWowMeAndNeverPay #ItsForTheKids #GameLoveTheKids #FroggAllstars #AAU #Nike #Basketball."

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  • lol

    KD got alife in nba how hes gonna look betting 20k against a rapper losing? he cant go on record saying he GAMBLES. ask pete rose.

    • Non sense

      Players can gamble dummy, just not on NBA games. Do some research before making stupid comments. Pete Rose was banned for betting on MLB games a sport he played. Just look up Michael Jordan, Charles barkely, Antione Walker gambling


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  • SMH

    Regardless if he was lying or not, Game gotta shut up. Suppose they were betting on real NBA games, this dude would have basically got KD in some shit. smh. damn son, shut the hell up.

  • Anonymous

    This Game guy needs to just get off social media for a few months it makes him look super lame and he keeps getting caught in lies.

  • Anonymous

    hhdx shoulda ran he story when he posted a picture he stole of another niggas safe filled with money talkin bout he wont ever go broke donating to charity

  • D.G

    This guy continues to play himself. I respect his community efforts but he gets no respect & to be honest with you who actually listens to this guys music

  • Anonymous

    this is like the 4th time this year game has been caught telling lies on instagram

  • Anonymous

    i feel embarrassed for this nigga man, honestly. well i felt embarrassed for him even before i knew the bet was fake because of those 14 year old girl hashtags he put on there.

  • Anonymous

    I said this in the original post lol. Game is a compulsive liar. These rap niggas are funny. All those cars he posts up on instagram are not his either.

  • Violator

    Game such am attention whore. From that vid I didnt see anyone react like they just made or lost $20,000. Just another jump shot Meanwhile G Unit back together making records making the streets nostalgic and shit.

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