Game Reportedly Claims Self-Defense In 40 Glocc Fight

Game says he only punched 40 Glocc because the rapper pulled a gun.

Legal documents indicate that Game has said he was acting in self-defense in his infamous fight with 40 Glocc, according to TMZ.

Legal documents show Game says he began punching 40 Glocc after 40 pulled a gun, according to the publication. The legal documents stem from a lawsuit 40 Glocc filed against Game claiming the rapper humiliated him by uploading a video of a portion of their brawl to the Internet. 

40 Glocc has also claimed that Game had a gun at the time of the fight. Game's recording of the fight, which was published soon after it took place, does not show either person with a weapon. 

In the legal documents, Game also notes his success with Grammy nods, a television series and more than 1 million Twitter followers and compares them to 40 Glocc, who does not have a Grammy nomination, a television show or more than 1 million Twitter followers. Glocc has approximately 53,000 followers on the social media platform. 

Game also says this is part of 40 Glocc's "gangster agenda to profit from threats, intimidation and taunts." 

The fight, which can be viewed below, has been part of an ongoing feud between 40 Glocc and Game, one that has included diss tracks and interview statements. Recently, Game addressed the feud on a remix of "ChiRaq." "First off, let me go on 40 Glocc again," Game raps on the track. "Talk about my kids on Instagram / Nigga must wanna get his ass socked again / Tell a lie like I pulled out a glock on him / Don't make me resurrect 'Pac again."

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  • he a stripper aint he?

    Game cant order a big mac at the drive-thru without dropping 10 niggas names

  • Fish

    'Big Bad 40' - The supposed crip who files lawsuits when he gets punched by a rival gang member and is in a video being beaten senseless wearing a RED top. They really dont come any faker than this bitch...

  • Rage01

    correct me if i am wrong, but am i reading this right? Everyone's commenting as if these statements were previously made, but I think this was used during Games defense at the hearing as a result of the law suit filed by 40. The law suit is already done and over, they are just releasing legal documents of what Game may have used in his defense against 40's law suit. The Game is already paying him for the law suit, I don't think there would be any reason for him to bring this up now!

  • charlesokennedy

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  • Anonymous

    So, after talking all kinds of shit about how 40 Glocc is a pussy for taking him to court, and then saying he would pay the lawsuit and beat 40's ass again afterwards; Game is now being a pussy and trying to get out of the case. Dude was acting big and bad, now he's being a vagina. No surprise.

    • Anonymous

      seems like Game wants to give it up the ways hes always bragging about that beatdown and the way he filmed it and put it out, not smart

    • duh

      Who wants to give another nigga his cash?...Not me

    • Anonymous

      I remember Game laughing about how he was just gonna give him the money to buy a Prius, he must be getting scared now...

    • Anonymous

      Nope, Game has every right to defend himself in court. WTF you expect him to just take that L and possibly lose thousands and/or jail time GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc laughing at Slowbucks the other day is the ultimate irony.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't no self defense Game. The judge gon look at your history and he'll find out that most of the altercations and fights you've been in to were started by you. The incident in DC, Hot 97, Club in Vegas where you were thrown out by security, the many times you let your BWS crew beat up fans at your concerts, Ras Kass, dude at Lil Wayne's party fighting at b ball games and the list goes on. The video clearly shows that 40 was by himself and you let him hug the bushes. He deserved that ass whooping but he wasn't a threat at that moment and you was bragging about it on twitter. Just pay up or hire the best lawyers you can afford. Seems like 40 might win this one.

  • Anonymous

    Lol ok! Go and checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good viral videos on there!

  • Anonymous

    I don't know how anyone takes this guy seriously.

    • Anonymous

      ....thats probably the best stance he could take in order to get the 40 glocc lawsuit dismissed...

  • Anonymous

    dont believe anyhting game says game has just been caught lying again about that recent bet lol dude catching up with officer ricky

    • Anonymous

      came been exposed instagram stunting too many times to count. what kind of grown man makes up a story about the prince of saudi arabia sending you some bottles of Dom P and some rolexes as a gift while he's in Dubai, later to find out he stole the damn picture that he posted from a rich white kid!

    • kdogg

      THE BET WITH KEVIN DURANT WAS REAL DUMB ASS KNOW UR FACTS!!! KD WAS LYING GAME IS A REAL NIGGA DEADED THAT BEEF WIT G COUNT LEP IN ONE PHONE CALL!!! 40 sued him like a bitch when karma caught up to his ass!!!! LIL WANYNE PLIES AND JAMIE FOXX didnt sue 40 glocc bitch ass. Game beat his hoe ass and he ran to the cops!!!!! nigga wanna be a gangsta he should keep 30 niggaz wit him like game does whatever the case may be... I see Game knockin his ass in the bushes like dick and old pornos and he sued like a bitch!!!! Chi Raq Got Love For Game just touched on some touchy issues in that chi raq to LA dis record but no doubt Game is a OG!!!!! Game is the most cosisten Nigga in the industry stay droppin that FYAH disssin all these bitch niggaz!!! Niggaz got shit twisted cause a nigga from a place they gotta like the weak ass rappers from there Game put down that crack for the masses!!!!!!!!

    • Come On

      *Stick To twitter Dude cause that's all you know* @anonymous.

    • Come On

      Honestly dude quit Game hating there's Video proof this time. Game has documented himself iN the crips Niebourghood and Bloods so STFU. he's nothing like Rick Ross. Everyone Knows that game is still in the streets. you losers hate on the Game all the time meanwhile he's been real about almost everything. The worst part about it is he puts out Video and shit in the street and with both Blood and crips gangs and you still says its fake. Stick to dude cause that's all you know.

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