"5 Rappers Troy Ave Thinks Are Weirdos" List By XXL

Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Chance The Rapper are among those Troy Ave calls "weirdos."

XXL has published a list titled "5 Rappers Troy Ave Thinks Are Weirdos." 

"Troy Ave has been calling a lot of rappers out lately, dubbing plenty of them weirdos," XXL says of its list.

Trinidad Jame$, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar are among the acts he calls weirdos.

As proof of Troy referring to Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar as weirdos, the site published the following quote: 

“Yeah, Kanye’s a weirdo. It’s a lot of rappers that’s weirdos…I like a lot of Kendrick Lamar’s records too. It’s a lot of weirdo rappers that’s out. It’s mad weirdo rappers. Y’all don’t understand it." 

Recently, Kendrick Lamar spoke about Troy Ave calling him a weirdo“I don’t even know what the definition [is]," Lamar said when asked about Ave's comments. "I never met him [Troy Ave]. I never really focused on his music either." 

To view XXL's list, click here

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  • ncc

    I'm 90% sure he doesn't mean weirdo in a negative way since he did say there are a lot of rappers that are weirdos and then proceeded to say that he liked kendrick's records........he has sampled artist that he calls weirdos so chilllllll

  • TonyBakercomedy

    All of the rappers he lists as "weirdos" have been to create more buzz than him. Maybe he should inject some "Weird" in his brand. Stop talkin bout peeps so much and stick to the music.

  • Anonymous

    Just like Kendrick said, I don't even know the definition of a weirdo rapper. Troy keeps saying these people are weirdos without telling us what it means.

  • Anonymous

    tech 9 is the epitome of a fucking weirdo. Acts satanic and messed up

  • A Money

    Five Rappers i think are weirdos 1) Troy ave 2)Troy ave 3)Troy ave 4) troy ave 5) troy ave

  • lol

    BREAKING NEWS: IRRELEVANT FAGGOT HATES ON RELEVANT RAPPERS I do agree with Chance and Trinidad tho, fuck them. But Ye and Kdot will forever be superior. Niggas like Troy Ave make me ashamed to be from New York. This shit about unity not always tryna say some negative shit.

  • lol

    5 places no one cares about troy ave or his opinions my street my city my state my country earth.

  • charlesokennedy

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  • Sham

    He is possibly the most basic rapper I have ever heard. Especially from New York. French Montana looks like a creative genius next to this guy.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this? younger version of lord jamar?

  • Kramer

    Why do we care who the hell this guy thinks is a weirdo ?

  • dfkgb

    5 Rappers I Think Are Nobodies: 1. Troy Ave ...

  • Andy

    This dude looks like he suffers from down syndrome

  • Anonymous

    This guys is salty because he is outshined by virtually every other New York rapper currently out. smh

  • mario Toney

    see this is ridiculous...why would that cat be worried about the nxt man and how they present their art...nicka worry about your shh...cuz in my opinion your the most weirdo out of all of them cuz your being disrespectful and u also sound like 50 cent......nicka your Troy Ave...your not doper than kendrick or kanye ..not even in the same league....lol im not a chance fan tho ill give u that...but at least he is unique and not biting and hatin on nickaz....get your mind right from the hater tough guy shh....cuz you reap what you sow big mouth

  • Who Cares?

    Who the hell cares? YOU are average at best. Now shut your god damn mouth until you finish going through puberty. Dude's voice is so high, he makes Talib Kweli sound like Berry White...

  • Anonymous

    It's called having there own style. Go and checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good viral videos on there!

  • Anonymous

    He only thinks that because all of the above-mentioned artists are far more talented than his mediocre ass, with the exception of Trinidad James- he is hot, steaming garbage.

  • Truth

    I know why all of you are feeling salty right now.. it's because you have been trolled by the Industry. All of the people Troy Ave mentioned ARE weirdos, and not in a good way, if there is such a way... People are so easy to fool and manipulate, put them on TV and the audience already thinks they are "hot". If they wouldn't be "hot" they wouldnt be on TV right? Same thing with Iggy, she is a white girl from Australia who raps in a fake black southern accent. But when she does Interviews she talks normal like a Australian Girl So easy to fool you guys. You are fans of straight up weirdos

    • Troof

      Can't believe anyone went outta their way to defend the weirdo shit. Bottom line, Troy Average needs to focus on establishing an identity other than FIF off helium. Not only does his MUSIC sound like FIF, he's clearly ripped a page outta dude's book by spraying shots at random artists for no reason. It's just not a recipe for long term success. 50 Cent has already proven that. Focus on your music.

    • room2roam

      what makes them weirdos? real question

    • Anonymous

      give me a weirdo over this bozo with no style of his own. just jocks 90s ny rappers.

  • j

    Troy Ave sounds like he is twelve. Weirdo? Everybody gotta be a street rapper now? there is room for all types of rappers to eat.

    • Anonymous

      J, you're right dude. The guy up above has no idea what he's talking about.

    • j

      no, spoken like someone who knows better. Hip Hop aint just money, hoes, car, clothes. hip hop is supposed to be only street bullshit? all music evolves. Country music got black people singing, and even a rapper on one of the biggest songs of the year. Rock and Roll has a new genre every decade. but hip hop cant get past, drugs, money, and robbing people. anything outside of that is "weird".

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a true hipster.....

  • Anonymous

    says the guy who wears a blue table napkin around his head

  • Anonymous

    Weirdo Rappers- Kanye West Chance the Rapper Lil Wayne Tyler the Creator The guy who sticks out his penis at rap battles Danny Brown

  • Helen Of Troy Ave

    Who's this bum as nigga Troy Ave? If this is supposed to be the talent who represents New York, then New York is in a lot of trouble. Kendrick Lamar and the rest of TDE would bury Helen of Troy Ave and his crew.

  • KiLaKaS

    Compared to 50... Using 50 tactics as well.. Keep on taking greasy to folks, hoping for a response...

    • yamumsturnup

      POPE is right...he calls these guys wierdo's but he takes photos with Rick Ross. and seriously how you ain gone call the game a weirdo or Young thug.

    • Anonymous

      50 went at Joe & Jada for doing a record with Rule sensitive ass buck teeth get some sensodine

    • POPE

      I wouldn't even call it 50 tactics cuz 50 never initiates the drama. this dude is looking for it and picking battles wisely. he sounds real corny with this "weirdo rapper" gimmick.

  • troyaveisafaggot

    what a faggot. F A G G O T .

  • Anonymous

    I wanna be a weirdo rapper too!!!

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