Hollow Da Don Says Cassidy Would Have To Step It Up In A Battle

"Honestly I don't listen to his shit how I used to, but the old Cass I used to bang heavy," Hollow Da Don says.

In an interview with VladTV, Hollow Da Don addressed Cassidy’s possible return to Battle Rap. During the interview, Hollow explained feeling like Cassidy’s approach to rapping is outdated and would hurt him in the ring.

“I don’t wanna sit in here and shit on the boy ‘cause I’m a fan of Cass,” Hollow said. “Honestly I don’t listen to his shit how I used to, but the old Cass I used to bang heavy...But to sit here and front like you’re way above it. Joe Budden’s even said it, ‘C’mon bro, you’re not getting 30 [or] 40 racks nowhere to do nothing.’ This is a guy in the industry telling you this. He just wanted to jump fly on us. He gon’ battle.

“Honestly I’m not excited,” Hollow Da Don added regarding the possibility of battling Cassidy himself. “I’d have to see him first. Joe Budden’s somebody that still has relevant lines to me. Cass would say an old bar about a cell and a battery. Not even to play him but that’s just why I don’t listen to his shit no more. Same flow. When he dissed Meek it was like the same flow with old bars...I think he would step it up though. I think he’s smart enough. He might not be. I don’t know. If he had to battle I think he should know that he gotta go more in-depth than a simple ass punchline or something.”

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  • dazeone

    He broke as hell but he said he not battling in the DLeague....let it go...Get a deal vs focusing on Cass

  • da1

    i like when ppl say u got the same flow. no one in the game switches they flow no one. NO ONE NO ONE.

  • BitchAzzCassidy

    Cass can only rap on tracks. The only rap battle he has ever been on is with freeway who aint no battle rapper. Put Cassidy with any of these new battle rappers? they did eat him for lunch---EASY!! Cass was scared to go head to head to mook, meek mill ....anyone who challenged him he never accepted. Always wanted to do the record diss. No u claim to hv BARS for years right? Come prove it then.

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