Former NBA Player Joe Smith Disses Justin Bieber Regarding Racist Comments

Joe Smith says in freestyle that he's a "non-believer of Bieber."

Joe Smith released a freestyle on TMZ Sports yesterday (June 9) where he disses Justin Bieber.

“Non-believer of Bieber,” the former NBA player raps in the 51-second video.

Smith references a video that was released last week of the singer using the N-word and joking about joining the KKK

“Age don’t matter and the tapes don’t lie,” Smith raps. “And them triple K members under capes don’t fly.

“One less lonely what?” he continues. “Leave it alone / Now 20 / Hope these lessons start changing your tone.”

Bieber was 14 years old at the time the leaked video was recorded.

Joe Smith was the first overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft. He last played professional basketball in 2011 for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Smith released The Beginning mixtape in 2009 under the name “Joe Beast.”

Several other NBA players have tried their hand at rapping, including New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. 

Joe Smith's rap to Justin Bieber is as follows:

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  • Shza

    i gotta side wit my man joe from Maryland Fuck Beiber what a Clown! he dont even appeal to my 7 yr. old so what does that tell ya? as far as the racist shit nuff said! bottom line he's Wack! BMORE BABY STAND UP! SUPPORT THAT REAL HIP-HOP TURN THE FUCKIN RADIO OFF AND GO COP SOMETHING

  • dazeone

    you 39 yrs old....and got 5 picks taken from the wovles ...sit yo a$$ down

  • Anonymous

    Lol fall back u no rings having ass nigga. On another note, he looks and sounds like Kurupt lmao (and by the way, I liked the "freestyle" #NonBelieverofBieber)

  • Anonymous

    LMAO I actually liked that, Shaq and any other baller turned rapper ain't got shit on this nigga

  • Anonymous


  • dave

    In other news that nobody gives a fuck about, Chingy found a cat hair in his Corn Flakes and accidentally ate it.

  • Justin Bieber

    Whats this nigga talking about!! Im the Bieberrrrrrrrrrrr god damnit

  • Bnv

    This guy is just embarrassing himself

  • Anonymous

    Let's dig up every questionable thing Joe Smith has ever said. Leave the kid alone. He's rich.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Can these overrated basketball players PLEASE stick to dribbling a ball up & down the court for hundreds of millions of dollars, please?

  • Anonymous

    About god damn time!! Just wish somebody with some actual pull in the industry called out this fake ass vanilla ice boy band reject!

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