Eminem Sends Trick Trick Record To Mastering

Trick Trick confirms that Eminem is sending his record to mastering.

Trick Trick has announced that Eminem has sent his record out for mastering. 

"Shady Fans Update; @Eminem Just told me he's sending the record out for mastering tonight. So hold on. It's coming," Trick Trick says on Twitter. 

Prior to this, Trick Trick responded to a fan who said "tell Em to hurry up." Trick Trick's reply: "100 nephew!"

In June 2005, Trick Trick spoke about Eminem's impact on the perception of Detroit Rap.

"I think they look at the D like they would expect the best, because right now, to me, Eminem is the best," Trick Trick said. "To me. Lyrically, hes untouchable. I dont know not one person can fuck with him. So I think they would expect the best to come from Detroit, since the best came from Detroit."

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