Eminem First Artist With Two Digital Diamond Awards

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded Eminem two Digital Diamond Awards for two of his singles.

Eminem has been awarded two Digital Single Diamond Awards, making him the first artist in music history to earn the milestone. 

The Detroit rapper earned the awards for his “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie” singles, which both surpassed the 10 million threshold for a combination of sales and streams. “Love The Way You Lie,” which features Rihanna, is 11x platinum, while “Not Afraid” is 10 times platinum.

“We are delighted to recognize Eminem as the first artist to earn two RIAA Digital Diamond Awards,” Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO, RIAA said in a statement. "This singular achievement – earning a Diamond Award on two separate digital songs – is unparalleled, and we congratulate him on forever etching a mark in Gold & Platinum Program history.”

Eminem also has two albums that have sold more than 10 million units, 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP and 2002’s The Eminem Show

Eminem and Rihanna are slated to be on The Monster Tour this summer. It is set to stop in Los Angeles August 7 and 8Detroit August 16 and 17; and New York August 22 and 23.

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  • abdullah

    i loved nd respected eminem through my whole life nd i will continue it intill i become like him nd even after tht he is just awsome...no one can come to this par.........

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God, now Stans have even more reasons to spread their fuckery.

  • shadyari

    Rap God :) is heavy, One month to go for Wembley Stadium concert :) fuck yeah

  • jodie welsh

    i just want to say that i am very proud of my husband. and to all those people out there that hate on him he is the frist in HISTROY of this award program to ever hey two of them. not jay'Z or rick ross, my baby. you make your wife so proud keep it coming baby

  • Anonymous

    "I can't tell you how many white Americans drool at the sight of an Audi, BMW, or Benz" Not sure I've ever seen a person drool over a car. Hopefully they wash it afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    Not Afraid was such a paint by numbers song, but 10 million? Holy shit this white boy has loyal fans.

  • Big gucci the ruler

    fuck off white boys if real niggas were rap fans then gucci would be a diamond artist. Sadly real niggas dont spend money on records.

  • Anonymous

    em sold more then 80 million records worldwide. fan or not, this is incredible for hip hip.

  • Billy

    I do believe you have the Detroit and New York concert dates flipped: http://www.eminem.com/the-monster-tour

  • Anonymous

    Em is at least top 5. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good videos on there too!

  • carry a gat

    lmao Not Afraid is eminems corniest single just cheesy pop trash id rather listen to Just Loose It

  • Anonymous

    Minorities will never make it this big in their own culture because they are crabs in the bucket. The hate is so deep for their own that they'll rob and steal until the culture is on life support while supporting european fashion designers that are probably the biggest undercover racists on the planet. They'll steal and album or a single that costs $1-$14 but buy a $300 sneakers and belts and make up some lame ass excuse on why they don't support but still support the euro designers. LoL

    • Anonymous

      You sure it's just minorities? I can't tell you how many white Americans drool at the sight of an Audi, BMW, or Benz. Not to mention all the others things not directly tied to them, that they constantly desire. So let's not point fingers here LOL

  • Anonymous

    SMH @ Em makes pop music lol. Besides his singles [which if an artist is smart, they will add a catchy pop element to their singles], what pop songs has he EVER made? People that say that obviously don't listen to his music, which is fine. But don't be so ignorant...it makes you look pathetic.


    you got the tour dates wrong

  • drake runs rap

    the sales do lie. Eminem makes pop music which is why he sells more than drake. Drake on the other hand makes real rap. If eminem made real rap instead of pop music he would flop. Drake is the highest selling rap artist for the past few years. Eminem is pop

    • Anonymous

      drake is pop for sure but this is a senseless agumnt bc fact is they both make pop music. and by pop I mean popular. even they didn't tan we woldnt be talking about them rt now. people need to shut up with the stupid real hip hop rap. Eminem was as undrgrond as they come when he first started now hes a icon. theres levels man. u cant make real hip hop all the time bc a lot people loe the pop shit and cant vibe wih real hip hop. u dig wat im sayin. exactly y drake does his singin shit. he wants to appeal to more people that's y he raps n sings. its all about preference man.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Lol this.

    • Anonymous

      Funny how you would consider Drake out of all the rappers to compare to Eminem.. If you would've said Pac, BIG, Nas, LL, Big L at least you could have had a valid arguement since these artists never really made any pop records, but out of all the rappers in the world you would pick Drake as the "Real" rapper gtfo

    • #Factsonly

      Eminem is more of a rapper than most these new cats singin that "Habbanna babanna" shit, at least his bars is air-tight, Dont be racist and give respect where its due, simple bitch,

    • trini

      you are really lost with that rediculous post first of hip hop and rap are not the same and you right drake is a rap artist and in no way shape or form is drake a hip hop artist which eminem is

    • Billy

      Hmmmm... Drake makes real rap? Come on, kid. Okay, so Eminem does make some pop rap songs, but those are for the singles for the radio. Throw some headphones in, lock yourself in a room and don't come out until you realize that Em makes music deeper than even very intelligent people can understand. "Eminem also has two albums that have sold more than 10 million units, 2000s The Marshall Mathers LP and 2002s The Eminem Show." Those are RAP albums. Not pop albums.

    • Anonymous

      Lol Eminem is more hiphop than the sissy Drake will ever be. Drake is Rnb, he ain't even hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      You got it all wrong again. Eminem does make hip-hop music and Drake doesn't make "real rap" with songs like Marvins Room and Hold On, We're Going Home. Eminem is still the highest selling rap artist of all time. If Eminem is pop, then so is Drake.

  • Doubl Negative

    Like any right-thinking Black man, I don't support eminem's music, but we as Black people can be our own worst enemies sometimes and hypocritical. Racial pride/solidarity is integral to humanity and is in everyone's DNA. We don't, and should never listen to whites like Eminem, Timberlake, Mackelmore etc, but why do we expect whites to do the same? Any one I've met who likes the mentioned artists above is always white, female, middle-class or a gay, so their opinions are irrelevant when they say they hate our music apart from these white artists. It's imperitive that we as Black people support our businesses, in music or anything else in general the way the Jews, whites and Asians have each other's back. Giving a fuck what whites think of us is detrimental and causes people to lose track of their goals. Asians and whites don't care us, or what we think about them, and this is the main thing that separates them from us. We can also stop supporting race-traitors like Pharrel, Snoop etc, or any Brotha who puts their needs before their own people.

  • Anonymous

    good shit but everytime i look at that comments i see a lot of hating especially on jay z and em thats why they always winning H.A.T.E.R.S. = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success


    Eminem is a wigger. you feel me??? this pussy used black people to make him look real, but dis nigga is from a rich middle class family, all his lyrics are lies. fake ass bitch

  • Anonymous

    He ain't got nuthin on Chief Keef. Listen to War, or his verse on Fuck Rehab. Sosa on top. Em cant even rap & never could. "Hiy my name is chigga slimm shayd" Woow really

  • Dick Long

    Dick Long: I use to be a fan but as time grew on ive matured and out grew his kind of content, he has skills but all he talks about is killing women and stupid shit psycho white people shit its wack.He only sales alot of records because his audience makes up the majority (White people)Every group or act he ever put out on Shady records all piggy backed off his success besides 50cent none of those acts are relevant today. Its obviouse that Shady pays DX good $ to talk about his accomplishments becouse most blacks dont even care to hear him anymore.He is the Elvis of a black culture, Elvis got rich and famous off doing black music also.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem makes both catchy hiphop AND writes songs that a lot more people can relate with. Kanye, Jay-z etc make catchy hiphop too, but don't rap about stuff that most people can relate to. When i say catchy hiphop i mean mainstream hiphop, no underground beats and shit

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Some truth there. What do you mean by equals? Jay-Z, Kanye? And Eminem being one of the greatest or the greatest is a matter of opinion really. You say he isn't the greatest, Some might think he is, others might think Pac or Nas is the greatest, but they all have skill at what they do and it's all a matter of opinion at that point. The reason Eminem sells more than his equals is because he makes music that a lot more people can relate too. A lot of his music is motivational, or talks about inner struggles and problems that people can relate to. He's made tons of contreversial records which obviously greatly helped his popularity, and let's not forget he had a big label and Dr Dre to back him up. The fact that he is white definitely helped but is not the primary reason why he sold so many records. One thing all best selling rappers have in common, they ALL make mainstream, catchy hiphop. 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye etc..Eminem just happens to have sold more because of the listed reasons, not only because he is white like a lot of ignorants say.

    • Anonymous

      IMHO he sold more because he wasn't identifying with typical black hip hop subject matter, so mainstream listeners weren't put off. He's got the controversial humour, and with the rebellious sound and subject matter he got some overlap with metal/grunge type fans. Listen to Serch, Milkbone, Beasties, JMT, RA etc and if you saw their lyrics written down you wouldn't be able to tell they were white. With Em I'm not so sure. Plus he had Dre and the industry behind him so for a lot of people he was probably the first white rapper they heard and that drew them in. He's still dope tho

    • Anonymous

      Because he's a great white rapper is why he sells this much. In no way is he the greatest of all time, and looking at his sales you would think it was a landslide. Yes he is one of the greats but explain to me now why his equals don't sell as much?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You didn't answer his question. You say the reason Eminem sells is because he's white. Than why don't other white rappers sell?

    • Simple

      Because the shock value isn't there anymore with those lyrics. Honestly, most people (people around my area not yours) used to listen to EM at first because of the crazy shit he used to say and what he would say next. He's a good rapper no doubt but lets be honest here, no BLACK rapper will ever talk about his mother the way EM did his. Their dead beat father, yes, but never your mother. That's something we just don't do

    • Anonymous

      why other white rappers dont sell?

  • HYFR

    Inb4 Eminem hater comments

    • Den

      So what??? You do it fuck boy or pick your favorite artist and see if they can do it. Like him or not this is a major accomplishment.

  • bkl

    Eminem is one of the best rappers hip-hop will ever witness. He still raps circles around 99% of the game...nah not even...more like %100.

    • Anonymous

      Nah it's more like 85%, trust he is just another great rapper he isn't the only great rapper of the past 3 decades so stop reaching.

  • Ink B

    Eminem is a wigga who signed with Jimmy Iovine and has been pop since then making music for them 10 year olds , he also collabs with rihana , pink and bruno mars that why he be selling so much but my nigga Ross stayed real from the get go making street anthems for the hustlers and the real G's and still selling the amount of records he does . No fake shit . I ain't lying here all of these are facts .

    • Anonymous

      Lol Eminem sold more before he even collaborated with those pop stars. Didn't you even read the article? Both MMLP and The Eminem Show sold over 10 million copies in the US alone. So go suck on that fat monkey's dick

    • bhopt

      Rick Ross did a song with Lady Gaga, nothing street about that. Also he sold 300,000 albums in 3 months. Em sold 300,00 albums in 3 days.

    • Anonymous

      ya favorites rappers favorite rapper p.s. he said Ross "stayed real",, the irony!

  • blkviper

    Much respect to EM, dude poor as dirt growing up, Loved black music dreamed of being part of it and ended up defining a generation of rap. that's reaching for a dream and getting more than you could ever dream of, very nice.

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