Mistah F.A.B., DJ Mustard Allegedly Fight; New Footage Released

UPDATE: New footage of the alleged confrontation between Mistah F.A.B. and DJ Mustard has been released.

Mistah F.A.B. and DJ Mustard were allegedly involved in an altercation recently, according to various publications.

Mistah F.A.B. has denied that violence took place, though he acknowledges that their was tension between DJ Mustard's entourage and his, which allegedly included NFL player Marsahwn Lynch. F.A.B. has denied Lynch's involvement in an interview with TMZ.

F.A.B. has addressed the alleged altercation on Twitter. "Before we fall victim to another hip hop BEEF episode Hyped up by social media Lets allow level heads to prevail, build dialogue and speak," he said. "All of the parties involved in the misunderstanding have mutual members that can get In contact with one of us NO EGO NO PRIDE Lets HOLLA." 

Before this, F.A.B. also addressed videos which have been released pertaining to the alleged fight. "I don't support none of the of the videos flying around as men we def could have handled things differently I condemn myself 4 my actions," he said. 

It is unclear which videos F.A.B. is referencing with that post. YG and DJ Mustard released a video clip on Instagram mocking a notion that they were robbed or attacked. In it, the two showed off their jewelry and Mustard had the following caption: "Who got robbed last night @yg who got slapped @yg ??? Kill the noise !!!! We walked in the same way we walked out !!!! #MKL #10summers !!! Much love to all the real niggas in the bay." 

Footage of the alleged altercation has been released by WorldStarHipHop and an Instagram user named @joseerrrr, though both clips are not high quality videos.


YG has also addressed the alleged altercation. "STOP LIEN .... Y'all know how It go down when We involved," he said, following the statement with emojis of fists. 

The altercation was reportedly due to recent comments DJ Mustard made on the radio. In May, F.A.B. spoke on the Oakland sound. "We created a sound in the Bay Area and it took several years for it to catch on," F.A.B. said at the time. "The Mustard sound that's pippin' right now...That was created in the Bay Area. We not mad at it at all. I'm not mad at it because I'm still able to get in and do what I do." 

Following this, Mustard spoke about the F.A.B. interview. "I was born in the '90s," Mustard said. "I don't even know what you're talking about...I don't speak to [F.A.B.] It's not no beef. It's just a simple fact that when you come up here, don't say my name, talking about I steal this, I steal that when we just did a beat. You come up here and make it like Mustard's stealing. How am I stealing? If it's so easy, why don't you make these beats?"

(June 10, 2014)

UPDATE: New, extended footage of the alleged altercation between DJ Mustard and Mistah F.A.B. has been released by WorldStarHipHop. It is as follows: 

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  • 32flavschoco

    Im frm Compton, ca. Shit I live in northern cali now. I promise every sound up here sound the same. Sometimes I get artist mixed up because the sound gets repeated so much. SO what if mustard shit sound familiar. Even though it don't sound the same. People be hating. Shit can't be mad cuz ya knw when mustard on the beat... Fab is a rapper!mustard on the beat. Wtf are you guys beefing 4.no disrespect only person that truly get respect across the globe from the Bay is E40.. but shit Mista Fab didn't put westcoast back on the map. Nor did bay area music. Shit its under rated artist like Stalin I personally think go hard. Damn you guys are young black, getting$$$$ and not locked behind bars. And from the west coast at that.. really though Fab yall better than that shit.. work together because right now westcoast can IS hot.. but yall wanna fight and be stupid. While these other square ass lame rapper getting paid.. get it together. Let get this work frfr.

  • Anonymous

    DJ must. is a bitch fab fireslap that nigga

  • DrebinSlevin

    Apparently being a man mean getting your ass whopped by 10 niggas in your Batman boxers. SMH

  • Anonymous

    FAB is tight he's pretty local. didn't he get a beat from mustard too? mustard went on record saying if im winning it isnt just LA its cali as a whole. fab dont even produce. he rap! he just made the bay look bad catching a bad one in the bay! tried some sucker shit and got washed. damn shame.


    these niggas aint whasup these niggas lame as fuck

  • catch a fade

    if mustard was from the bay nobody would know who he is.they don't get the opportunities as LA and NYhe stole it and knew he could get away with it.PERIOD

  • catch a fade

    should've caught the fade one on one.smh and i thought they were some real niggaz

  • Anonymous

    who got the batman underwear on cant be Mustard, not fat enough! I dont watch worldstar or support those suckaz.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at DJ Mustard getting upset over criticism of his beats. They all sound the same. Same ass minimalist beats with the same tempo, same snaps/hand claps for snares, same hi hats, same bass lines, the random gunshot sound, and that stupid "Hey! Hey! Hey!" chant in the background. You hear one beat from this nigga, you heard them all.

  • Best Coast


  • Prick James


  • lol

    this Is why Donald sterling don't like black ppl at his games..black ppl cant act right anywhere in groups

  • Not Impressed

    That's why these monkeys stay behind. stay fighting ober chains and diamonds. DJ Mustard music is wack im Not Impressed...

  • Anonymous

    Mustard you lyin ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Yo for real i have never heard of this mr fab. I honestly thought this article was about Fabulous smacking someone.

  • Belize

    THATS BAY SHYT! Dont let this hit get to your head boy...the bay dont play

  • Anonymous

    they gonna ghostride the nigga chain

  • yuhmomz


  • Anonymous

    YG has more money than 50 Cent.

    • Anonymous

      girls calm down none of them will date u

    • Anonymous

      thats why he said you can find 50 right under PUFFY aka diddy, jay and dre

    • Anonymous

      Diddy has more money than 50Cent. EEEEAASSSYYYY!!!

    • Anonymous

      thats laughable. YG dont even got Meek Mills money and Meek Mill never been on Forbes list, he earns less than Mac Miller who earns as much as Rick Ross! You can find 50 right under Dre, Jay, and Puffy as the 4th or 5th richest nigga in rap who spent half as much time to get his!

  • LOL

    listen to any bay area rap, and you'll know that DJ Mustard did in fact copy the style, but he is good at makin those bay type beats. listen to E-40, clyde carson and the team, Keak Da Sneak, etc. and you'll notice that their beats sound like the shit DJ Mustard is producing today. he was clearly influenced by the bay

    • Anonymous

      you're absolutely right, but he's not "stealing" anything, everybody influences everybody which is a good thing

  • Anonymous

    Mustard is a lame, he stay remaking the same beats acting like hes innovating shit.

  • POPE

    If it's that easy then you do it. Enough said.

  • ambinsexcbxcb

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  • Timbo

    Who cares about these bustas? So tired of watching these dudes flash their money around and just put out crap music.

  • zack

    Fab is an O.G.. of course the west coast has adopted the bay area sound, its a little ridiculous for mustard to even try to deny that.. Fab didn't say he stole someones beats.. its the style of the beat..

    • Balance

      "The west coast stole the bay areas sound" Isnt the bay area on the west coast. Thats like saying Phili stole NY sound. Or Atlanta stole Houstons sound. Or the bay stole gangsta rap from LA....

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all these niggas

  • Anonymous

    fat boy got slapped like a bIIIITCh!

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