Cam'ron Says Jay Z Forced To Be A "Sucka" In Solange Altercation

Cam'ron speaks on the possibility of a Dipset reunion album, says everyone is trying to get on the right page.

Like many artists in the past month, Harlem rapper Cam’ron was asked what he thought of Solange Knowles’ attack on Jay Z in an elevator last month at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

Cam’ron responded to the question by first recalling his own encounter in an elevator with Solange. Unlike Jay Z’s interaction with Solange, Cam says the Houston songstress was “mad cool” during the brief time they were together in the elevator.

The Dipset rapper later added that no matter what Jay Z would have done in that predicament it still would have been a no-win situation.

“You know what’s crazy? Probably about four or five months ago I was in an elevator with Solange,” Cam’ron said, during an interview with Tim Westwood. “She was mad cool, man. She was stupid cool in the elevator, man…I wish we had audio. Son took off. She was really hype though. I’m not gon’ lie. I would be honest, man. To be totally honest and be straight up, it’s kind of a no-win situation. Because if he would’ve hit her back, he would’ve been a sucka for hitting her back. Like ‘Aww, he’s hitting women.’ And then, that he don’t hit her back, he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.”

Prior to speaking on Jay Z versus Solange, Cam’ron spoke on the status of a Dipset reunion album. He says that all of the members in the group are on good terms and that they’re simply having a hard time trying to get everyone on the same page time-wise.

“We want to do it…We want to do it just by everybody getting on the right page and the right schedule,” he said. “Cause everybody’s cool. It ain’t like we got beef with each other. Everybody’s at each other’s house. Everybody’s speaking to each other. But I’m here. Jim’s there. Juelz is there. Then we get together for two to three days. Then we all got to leave again. You know? It’s gotta be one of those scenarios where we basically take three to five weeks off and sit in a room. Or go to Miami or New York or wherever we wanna be, but be with each other for a month straight, so we can knock it out.”

Cam’ron is currently preparing for the release of the Federal Reserve EP, a collaborative project between himself and A-Trak. Although a release date for the project has yet to be announced, A-Trak did reveal that the EP was 90 percent done, during an interview with Vlad TV last month.

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  • Killa

    Cam was nice since back in the day, but his last two years of music shows he's aged and lacks that fire in his stomach, the drive in his voice, the sharpness in his delivery, the stuff that made him killa cam / king goffey joe A Cam fan here, but I dunno, I hope he hasn't lost it

  • mased

    niggaz is clowns up here..number one it was a like a mayweather fight ..she was swinging and kicking but aint hit shit....just like he said in streets is watching" If i shot you im brainless, you shot me you famous, whats a nigga to do??? exactly!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • AR

    Cam is a clown, but I agree with him that Jay looks like a sucka now. Back in the day, Jay would have never been caught up in a situation like that. Now he looks like a typical celebrity fake. But that's what he gets for courting the media so much. He hasn't had a good album since 2003 so he has to try to rely on his image now, and shit blew up in his face with everyone watching everything about his life now. Jay has no one but himself to blame for all the stupidity surrounding him now.

  • Anonymous

    CamRon is right about Jay-Z. You aint a rreal man if a girl beats you down and now the nigga is wearing women jerseys. Hiphop became the most gayest music genre of the last decade. You can diss Bieber, Timberlake etc for being homo's but the whole hiphop movement consist of homo's.

  • imho

    how come everytie these 3 talk they don't mention hell rell and writer? esp writer. he was the one with all the bars in the group.

  • Anonymous

    He's right, women can pretty much beat a man to a pulp and he better not do anything and he will be labled a sucka, but if he touches her, then the dude is the worst person in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda wack how they talk about Solange vs Jay and then get into a Dipset reunion. One has nothing to do with the other.

  • Anonymous

    I keep computers putin, oogedy boogedy man GET THIS NIGGA THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!

  • ThisJustIn


  • Anonymous

    i see jay is keeping a low profile and staying out of the media waiting for us to forget

    • Anonymous

      If it wasn't for DX's wicked journalism skills we wouldn't have seen jay wearing a women's sports jersey the other day...

  • Doubl Negative

    This punk got mullered in the UK, now he's giving his opinions on everything and trying to play a tough guy. Maybe he thought he was in France or somewhere last week, but dudes in England don't fuck around. Americans are just ersatz British people anyway. That Westwood faggot ain't much better; we'll do a cultural exchange, you keep in him your country where he'll feel at hone with all the other imbeciles and we'll take HeadQCourterz' Panchi.

  • coolin

    Cam talks about all this work he's done or is doing and that it's coming soon, but then there is usually just crickets. He needs to drop more music and do less gossiping... Come on Cam you use to be that dude, homey. Quit being lazy.

  • Anonymous

    He's right, women have turned men into pussies

    • Plest

      "Because if he wouldve hit her back, he wouldve been a sucka for hitting her back. Like Aww, hes hitting women. And then, that he dont hit her back, hes a sucka for keep getting hit so many times. First guy read the article, 2nd is a troll.....

    • wait. what? did you even...

      ^Guy who read the title, but not the article.

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