Jay Z Spotted Wearing Women's Jersey

Jay Z was seen wearing a piece from high fashion brand Rodarte in NYC earlier this week.

According to a recent report from Complex News, Jay Z was spotted wearing a woman’s shirt from clothing brand Rodarte earlier this month.

Originally reported by GQ, Jay was seen wearing the jersey from the brand’s current Spring/Summer line while out and about in New York City with Beyonce.

Complex named Jay alongside other rappers like Young Thug and Kid Cudi for wearing clothing often associated with women’s fashion.

The Rodarte jersey in question is currently available from retailers like Shopbop and The Corner beginning at a price of $388 and up. One of the retailers describes the jersey as a “technical mesh Rodarte pullover” that “pairs the look of a sports jersey with a clever twist on fashion. Scorpion mascots details the short sleeves, and ‘Rodarte 05’ lettering details the front.”


  • Big Pun's Fat Spirit

    Brooklyn niggaz is hardcore, except for Jay Z.

  • ThatUncutRaw

    Man, y'all are retards. Rodarte sells mens clothing as well.



  • Les

    This is shoddy hip-hop journalism. This has been my only hip hop blog for the past 8 years. I respected this site a lot more than others. The misleading and subtly homophobic headline is wack-- dude is wearing a jersey. You lose my respect a as an esteemed hip hop site when you post crap like this.

  • HHDX Fan

    This is post worthy? Its a fvckin jersey

  • Anonymous

    So dumb. It's a sports jeresey. give me a break

  • Anonymous

    more likely the woman wearing mens cloths smh. since when is a oversized xxxxl shirt for woman

  • j

    Who cares. Plus he looks better in it than the model

  • NAS WON!!!

    Yea my nigga NaS may be a sell out but hey at least he aint half a fag! Nas is a mans man a rappers rapper g o d s o n theyll be none after.

  • Come On

    Too all you fucking clowns down there saying he's gay or dresses like a women. You Moron's wouldn't have known thats a women's jersey unless HipHopdx told you so stfu. Tell whats the difference between that Jersey and a men's Jersey nothing. You guys look for anything to flap you damn gums don't you.

    • greenNYC

      This idiot sounds dumb ass sh@t. What are you suppose to wear on a yacht? Only idiots would wear Jordan's and timbs on a boat in the middle of an ocean.

    • Anonymous

      sandals are for fags? LOL that's some young boy pussy sh-t ain't no broad gonna lay with you with some crusty ingrown toenail feet but you keep on eating with dirty nails thinking that makes you a man, LMFAO

    • Anonymous

      ??? because Camron said so right. Because I, personally, have never seen nor heard of anyone being suspect from another man's opinion on his or her footwear. But the guys that noticed...yea he's suspect. Oh he wears pink too...figures.

    • Anonymous

      Camron been went on this dude for wearing sandals. Sandals are for fags.

  • Anonymous

    2dopeboyz.com is a better site

    • TAYNO

      ^ WOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRDDDDDD!!!!! thats the exact same shit i do, start at worldstar hit up aclass then hit up DX and thats my day fixed hahahahaha

    • Truth

      aclassindustry.com and Worldstarhiphop are the best worldstar gets stupid and then i go on aclass but that shit gets too australian then i hit DX it's the way the world works. 2DopeBoys has nothing on it??? shit is for sale LMFAO!!!

    • Well

      Duh everyone knows that, even the writers at this site

  • what

    SO s there any new hip hop music / artists out there or is thisa fashionblog now

  • Anonymous

    First he gets his ass beat by a bitch and now he's dressing like a bitch. Smh, game over fag.

  • Anonymous

    Im wearing women's clothes too. It feels amazing. #NOHOMO

  • Anonymous

    is there anything worth to be a headline beside this?

    • yep

      but Ive been telling yall they are turning this blog into a pop/rap music blog. Notice they are only doing pop culture type stories and pop rapper stories. they will be out a job soon though b.c thus blog will lose it's readers more and more. The people now running this blog have to post about fashion cuz they dont really know hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    50 cents 4 albums: over 22 million worldwide G-units first album: over 3 million worldwide Get rich or die trying movie soundtrack: over 3 million worldwide Games first album: over 5 million worldwide Lloyd banks first album: over 4 million worldwide Tony yayos first album : over 1 million worldwide Young bucks first album : over 1 million worldwide Total sales: 39 million Jay-Z's 12 albums: over 28 million worldwide Jay-Z's 5 collab albums: over 9 million worldwide Beanie sigels 6 albums: 2 million worldwide Memphis bleeks 4 alums: over 2 million worldwide J Coles 2 albums: over 1 million Total sales: 42 million 50 got 3 number 1 songs on billboard hot 100 (with only one feature, nate dogg, allthough 50 wrote the hook for him) and a total of 9 top 10 songs on the same chart(2 more with no features, total of 4 nonfeatured) Jay-Z got 1 number one (which featured alicia keys) and a total of 11 top 10 songs(4 of them had no features), plus one with watch the throne 50 cent got one number one feature, and 5 top 10s (1 with a singer) Jay-Z got 3 number 1 features (all with singers), and 9 top 10s (8 with singers) Get rich or die tryin' sold more than Jay-Zs 4 highest selling albums combined Jay-Z only got one album outselling 50s second album, and that is with a margin of 13 000 50 cent got an average 5.5 million sold per album Jay-Z got an average of 2.3 million sold per album If you combine the sales of ALL jay-z albums since get rich or die tryin' was released, Get rich or die tryin' still sold more 50 cent accomplished that in 4 year period, jay did it in 17 years.

    • Anonymous

      They both suck. They both fucked up hip hop. Jay bought kept the fake it till you make it style introduced by Big. 50 ran with JRule's style. First dissing him for singing. Then singing on every track. Fuck both of them.

    • Who cares?

      ...and your point is?

    • Come on

      Hey 50 dick rider. i like him too but comparing him to Jay is stupid. I think you forgot to point out that 50' sold that much cause Eminem co-signed him with dre. Also Jay-z still sells platinum albums and 50 doesn't seems like you forgot to point that out two. Also all of Jay-z album have gone and still go Platinum so you arguement is shit. Jay-z is also richer Thanks. P.S most of 50's sales came off of two albums.

  • Anonymous

    Cockafella!!! Your back!!!!! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Cockafella!!!! He's back!!!! Lol

  • molasses jones

    If Beyonce were wearing his jersey this wouldn't have been a story so my thought is WHY is this making headlines???

  • Da Homie

    Music is fucking stupid because 95% of songs deal with the same topics; either a male pedestalizing a female, or a male talking about how wonderful a woman is, or how a female left him. There are RARELY any female singers who would sing a song and devote it to a man to the extent that men do. That's probably because women are incapable of love but that's for a different day. Modern music is just women masturbating over themselves, and giving them a soundtrack for the delusional hamster movies starring their own hamster selves that plays constantly in their hamster lives. Women love modern music because women are incapable of their own creativity and have to use banal, stupid and masturbatory music to create meaning / drama / excitement in their hamster daily activities. Combine that with fucking losers like Bruno Mars, whose songs pretty much all talk about how wonderful a woman is, and this is perfect for insane female hamsters to pump through their headphones while running at the health club in their yoga pants while listening to Bruno sing about them, without having to actually look at his 5'4" manlet ass.

  • ChrleHrse

    Nigga despite it being a women's line, it's a FOOTBALL JERSEY B....A bad FUBU knockoff at that! Why is this "news"? Anything for the clicks...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    its Unisex chill

  • Dubble Dee

    If you don't know Rodarte, Now you know. Mission accomplished.

  • JDM06

    So, we just gonna let them get away with biting the FUBU 05??

  • Anonymous

    "clickbait" ^ the word of the day 95% of this sh-t online is clickbait comments included, these "journalists" ain't got contacts, access, or history, they surfing the internet for content and that's why you can see the difference between a rapradar and hhdx eliot may be a clown but he got access, got moderators, his team there at events, dx get their supply from complex and got mod trolls for clickbait ad revenue

  • Anonymous

    From the website of Cheri Media Group, HHDX parent company "Over 3 million readers turn to our publications each month to read the latest music news, digest our expert album reviews, and listen to and watch musical performances by their favorite artists. Breaking stories, bold interviews, and insightful commentary, all delivered with an unmatched dedication to the music culture". Last sentence = AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dogshit journalism, I'm not familiar with Jay Balfour but he doesn't respect hip hop if he's stirring up this horseshit non-issue, I know clickbait pays the bills round here but there are limits. FOH

    • exactly

      this is what I have been saying. The new writers here dont really know the culture so they write stories about USHER, BEIBER, and ARSENIO HALL. They have probably only ever heard of 50 cent, EMINEM , and JAYZ b/fore got the job/ Not sure what is going on but this website will be closed in less than a year at this rate. No respect for the music or culture. Why dont they post about some new songs or concerts, or tours or something. Why dont they do some interviews or something

  • Lord Jamar

    This nigga Jay following that gay agenda Macklemore business model, gotta get that homo money, nahmean!?

  • Schoolboy Q concert Brisbane

    Went to schoolboy Q concert in Brisbane, Australia He hooked up an ounce early morning from this red headed girls friend he met in the city. I saw him in the street, looked extremely fucked up, not weed high He went to the zoo with the red headed girl and invited her back to hotel with VIP backstage Called her hi " Brisbane girl" I saw her and would rate her 5/10 at best Concert was dope but Ishiah was the highlight

  • Anonymous

    "And I don't wear jerseys, I'm 30-plus Give me a crisp pair of jeans, nigga, button up" Hahahahaha okay, Jay-I'm just filled with contradictions- Z.

    • wow

      @ian & anonymous: Someday you'll both realize that change is inevitable, and that you won't always feel the same about everything. But until then, you'll probably sit on HHDX, criticizing everyone from behind your keyboard, never amounting to shit. Oh how you'll laugh and call yourself a fag when you look back.

    • Anonymous

      These JayZ nuthuggers going hard today huh? CTFU ya God(ess) is a fruitcake! FACE IT.

    • ian

      Thanks for letting me know your word means nothing. It looks like you stick by Gay-Z till the end though.

    • Anonymous

      Do you stick by every word you've ever said in your entire life? Do you feel the same as you did about everything 11 years ago? Unlikly, fuckboi

  • Anonymous

    jayz wack as f*** bin saying it fo years - you little jigets need to shut the f*** up - jigga wack

  • hjbjhb

    the fact that this is a headliner on hhdx is sad.. the shit doesnt even look like women clothing so fuck off hhdx, y'all make it sound like he on some de la hoya shit

    • Anonymous

      ^ OP is right, stfu. HHDX should really stop posting this kind of irrelevant shit. It's not like he was weariing a bra and high heels ffs. The jersey looks more like a men's jersey. No point in doing a shitty article about that.

    • Anonymous

      jay stan catchin feelings as usual

  • Doubl Negative

    The Black make race is in serious crisis, and these disturbing stories disgust me so much I can't continue writing...

  • a2thak

    Quickly! Make a new article letting us know what Lord Jamar thinks about Jay Z wearing a woman's jersey. FOH

  • Anonymous

    white journalists emasculating black men

  • Anonymous

    It's a jersey. Ain't shit about that feminine. I get that Rodarte is almost ubiquitously women's clothes but he's got jeans and a jersey on. Ridiculous. And people calling him gay, he's got a wife. Gay means you only like the same sex. It'd be bi. That stupidity is why you stand no chance to have a job that pays above minimum wage.

  • Truth

    I don't care if it's a jersey or not. You wear women's clothing and you are a homosexual. Period. Jay is now a homosexual member of the illuminati. Truth.

  • ether make ya soul burn slow

    im sure this was an accident far different from that weirdo young homo thug wearing a fuckin 8 year old girls dress

  • Anonymous

    Thought Jay Z wasn't rocking jerseys anymore?

  • gr

    Really? When reaching goes wrong... "can you ever listen to brooklyn's finest again the same way?" I've never seen something so fucking stupid. This dumb ass is doing a piece about a dude wearing a shirt? Then there are the people ignorant enough to condone such irresponsible "journalism" proving once again that some human beings are only capable of using 0.00000001% of their brains. This isn't about "Jay Z wearing women's clothing" as much as it's about "hey, look at my bullshit 'story' that I can get morons to talk shit about." People work hard, become successful, and then get disrespected by the leeches of this world who creep out some cesspool somewhere. A fucking shame.

  • Anonymous

    U know you're gay when you spend your day mad at the clothes another man is wearing

  • Anonymous

    Lol the emasculation of black males is at an all time high

  • Anonymous

    atleast it dont look like some dress or suttin

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      "50 CENT GQ COVER." Lmao nigga looked mad pedo on that picture, I swear I called Chris Hansen on that nigga

  • I gotta say

    jay-z is fuckin wack and I will never ever listen to his garbage basic fag fashion raps. I dont even listen to commercial rap but I can respect 50 cent cause dude keeps it masculine, so does jadakiss, styles p, sheek louch, ghosface, raekwon, etc. But jay-z is fuckin wack and I retired listening to this clown 2002, underground rap is what its about folks, from kool g rap to punchline to union blak to starvin b to nas to wisemen, the fuck outta here jay-z u r next level played out and wacker then ever u fuckin bozo

    • Anonymous

      Please never mention 50 cent in the same sentence as GFK

    • Anonymous

      jay-z was going to sign 50 cent to rocafella but declined after speaking to his good friend irv gotti, then gotti turned around and tried to sign Nas. Jay said if nas was on murder inc he goes from being the boss of ill will to another ashanti. Nas then refused to sign.

    • Anonymous

      hate is strong in your blood that shit is fucked up

  • ND

    the dude below that said jayz is top 5....LOL

    • lol

      jay is top 5, you're just mad that nobody cares about those bitter ass, hating ass irrelevant faggots that you listen to except for lame ass white kids

  • Real

    Hahaha, what a fucking joke. I think I'm finally done with this cesspool. This is totally a non-issue; I mean, it's a goddamn jersey, a clothing item historically synonymous with male identity. The only change is that it has been re-appropriated and "labeled" for "female consumption". I doubt not a single one of you would have known, if you hadn't been told. Get the fuck over it. You keyboard thugs need to wake the fuck up. Ya'll the types to still bust a nut outta anger over a man wearing a pink polo. You people are what's wrong with this society.

    • Big gucci the ruler

      I'm a sorry excuse for a troll, and I apologize to every one on HHDX. I promise that I'll stop sucking dick on the corner and make something out of myself.

    • Big gucci the ruler

      tupac fake thug balerina was a hypocrite. Gucci is everything that a real nigga should be. Look to gucci for guidance.

    • Real pt.2

      Shit like this got ya'll so angry at each, when you need to be focusing on improving yourselves and your community. How fucking idiotic is it that we're amazed by Tupac wanting to get our communities together, like that's some sort of unheard of revolutionary thought? This should be on all of our minds; this should be, at base, what our objectives are. But we're all too lost in consumerism, too lost in shooting each other, too lost in stepping over each other to get the job, too lost in what each of us are wearing. These are the real reasons why our community will never get anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    At lest he wasn't in a shower scene that attracted the attention of DL niggas back in the 90s

  • Anonymous

    dudes got a fresh face

  • Anonymous

    That's reaching to call it women's clothing. If people saw that picture with no info about the jersey I doubt anyone would say it's a feminine piece of clothing. These comments calling him gay are sorta ridiculous too. Wearing a jersey now makes you gay?

  • Anonymous

    jay z is top 5 but what the fuck is going on with him lately man?

  • gay z

    Okay first this nigga: - was beat by a girl (beyonce sister) - this nigga wears skinny jeans - before Beyonce this nigga never had real relationships with girls - now this nigga is wearing woman clothing. Conclusion this nigga is as gay as MR CEE!

    • fresh

      actually before beyonce this nigga smashed jim jones wife chrissy and nas bm carmen bryan and unlike them dumb niggas he kept it pushin n didnt wife them he wifed up beyonce nuff said now i can tell u know nothing about jay-z so why talk about a nigga like u know his full life story?

    • "Males shouldn't be jealous that's a female trait"

      Dated Aaliayh. And 2nd it's a fucking jersey

  • drake runs rap

    jay z is a faggot ass ugly camel. Beyonce's baby is drakes since beyonce called drake to fuck and make her a decent looking baby. Gay z is nothing but a washed up irrelevent faggot camel

    • anonymoua

      why u callin another man ugly is my real question better yet why u dick riding drake ur a fuckin homo ass stan

  • Anonymous

    i was expecting to see him in full drag or some shit...

  • Anonymous

    who fucking cares its not like its tight or pink. meanwhile rap niggas is really wearing dresses, skirts, kilts and skinny jeans. lil waybe wore his 12 year old daughters leopard print jeggings on stage... this is just a jersey.

  • PoloTheTruth352

    Is it just me or does the website continually keep going downward with substance. This is clearly a unisex piece of clothing and the "regular" person without $400 to spend on a shirt wouldn't know the difference. I really like HHDX but this is getting ridiculous...

    • Mike

      The unisex jersey he's wearing represents his affiliation with the baphomet, the unisex goat god. It reprents the possibility that he might be using his power tool on both men and women in order to stay rich. A joke to carry you through the day.

  • Anonymous

    fubu = rodarte now?

  • Anonymous

    Gay-Z is wearing skirts and woman's jersey now. Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young rappers out there, they are the blueprint of the real niggas and here is why: - Young Thug was arrested for drug possession; - Young Thug was arrested for reckless driving; - Lil Durk was arrested on a weapons charge; - Lil Durk was arrested with a loaded .40-caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached; - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; - they walk around with illegal weapons; - they go out gunning; - all other rappers rap about being gangster, shooting and killing, but they haven't done it. They ain't no fantasy niggas like: 1. Mobb Deep were 12 / 14 years old when they met at the school of arts. 2. Nas "Escobar" raps about how he is a queens thug, but he wasn't. Lol, nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong. So you sold dope? Nigga, the only thing you sold is records. 3. 2Pac never gangbanged 4. Ice Cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a "G"? 5. Rick Ross is a legend, but not a streetlegend, but a foodlegend. 6. Eminem raps about killing - he hasn't. He says he hates gay people, but did a song with Elton John? 7. Jay Z raps in open letter about sending shots - he hasn't. Nigga, you never hustled, fucking liar! People in Brooklyn tell other stories... 8. Most of the rappers rap about stuff they haven't done, yet you all support them and say it's real rap. 9. When Rick Ross does it you all claim he is fake and say it's fake rap. This shows that hip hop fans are hypocritical and all these real hip hop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. I never heard your favorite rapper (50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, The Game, etc.) diss Lil Durk or Young Thug, because your favorite rapper knows that they will beat him up. Wack or not Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young niggas in the rap game and that's a fact. They were drug dealers and gang members before rappers. They have street credentials, they are the only rappers who rap about facts. Your favorite rapper wants to be as real as Young Thug or Lil Durk. That's how real niggas do it. They ain't nothing to fuck with!

    • anonymous

      your the definition of a fuck nigga nah a stan thats just it cause ur a fanatic talkin w another niggas dick in your mouth first off - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; that aint nothing but what u think they do u aint seen them do shit u just believe everything they say now whos naive here? "-they go out gunning" really that makes a rapper gangster? going to a fucking gun range? white ppl all over america go to gun ranges on a regular bases does that make them gangster now u mentioned all that bullshit u mentioned but u failed to mention how young thug calls his homies 'bae" and his "loves" n u know why u did that its cause u dont want to believe it tupac never gangbanged? so what u have to be a gang banger to be hard? pac rode w bloods and crips REAL bloods and crips from cali in the 90s wen niggas got bodied every day kid it was way worst back then and he still got respect from them as a neutral nigga so what do you know? eminem never said he hates gay ppl now i know your just making shit up why dont u listen to eminem instead of putting words in his mouth to prove your worthless points what kind of man are u anyway to lie jus to seem like hes right, thats right ur just a kid... even niggas that grew up w jay z that he shitted on will say he hustled and they dont even fuck w him got no reason to make him look good for what ever reason so think about that 50 cent sold crack too and had lil niggas sellin for him as well i highly doubt skinny ass young thug or lil durk had that type of muscle and control over niggas and u know u a lil kid fantasizing shit wen u say "why wont any of these rappers diss them cause they know they will beat them up" first off them lil niggas is kids next to all the old rappers u jus named why the fuck would a grown ass man go starting problems out of now where w a lil kid second u got to be the dumbest kid on the planet to think young thug or lil durk both weighing 150 lbs soaking wet and standing 5'9 can beat up 50 cent at 6'1 250 lbs. what the fuck have u been smoking kid!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      young thug is currently the gayest nigga in rap. he wore a little girls dress for a photo shoot but wouldnt tell anyone where he bought it so they couldnt jack his vagina swag

  • The Ace

    Who cares... Thought he was in a dress or some shit. This shit is weak

  • Anonymous

    Wow so this is the shit that really makes news these days? Man fuck this site. R.I.P. Dx.

  • T-Money

    Rodarte actually makes women, men AND unisex clothing... #hiphopdx has went to sh!ts with these bumb a$$ articles yo!!!

  • Sowa Sowa

    Really? really? this is pathetic, poor poor journalism

  • Harry Bahls

    Lord Jamar interview in 3..2..1

  • Anonymous

    Over reaching much, DX? Stop trying to justify that Young Thug(?)bullshit, that's a football jersey, fuckers.

  • ali

    Not surprising, that men dress/act like women vice versa. FUCK HOMOSEXUALITY.

  • Anonymous

    Solange beat him so bad that he started wearing women's clothes or did she beat him for stealing her clothes? Which one is it?

  • Anonymous

    this is sensationalism and irresponsible journalism at its worst.

  • Anonymous

    wtf? this isn't worth talking about... if nobody told you it was for women you wouldn't notice it.

  • George

    All you fools calling Jay out for wearing this. Unless someone told you it was womens clothing you would've had no idea. If your mom turned up saying she snagged that from the shop you'd be instagramming pictures of yourself in the mirror wearing it in a heartbeat. Fuckers.

    • Anonymous

      @anon I've stepped in dogshit wittier than you

    • Anonymous

      no George we wouldnt wear shit like that and with a name like George you are a faggot. Your parents named you after BOY GEORGE a english homosexual singer! Just google

  • djblackice podless

    Here'z My Thang! i thought he Gave up Tha Jersey Look? he lead other rapper to stop wearin them!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the people in charge told him to do it. he does whatever they tell him. his a puppet.

  • kennyken

    that's a men's style jersey. They advertise it for women, but look at the damn thing. I personally don't go to women's sections to look for clothing that look manly, but who the fuck cares? Women steal everything from men, so this was stolen from men. I can see if the nigga wore a pair of open-toed heels or some shit.

  • Queens

    This is modern hip-hop Didn't yall see Curtis Jackson's GQ cover back in the day? -ish didn't start today. It been long time coming.

  • James Savory

    That's just a jersey. Maybe they make it for men and women. Ever think about that? You wanna see feminine clothing got to Tom Ford's website. That's some feminine men's clothing right there.

  • James Savory

    That's how they spell FUBU now?

  • Where is the women's clothes

    The title of this article is misleading. i thought jay z had on women's clothes. That jersey looks just like a men's jersey. I dont see any dieffence. Dx reaching for clicks with this one.

  • Sham

    the dude is wearing a jersey. he probably thought it was for men when he bought it. everyone in these comments are insecure af

  • Anonymous

    They are reaching....HARD. Its a freaking jersey, that looks like a mens jersey.

  • Anonymous

    faggots are taking over the world

  • fuck queers

    Fucking fag's controlling the world

  • Anonymous

    And you all make fun of wayne for this? Jay Z is even more gay.

  • Gregg

    He's slowly coming out, it won't be long now friends

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