Usher Issues Second Statement Defending Justin Bieber Following Racist Remarks

Usher says Justin Bieber "is unequivocally not a racist" in a recent Instagram post of support.

R&B singer Usher has issued a second response to the recently released footage of Justin Bieber using the n-word and making other racist remarks. On Thursday (June 5), celebrity magazine People released a portion of a cover story featuring Usher in which the singer comes to Bieber’s defense.

Yesterday morning (June 7), Usher made another public show of support for Bieber via his Instagram account. Posting a years-old image of himself alongside the “Boyfriend” singer, Usher claimed that his protege “is unequivocally not a racist.”

“At my core, I am a person that supports growth and understands without judgement, that growth often comes as a result of pain and continues effort,” Usher wrote. “As I have watched Justin Bieber navigate difficult waters as a young man, I can tell you that he hasn't always chosen the path of his greatest potential, but he is unequivocally not a racist.

“What he was 5 years ago was a naive child who did not understand the negative power and degradation that comes from playing with racial slurs,” the singer added. “What he is now is a young man faced with an opportunity to become his best self, an example to the millions of kids that follow him to not make the same mistakes.”

The original footage of Bieber’s remarks is available here.

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  • Brian

    Usher is trying to pull a fast one on us, like we don't understand ROI ( Return on investment).

  • Anonymous

    Usher is a racist!!

  • Tyler

    Well done 80. He knows of what he speaks.

  • Aaron valentino

    i was once the age of bieber, and if you have ever been his age before when you touch back your mind wasnt any different from his. judging a mind like biebers shows how selfish you are. usher is right

  • what

    Thanks for another POP MUSIC post hhdx at least this one is about USher making money off Beiber

  • Anonymous

    Why isn't anyone coming to Donald Sterling's defense? Everything Usher said in this statement could be applied to Sterling if you just switched his name with Biebers. Maybe it's because all these people still stand to make a fortune off Bieber and don't want that gravy train to stop, while Sterling is nearing his final destination.

    • Anonymous

      you talking age because you don't know better adults are discussing how it's the PARENTS with the "sterling" mentality that blacks are 2nd class that Justin was taught no matter wtf age they are BOTH WRONG, plenty of people were defending sterling saying his privacy was violated, like people are saying bieber was too young now ask why are YOU giving excuses to people who are wrong

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious? Sterling was what, 75 years old 5 years ago? He's been set in his ways for many, many years. Sterling controlled and operated an organization that was made up of predominately black males. He stated that he does not want them coming to his games, doesn't want them associating with his girl, but he wants them to continue to make him money. Slave owner mentality. Are you serious? How can anyone compare the mind of a 80 year old man to that of a 15 year old boy who is still growing? I don't condone what Bieber said, but we've all made mistakes growing up. The difference is that Sterling is set in his ways and he totally sh*t on black people with his statements.

    • Tyler

      Because Sterling is 80 you fool.

    • Come On

      Umm I think there's an age gap Between him and Sterling. And Sterling was an Owner in the NBA its different. His Job Effects a league players and organization. Biebers effect him more than anyone. That's the difference.

    • Europe

      Comparing a teenager with an old man! That's rich .. XD

    • shhh

      because beiber was a kid when he did those videos.. and sterling is a grown man.. a grown man knows better.. a kid learns to know better..

    • ChrleHrse

      EXACTLY!! And the fact this is his SECOND statement about this speaks volumes...that pussy is his artist after long as money is involved, Black Pride can have several seats or nah?

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand why Eminem got so much hate but Bieber gets a pass from everybody? what part of the game is this?

    • steve

      Eminem made a song about a 'Black Bitch' spewing hate for women and black people at the same time. Beiber maade a joke which i'm sure a lot of people who arnt racist make about ethnics. None of them are getting a pass at this point and people didnt really care that much when Eminem did it. What kind of backlash did he actually receive?

    • Anonymous

      Every white person you know has jokingly (and sometime snot so much) used the word n1gger.

    • Anonymous

      Hate for what? WTF are you talking about

  • Anonymous

    Why wouldn't Usher defend his retirement plan

  • Bobbi

    This is gonna keep happening because you've got ignorant people like Usher giving people like Bieber a pass. I saw the video and that comes from deep-rooted racist exposure. Perhaps he was raised in this type of environment. Most 15 year olds don't do what he did. He needs to be banned and boycotted. It's in him, deep.

  • Anonymous

    Usher isn't Justin Bieber's daddy. In all actuality he doesn't have to defend the 14 or 15 year old Bieber. He didn't raise him that way and these videos are from when Usher first discovered him meaning he had little initial impact on Bieber. The real people who should be put in the spotlight are his parents

  • Anonymous

    Usher hates himself. SMMFH

  • shane

    You realize white people are a huge portion of hip hop fans right? It's been that way since tupac if not before. White people are(at least I think still)a majority so if you want to sell big numbers you normally have to cater to them (and women) Also just cuz the site is named "hiphop"dx doesn't mean every one of their articles have any thing to do with the culture. but dude seriously go on YouTube and look at one of his concerts and count the black people. He sells to females. basically I'm saying your comment is immature and reminds me of the same desperate attention seeking stuff a 15 year old beiber would say. don't talk about music you don't know any thing about. It's an easy way to sound stupid.

  • they stupid

    I think Sunday's are the only day on DX when the people with reality in them comment......been here for pointing at this boy's parents and all it's been is excuses, cosigns of the behavior, contradictions (went to lord jamar article to post racism), admissions of guilt, hatred, lies and misinformation from these weirdos out here not once did these people ever look at mommy & daddy, grandma, the manager, agent, and mommy & daddy have 2 more kids they're raising right under our noses, it's looking like Usher & Wayne are trying to get Justin away from his racist parents & people, and why Justin & Soulja Boy connect, Soulja's parents are absent too

  • Lil swagsta

    Justin Bieber is more gangsta then these rapniggas who only get booked for parking there car wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Typical niggas. They stand for nothing. This Bieber kid is a racist but still gets props in the hiphopcommunity.

  • Qwestion

    I'd love to hear Ludacris's take on this, he was 'homies' with this vanilla ice backstreet boys reject. Would he give his true opinion like the old Luda would or defend the cash cow cause hey "gotta get that money". I'm guessing the latter.

  • Anonymous

    Both are pop singers. Stop talking about them on a hip hop website

    • Shel Lune

      Lemme tell you, that nigga Hey crab above me gets on this wack-ass site to read comment on Justin Bieber stories. Homeboy be taking turns reading about his favorite star and taking dicks in his anus. What a life!

    • Hey Crab

      There is a wide world worth exploring. Instead of going to articles you don't like how about you enjoy your life... Imagine a life of not sitting in front of a computer screen being negative. I know, I know. Fucking crazy!

  • Name

    This whole thing is just sad. It does underline some societal issues that we have to deal with. This isn't a joke. I hope the day comes when we can move forward as an American people without these kinds of headlines. We'll see.

  • Yaya

    Usher is handling this correct. Bieber was a child who needed an ass whoopin. Which makes me wonder where were his parents or Scooter Braun? or did they know about this matter already and corrected it. See the problem is that Bieber is now an adult and it's hard for me to judge an adult for something they did as an ignorant kid. Especially, when blacks gave passes to Riley Cooper, Incognito for threatening black people. Plus, JT who treated Janet like the N Word. All who were adult during their incidents. People want to say Usher protecting his cash cow...and. Even if Usher thought Bieber was racist, why not take his money? Do you really think white people care if we don't like their ass? You think record executives, etc won't take our money if we make white jokes? Yeah right. Usher is a business man and is handling this correctly like the HNIC he is.

  • Me

    Don't blame Bieb, blame his ancestors.. He was born in it, making fun of black people is apart of white people's culture, they've been doing it for hundreds of years and you black mafkrs think this could instantly STOP.. Look at how Donald Sterling kicked that shit, he said it goes against their CULTURE, this shit is deep and black people don't got nothing to do with it.. If black people today knew about Dr. Kings Poor People's Campaign we would run shit, but we so crunk, high and drunk we can't think for ourselves.. #WILLYLYNCH still got black people by the balls and weaves and he still gaining momentum.. Just like an alcoholic needs to admit he is an alcoholic, blacks must do the same and admit we're slaves that get paid, we still know we're not treated right, we still ge followed in stores, police beat us up, we pack jails I mean Justin Beiber knows who the weak race is in America.. White people been bulling black people for more than 500 years and it won's stop at Bieber..

    • Crystal

      The first racist joke that was taught to me was by a black kid. Just sayin, you gunna blame white people your whole life. Why dont you look at the people keeping the N word alive as a well known widely accepted slang. But when white people use it in the same context its all of a sudden a bad thing. Double standard.

  • Anonymous

    Bieb may not be racist no moreafter all these black folks showed him how to sing, dress, perform, be somebody!! I wouldn't want to be racist no more either!

    • Crystal

      There is footage of him on youtube singing before he even met usher. He has talent, but I think if he had of signed with JT he wouldnt have gotten into so much trouble, cause he wouldnt be hangin with a bunch of thugs and druggies.

  • Anonymous

    usher tryin to give cred to bieber is gon end up losing usher what little cred he got

  • Anonymous

    usher trying to protect his cash cow brand in its last dying days

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