Tupac Says Quad Shooting, Sexual Assault Case Were "All Connected" In Previously Unheard Phone Call

During a nearly 20-year-old phone conversation, Tupac shares his idea to approach drug dealers with his fellow rappers to keep the streets safe for kids.

A previously unheard, nearly two decade-old phone conversation between the late Tupac Shakur and his friend and former gang member Sanyika “Monster” Shakur was released this week.

During the nearly 25 minute-long phone call, Tupac discussed his plans for the community, the shooting at Quad Studios, and approaching Maya Angelou to obtain her assistance in writing his autobiography.

While speaking on helping the community, Tupac shared his plans to launch a youth sports organization that would include teams coached by rappers. In addition to the youth sports organization, he also spoke on recruiting his fellow artists to perform at free block parties in the hood.

“I want to get this organization started with you,” Tupac said, while speaking with Sanyika. “Only we can do it. Let me tell you the idea. It’s where we start this youth league, right? Football league, basketball…softball, for girls and boys. I’mma get all the rappers to adopt a team. Each rapper have his own team. Coolio will have his team. Treach have his team. I’ll have my team. And we play. And the rappers the ones that put the money up. We get the field to play. We have the churches come out and sell food. We have the fathers and the uncles and all of the men in the community, they do security…Get that community spirit going again. And then on the weekends we have block parties. Every rapper gotta give it up. Every rapper, nigga, you gotta wreck it out. You gotta get up for us. You gotta come do a free show for the hood.”

Later in the phone call, Tupac spoke on registering people to vote during his block parties and using those newly-registered voters to approach politicians about requests for the community. On top of his youth league and block parties, Pac said he also wanted to approach drug dealers directly about keeping neighborhoods safe for children during certain hours.

“And then when we do that we register the voters,” he said. “And if we can register them for Democrats, Republicans, or Independent. Once we register the voters we have power. Then we start going up to the mayors of these cities and telling them ‘Look, we got this many voters in this city. We want you to do this.’

“I’mma have all these tough-ass supposed-to-be-gangster-rappers,” Pac added. “We gonna all get in the van. We gonna travel…We gon’ drive to all these drug areas, right? Imagine me Redman, Treach, Ice Cube, them type of niggas. Getting out, going to whoever the main drug dealer on that block—‘Who run shit?’ If we get out of a van and be like ‘What’s up, nigga? How y’all doing? What’s up? Yo, who the nigga that run shit?’ They gon’ take us to that nigga. We invite those niggas to dinner. Invite them niggas to some Dom Perignon, steak, and lobster. And be like ‘Look playa, we asking you, not telling you. We asking you as a playa to a playa, can you please give us a pass to have these streets clean from 6 AM to 11 PM. Let that be for the kids. Let them niggas be safe during that time. No gunshots. No drug dealings.”

In regards to the shooting at Quad Studios, which resulted in Tupac being shot five times, he said the incident and his sexual assault trial were “all connected.”

“The girl that did this rape shit, she hooked up with the niggas that shot me," Tupac said. "It’s all connected. It was a big plan. I just caught it like at the end. And that’s why they shot me."

The full phone conversation can be found below (via XXL).

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  • LA OG

    I swear these sites are overloaded with lil ass kids..Do you kids realize Tupac was in PRISON when this call occurred you young children. ALL phone calls from Prison are recorded. I'm sure some staff person from the prison felt over 15 years later releasing the call wouldn't get them in trouble. Yeah it was a good idea..most brothers in prison have good ideas..but when they're released they forget about the ideas..what else is there to do in jail other than think? When Tupac got released he wasn't thinking about helping the hood..so lil children aint no rapper going up to no drug dealer ok..yall have a happy new year and try to think and learn.

  • Big gucci the ruler

    Big gucci realer than pac ever was. Big gucci dont die easy

  • Iggy Fresh

    I've always felt the Quad shooting was payback for that rape charge. Shorty hired some goons to get at him. That was the first thing I thought when I heard about that shooting. I never did understand him blaming Big and Puff.

    • PATHH88

      Do some research before replying, anyone with a little bit of brain power can find out the real reason Pac was shot in Quad, the shit is out there...here's a clue, Henchman, Haitian Jack...

    • boxerbabybaby

      he blamed them cause when he asked Big who shot biggie didn't wanted to tell him. they were talking after the shooting but big knew who shot him and when pac asked Big didn't speak up so Pac felt he was involved

  • snake

    Why you recording niggas kody "monster" shakur you a known rat playa

    • Anonymous

      Negro please, they didn't even know they were being recorded. And "known rat"? Really? Break it down for me

  • IROC

    Tupac was about to wake up and do good things the power that be didnt want that and they silence him and promoted ignorance behind his death thru rap dope dealing and hustling and degrading our women

  • kingmarkanthony804

    Wow Tupac was a prophet a leader I never heard another rapper that was trying to get his people together and put all people together all races instead of a divide. I never heard Biggie, Puffy, Jay Z, and thousands of other rappers talk about helping the ghetto and drug ridden communities an uplift helping kids living in that environment with out a father figure he was trying to help them. He seems to have been taken out so this would not happen. It's all a set up to keep them in the game and poverty. He was the realist man and I wish he was still around. They say the good die young well this is true in this outcome. I find this taped conversation hard very very good and clear has to be a federal type of tape. I mean you hear phone calls with people calling on radio stations today with our technology and none sound this clear and crisp sounding. I wounder why this was taped so clear and why it was taped. This guy asked you smoking weed right now aren't you. Seems like something an informant would ask remember Tupac was out on bail still on probation so this seems very suspect to the fullest. This guy even waited for all of those delays while Pac answered other calls. Anyone else think this clear as hell conversation seems odd and why ask are u smoking weed right now like that he was waiting for the answer.

    • Anonymous

      You over shooting about monster weed questions. He heard PAC exhaling and assumed it was weed. You think the dude was trying to get pac busted for weed? cmon son.

  • fray

    i remember reading monsters book back when i was in high school. it was a good book.

  • Anonymous

    Pac is the resurrection of GOD. Without Pac there would be no life on this planet and hiphop would not excist

  • Anonymous

    Tbh he was all 'first experiencing it' when them niggas pulled a gun on him? Wtf? Nigga aint never been from the streets.

    • Anonymous

      Sheeit negro what u think? Lol that nigga was on some black hippy de la soul shit for most of his life, even when he moved to Marin City, that's why most bay area niggas resented Pac

    • titog0d

      So you from the streets right?....so you done stared straight down the barrel and dared a nigga to kill you right?...you a gangster right? Why you still here?

    • Anonymous

      word, i'm on the streets all night, $5 for a handjob

  • Father for the fatherless

    I find some hope in that some people realize the "value" Tupac had especially for blacks, minorities or any of the "have nots" and hope he inspires people in general and maybe one day we will have another person of such value but its hard to acknowledge people like him while they are alive but in my humble opinion he was killed, by whom exactly we will probably never know the full and real story but throughout history anyone who has gone against is own self interest and therefore giving people "hope" to change things for the better even against odds that seem hopeless will be chased down by people/interests in things not changing like eating better(real food) vs. junk/processed food or having liquor stores in every corner of the "hoods" lower income areas and finally people willing to live in debt for some "fashionable attire and accessories" vs living within your means and not having to go to the modern day drug dealer (doctor) and him prescribing you some "medicine" (poison so you can be a zombie and not give a damn) Nobody is an Angel or have all the answers but some seem to simply not care or not care enough but I believe people can change and can become better and stronger citizens and help each other and I am encourged by some of you who seem to share a similar view. CBC

  • Rex

    LOL 2Pac went crazy on a whole gang during his show cuz they killed a little kid a day before that! Love Pac. They killed him bc he had power, he could get people to vote and influence Mayor's and Governors to help the community

    • Anonymous

      Plus the kid that was shot in 1992 got shot in Marin City, not Chicago. That's why after that Pac didn't stay at the Bay Area much, niggas out there started despising him

    • Anonymous

      there's a video of the atlanta mayor of 96 talking about how just a few days before the fatal shooting Pac met up with him, handed him a big pile of books and arranged a meeting to discuss getting support. a meeting he wouldn't be alive to be at. This was a for sure brotha.

    • Anonymous

      just checked it out. it's not the same show. that kid was killed in 1992 and Yummy Sandifer was killed in 94. Props to Rex.

    • wasd

      i dont know if this was the same show that a little kid got shot at (and parents got 250k for that) but if it is then he just ended up getting another kid killed

  • K

    Duhh. This is old news, everyone knows this.

  • Anonymous

    6- 11pm for the kids? get otta here... get the money


    ...was just wondering what type of gangsta would record tupac's phone call? ..Dont know maybe a gangstar working or the *feds*

  • STFUUIgnants

    when its all said and done Pac was man that was sincere with a good heart....really cared about his ppl

  • I'LL

    That was the best plan I've ever heard for doing something positive for the inner city community! Everyone likes to talk about doing something positive, but no one ever had a plan! A rapper trying to get people to get folks active in politics from the city level too?? Cursing out gang bangers who's killin kids?? PAC was the realist!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ pac and kody dissing GDS, "they wanted me to be with their sets" lil nikka ain't no sets we a NATION (and bds killed the nikka they talking of, not us)

    • Anonymous

      ^ as long as u filling negro mouths with food u can get away with anything with a niggax like Usher

    • White Boy

      wtf?? British Deer Society killed that kid and Geriatric Depression Scale is a whole nation!? Thank you sir! That's good knowledge to have in my pocket in case I need to impress some black people into accepting me as one of their own so I can make a killer rap album like Justin Bieber and they will let me call them nigga.

    • Anonymous

      lol @ you FOOLS.

    • Anonymous

      and niggas still have the nerve to say "no one cared about gangs in chi until chief keef came out" lmao all the real niggas knew whassup around here

  • Anonymous

    Monster Kody releasing some old ass conversations for some media attention now?? Lol I thought this lame nigga was dead already, just like Pac

  • It's obvious...

    No one can tell me, that the Gvmn't didn't have Pac killed. Ideas like this, is what they don't want to prevail in the hood. They realized that Pac had the power, pull, respect, knowledge, intelligence, and voice to pull some something like this off. They had to eliminate him, because if they didn't....it would have been to detriment of their system.

  • Outlawz

    What I want to know is who recorded this conversation!? CIA been spying for many years. This whole scandal about spying has been around for a very long time! The government has advanced technology that we are not privy too. Now its more out in the open. Big brother is very real and its getting worse and worse. Pac had a mentality that is almost unheard of now days. People are too brainwashed and too concerned with making $ instead of helping others. Priorities are f!@#ed up!

    • Yep

      Yep. The gov is always 20 years advanced when it comes to technology. This is crystal clear the FBI or CIA recorded this

  • grant

    this fool is dead we dont caire about tupac

  • Sitting Dove

    Did Tupac know he was being recorded? And who recorded this? While the man Tupac was talking to seemed to be a friend (or at least Tupac thought he was), the man also seemed to be 'mining' Tupac for information, at times the kind of information that could possibly get Tupac in trouble. It was almost like the man was following a script. An interesting conversation, but I doubt Tupac intended it to be heard by anybody but the so-called "friend" he was talking to...

    • ERIC


    • Anonymous

      Monster said "We did not know We were being recorded. My wife pressed record on the answering machine and unbeknown to either of us, caught some bomb ass history."

  • Sitting Dove

    Did Tupac know he was being recorded? And who recorded this? While the man Tupac was talking to seemed to be a friend (or at least Tupac thought he was), the man also seemed to be 'mining' Tupac for informationat times the kind of information that could possibly get Tupac in trouble. It was almost like the man was following a script. An interesting conversation, but I doubt Tupac intended it to be heard by anybody but the so-called "friend" he was talking to...

    • Yo

      I believe the guy was related to him because of the last name. And the FBI been watching Pac because of his family ties so I assume they were the ones recording it?

  • Justin Hunte

    "Yeah it's alright, so far." - Pac on being signed to Death Row Chills...

  • 614grind

    This phone call just made a bigger impact on me than any rap song in the last 15 years.

  • lil swagsta

    Fuck it! Now we have Drake and Rick Ross. Fuck old school Get some swag niggas or be a fag ps Pac was never a gangbanger or sold drugs. Ross run the block in miami. CCC for life

  • Belie

    man I wonder if pac planted the seed for what is now Snoop's football league

  • Anonymous


  • what

    Now nigga see why Pac had to die, the nigga was just not out for the money and hoes or being some gang banger, he care for the kids in the Hood and was going to give back, when that nigga said i keep it real all day everyday he meant that.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I miss the homey. There has yet to be another rapper or hood figure with the vision, direction, and strength that Pac had. Nobody else has the courage to step up and take a stand. They're too scared they might lose a buck and not be able to buy their 12th car.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber's out there paying tribute to 2pac and you all want to hate anyway.

  • Not Impressed

    I'm not impressed.

  • Denali

    Dam. Despite all of the things that were going on his life, he was a visionary!

  • saq

    OMG fuck this fake prophet. Acting like he is god. Pac couldnt get a long with nobody in the rapgame and brought nothing but hate and jealousy and then he is talking about doing something for the hood. pac acted so immature when he signed to Deathrow acting like a gangbanger and shit.

    • Anonymous

      Idiot....he named all artist that he got along with and there are others he got along with that he didn't name. Just because he called out people he didn't like don't pretend that it changes his visions or overall body of work in the inner city communities.

    • wasd

      wtf nigga i started that wasd shit dont be using my handle i done crafted a lot of popular comments you jive stealing hawk. riding my coattails on comment posting success

    • wasd

      I would suck someone's dick for a cheeseburger too

  • Anonymous

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  • Picasso Micheaux

    We got robbed...

  • nuc

    well... there's the blueprint... RAPPERS, put in motion the PAC PLAN!

  • Shaun

    so according to Pac the girl and the quad shooting was connected. so why not appoligize to BIG and clear the air knowing damn well NYC/Bad Boy/East Coast was NOT INVOLVED. that was true sucka shit Pac but I still got love for you! RIP PAC RIP BIG QUEENS!

    • Jersey is crap, free of tourists.

      Jersey is a piece of shit haha. You guys are responsible for Joe Budden of all people! Thanks for your hip hop contribution hahaha

    • Anonymous

      This guy above me is from LA and is riding Tupac nuts even after death. FIGURES #Jersey

    • LA in this!

      LOL, this guy is from Queens. Of course he's gonna be upset and butt hurt that Pac didn't "apologize" hahahaha! Weak nigga.

    • Wow

      Because Pac claims that BIG knew exactly who shot him. Why the need to apologize? Don't be an idiot.

  • j

    This man was on a whole other level Goddammit I miss him

  • Yaki

    Strong black brother. We miss you, Pac.

  • Anonymous

    I just don't understand. How somebody as intelliegent as Tupac, acted so immature during the whole PAC vs. B.I.G. Beef.


      Itz like he said on the last line of Makeveli : WHAT WOULD U DO IF U WAS ME? AGAINST ALL ODDS....

    • Anonymous

      he was pissed that everything was happening to him. so he hooked up with suge and got to feeling invincible

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Pac was like the second comin or something. They knew what they were doin when they took him from us. Damn we lost a good one...


      I had the chance to go meet up with death row back in 93-94 I used to converse with this cat named c-style who was a a and r and/or worked for the label and was a crip I guess... I am from Harlem/Bronx like Tupac. Wish I would of went to Cali kinda because me a nd PAC would of been friends and I rap fire (Tupac wasn't even a deathrow artist yet). But something didn't fit right in my conscience... Idk... I sensed trouble more than street shit because I caught gun charge after gun charge. It was deeper Kinda Spiritual. Any way the powers that be seems to want to stop me from becoming a influence because like PAC I have a love and desire to love and help my niggas all races too/ but I don't know I fucked up a lot of hook ups with bad boy rough riders etc but a few people still beg me to rap still... I already fucked over 2,000 bitches I ain't rich but I'm not moved for such feeble talk and movements... I do feel Malcom X-ish a lot and I am a volcano of anger.. I just don't know where The Lord Jesus The Christ wants me to go... Any advice add me on the book Facebook/presivalentine ... Peace my Brothers and Sisters... And... It's whatever nobody with a small head and mind can tell me nothing- holler

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