Apathy Details "The Curse Of The Kennedys"

Exclusive: Apathy: "The Kennedys were a family that was built on corruption and illegal activities, but those negative things were a means to an end to accomplish good."

The Kennedy family legacy is one of the topics highlighted on Apathy's Connecticut Casual. Recently, the emcee spoke about why he focused on the family's history on "The Curse Of The Kennedys."  

"The Kennedys were a family that was built on corruption and illegal activities," Apathy says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "But those negative things were a means to an end to accomplish good, positive things. Jack [John F. Kennedy] would have done so much good if he wasn't assassinated. Same with Bobby. Then you have Teddy, someone who wasn't as on point as Jack and Bobby." 

Apathy says his interest in the Kennedy family goes beyond his work on "The Curse Of The Kennedys."

"I have about 50 books on the Kennedys," he says. "I collect magazines, also. I have magazines from the '60s all the way up to Time Life special magazines that were just released. I read a ton of stuff, retain the recurring themes, and discard the unsubstantiated." 

Apathy's "The Curse Of The Kennedys" is below.

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  • da1

    yeah apathy weird. he can rhyme the album was dope but i think he done switched sides. kennedy was cool but his dad was the one that was the mastermind. everything is a joke anyone that is big and u think are doing good probably arent

  • Futurama

    Go listen to some Non Phixion! Ap sucks these days. Masons makin Apathy rhyme about these topics. He a low level illuminati puppet now. And why does this dude get so much coverage on DX site, he sells like 300 copies a release. Probably that mason $$$. He's better off spending his time polishing Masonic relics at the lodge.

  • Mush

    Yeah well this may not be about the new "Rick Ross" joint you fags but its about JFK if that guy never got killed you may have real American currency instead of "digital" money that can disappear anytime and holds no real value anywhere , and the Vietnam war would not have happened over a fake ass story of a fake ass boat being sunk by fake ass Vietnamese just to go to war, sounds like 9/11 and Afghanistan/Iraq to me...seriously the most gangster shit you can be is AWARE you sheep mofuckas

    • Anonymous

      At the end of the day if Kennedy would have lived he still would have kept the status quo no matter how many fucking times we have to hear he was on the cusp of accomplishing momentous great things like auditing the fed.

  • Co-Sign

    Talk about a fanboy. No one gives a shit about those corrupt law breakers and rapists who got away with murder and many other illicit things. Ain't no one gonna listen to this album. Ap think he's deep, fine, but don't no one care about your over obsessed fascination with those people.

  • Anonymous

    Intelligent or not, nobody tryna listen to Apathy lol

  • Wash My Car

    People don't want to hear this. Rap about selling dope, hoes, booty hole, trapping, ice, and everything else ignorant.



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