Apathy Explains "Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)" Significance

Exclusive: Apathy details the backstory of "Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)" and discusses the locations from the song's music video.

When Apathy released "Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)," a cut off the rapper's upcoming album Connecticut Casual recently, some wondered where the track title came from.

"It was just a line in the song initially," Apathy says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX.

Later, Apathy crafted the song's hook and its title. "[It] out of respect for a young girl whose life was cut far too short, and so people would Google it, and become familiar with the story," Ap says. "Michael Skakel, who murdered her, was a cousin of the Kennedy family. It was another thread that tied the album concepts together, a dark, tragic, historical Connecticut event." 

Keeping Connecticut's importance, Apathy shot the music video for "Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)" in the state. 

"It was local places in the town I live, New London, Connecticut," Apathy says. "New London is my favorite place I've ever lived. It represents Connecticut and New England in a concentrated, focused way. It's half beautiful, historic, scenic, next to the ocean and half hood and grimy. It's like a small version of all of New England, which reflects that dynamic." 

Apathy's "Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)" is as follows: 

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  • Anonymous

    Apathy said on his YT page that he's fascinated by the Kennedys and in a verse in that latest AOTP he disses Alex Jones (which I could care less about), but it shows that he seems to like all this masonic and occult shit and hates on people who try to expose it

    • zero

      Alex Jones et al don't "expose" anything, they recycle conspiracy theories so they can make money from ad revenue etc. They are liars who distract from their lies by calling other people liars and diverting attention. Smarten up.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Apathy got that old money, might be thru his lady. Dude is hella into masonic bullshit and pushing luxury whips. He don't move units or tour like that to have real rap paper. Low level illuminati cat.

  • lord jamar

    another guest in the house

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