Lupe Fiasco Compares Justin Bieber To Donald Sterling Due To Racist Remarks

Lupe Fiasco: "I wonder if Justin Bieber is going to get the same treatment as Donald Sterling. I don't think he will."

Lupe Fiasco was recently asked to address Justin Bieber's unearthed video clips, which feature the Pop singer using the n-word in racist remarks.

"Donald Sterling, did he say the n-word?" Fiasco says in an interview with MTV. "Justin Bieber said it, but it's cool? People are already coming to his defense."

Yesterday (June 5), Mack Maine said Young Money artists wouldn't reject Bieber as a result of the racist tapes. 

"I just did an interview for, I think Fox Sports or something," Fiasco says, "and they brought up Donald Sterling in that capacity in sports. I just was like, 'I don’t think anybody should be profiting off racism.' Donald Sterling made a billion dollars. You know, sold the team, and made a billion dollars. There was such an uproar about somebody that didn't use the n-word at all. And then, you just have somebody who just made a very racist joke about it."

This makes Fiasco ponder Bieber's future.

"I wonder if Justin Bieber is going to get the same treatment as Donald Sterling," he says. "I don’t think he will. It’s an absurd twist of fate. Absurd thing. I guess that’s how the universe puts things out...It'll test you with this. See how people react. Then you get somebody who we quote-unquote 'like' who says it and says it even more racist-ier. And we don't bat an eyelash. It becomes this absurd thing. That's why I don't even deal with it...Whatever. I don't really care either way. It's just interesting to point out." 

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  • Young_Bruva

    I don't give this dude a 14,I don't care where you're from you know what that shit means..I juss think if I was with my grandparents watching this dude on T.V. saying that,would I defend him.."Hell no"...

  • Anonymous

    "The difference is Donald Sterling, being "80", is that he grew up in a time when it was acceptable to be racist. Justin Beiber did not" ^ no marty mcfly, we're a realistic 30 years removed from segregation, that means sterling's son had a son to keep the tradition going and we're engulfed with "justins"

    • Anonymous

      "keeping up with the joneses" they don't know it meas "what people will do to be a part of the club", not staying updated. they probably never heard of that saying and why they don't recognize "keeping up with the kardashians" and spend their whole lives and sometimes ruin their children's trying to get that membership card I know about how there's levels to this, they ain't ready to have that discussion on dx

    • DeGrande

      The DIFFERENCE IS travel is bad for ignorance. Real shit. When Donald Sterling made his comments he was a geriatric BILLIONAIRE who likely had traveled the world. Justin was a poor small town fourteen year old Canadian who'd been around mostly whites and likely had not travel ANYWHERE. Therefore people tend to think that Justin was to dumb to know shit and Donald Sterling was unfortunately for him, caught revealing a shared opinion among the "have mores". And being put out of a "club" that some "have more" dream of being in, totally trumps the profit he made. He doesn't care about the profit, he cares about being kicked out of their "club". Fuck their club and fuck trying to act like any of the Justins are "down". They wanna be. All of em wanna be...

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    i used to love lupe but this nigga has fallen the fuck off since the cool

  • 2chainzfan

    Man Lupe just made so more sense right there. Beiber's racism seems a little more understandable tho because he is a millenial while Don Sterlings parents were probably alive during slavery in the south.

    • Anonymous

      segregation happened after slavery son, just ended 50 years ago anyone who was alive then knows it didn't really start getting integrated until mid 80s, so while you run around thinking the bad stuff ended with slavery and how it is now is how it was, we've really only been together the last 25 years, and that's why we still have teenage "justins",sterlings, hannitys, ryans, deens, the children of segregation in 2014, the 50th year of civil rights law, y'all still don't remember segregation, probably sitting in a segregated school (more schools now than '64) or workplace (ethnic high unemployment) or community (urban/suburb) talking about slavery, why should anyone take y'all seriously?

  • LOL

    For one thing, Bieber's was joking. Also, Sterling literally said don't bring black people to my games as an owner of a mostly black team. This is comparing apples and oranges. Give Bieber a fucking break he was just clowning

    • Justin Beiber

      That's right give me a break niggas You tell them Nigga

    • Carl

      Not only did Bieber make the joke, but he also sung a song about killing a ni99er to join the kkk. Sterling sounding more like a jealous boyfriend than a racist tells his girlfriend not to bring black ppl to his games... he never said they were not welcomed to come on their own. they're just not welcomed in his skybox as a guest and that's fine to say. What Bieber did is not okay on any level.

    • Dj shadowmack


  • COCA


  • Come on

    He's a closet racist they made him sound like he was 6 years old he was 14-15 years old which means he was fully aware of what he was doing. he doesn't get a pass from me he id it twice now which shows he was a racist. And I can tell when I watch the Video he meant everything he was saying the white washed Black people can accept his half-assed apology but I don't this kids a little bitch.

  • DAT_IT?

    he made the point. its the same thing beiber is woret cuz he was mking fun. all donald sed was dont bring black ppl to the games to his bitch. which most white ppl would say dont bring black ppl with u anywhere public cuz most white dudes dont like there white girls associating or past dating or future dating another race. biebs is wack

  • Mn

    Bieber is a closet racists. I agree with Lupe. Fucking Boycott Biebe. STerling didnt use the N-Word but Biebe did and everybody is cool with it

  • wasd

    we should make bieber sell his billion dollar team oh wait he aint got shit for black people to ruin. he white and in canada they aint never seen black people. he good.

  • R.Pgh

    Come on Lu, I thought you were smarter than that. Comparing what an 80 year old man says to what a 14 year old says is apples and oranges. Not giving Bieber a pass, but it's hard to judge someone based off of what they said when they were 14. As if 8th graders don't say stupid shit tare are fully aware of deep rooted meaning behind their words.

    • John

      Plus Sterling has dementia and cancer so he probably doesn't even know half the things he is spitting out of his mouth. While compared to Justin, the kid is just plain rude and an asshole. I'm not defending Sterling's actions, I'm just saying..

    • TaterSalad

      Ha! The difference is Donald Sterling, being "80", is that he grew up in a time when it was acceptable to be racist. Justin Beiber did not. A 14 year old "boy" is a young man where I come from. Justin is a multi millionaire - and you think it's ok for him to be racist because of his age? If anything, he should be more aware of racism, being that he is younger and always in the spotlight. Donald Sterling is a grumpy old man set in his ways.

    • 24

      My mum taught me about racism before I was 14 the N word is worse than fuck, shit, bollocks, cunt, slut

    • R.Pgh

      WEll the video that came out was from a 14 year old kid. I haven't seen any other videos as evidence to what he has or has not said since then so I only use what I know to make an opinion on it.

    • Anonymous

      you act like he hasn't said it since he was 14. i'm sure he says it all the time still.

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