Usher Addresses Justin Bieber's Racist Remarks

Usher says he doesn't turn his head in shame on Justin Bieber. "Am I in it with him?" he says. "Yeah."

Usher, who mentored Justin Bieber when the singer entered the music industry as a teen, has addressed the Pop star's recently-unearthed video clips, which feature Bieber using the n-word and making racist remarks.

"I gave every bit of advice and always told him it was up to him if he really wanted this," Usher says in an interview with Nylon. "Now that he has it, as an adult, it's his to manage."

Usher further elaborated on his stance regarding this issue.

"Do I turn my head in shame based off of what I see, what I know?" he says. "Nah, I don't because it's all part of life's process. Am I in it with him? Yeah." 

Usher's stance is, at least in part, influenced by his work as a young artist. Puff Daddy mentored him as a teen and Usher feels it's an important facet of his career. 

"Artistic development made me who I am," he says. "Somebody took the time to help me find what it is that works for me as an entertainer and who I am as a music maker." 

To view the first clip that was released featuring Bieber's racist comments, click here. To view the second video, which features Bieber's racist song, click here

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  • Brian

    This is all about and money...Usher,Will.S,P.Diddy have vested interest in this boy and can't let him fall. But one day that vested interest will be gone and see how they will nail him to the wall. That is showbizz that is life.

  • Anonymous

    he was jokin around and said nigga big deal-i just dont see why these niggs aint getting mad at this gay as white boy from canada for trying to be black

  • 3Pac

    I'm super gangster and I roll with my niggies Diggy and Usher. So fxck you hating bastards that think I'm racist. You are all a bunch of nig gers that can suck my penis while rimming my anus, i don't give a hoot i'll say it to a bunch of stranguhs Stab your azz with a meat cleaver whats my name justin bieber you wanna fox while i shoot and every rapper up in this bxtch now knows i dont give a hoot 3Pac: greatest rapper of all time

  • Zach

    How exactly can these people defend a kid who said he would kill blacks and join the KKK. Anyone who tries to defend him and make excuses for him is just as bad. This should be condemned and he shouldn't be getting any positive attention for garbage like this.

  • 24

    Back in the 90's Justin would have been thrown under the bus & crucified if this got out (probably wouldn't have though cos lack of tech) But these days no fucking commercial mainstream artist wants to speak up. LUPE PUT IT STRAIGHT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can't believe all these artists defending fuckboy Bieber. Boycott every black artist defending Bieber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Man end of the day nigga can front if they want, Usher and all the rest of the faggot talking about they stand with him, they are rich but when you are poor in the hood and you see stuff like this know this white boy making money off what we created, and that how he think about us, man F that white boy

  • Reuben T K

    Dat's a shame... no matter what age it was done...

  • Anonymous

    damn justin use to be cute when he was little

    • Anonymous

      still is fam. u just aint been checkin the calendar spreads lately. he barely had his shirt off as a teen now he struttin it on the daily

  • IROC

    you can never expect one of these rappers or r&b singers to stand up for whats right they depend on making a buck in the twisted world of entertainment most are ungle toms and sell outs and just puppets on a string ,Sad when you see these so call mainstream artist taking up for a racist

  • Anonymous

    Usher + Justin Bieber= R&B/Pop. Why are talked about on this website?

  • Anonymous

    Why did Justin Bieber think to sing these lyrics? It didn't just come out of the blue. He says it was a joke. But why this particular joke?

    • swasd

      it's cuz young people love saying stuff that is "wrong" even if it's in private to themselves at home. it gives a sense of pleasure. and what's more wrong than saying n-word? can you think of something more wrong than that?

    • yoyo

      just coz your bitch likes jb you dont need to be upset and jealous of him.. Move on!!!

  • Stanucci

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper ever: * He shot a man dead. * He beats up so called fans. * He sold drugs. * While driving throws bitches out of his car. You favorite is afraid to diss Gucci because Gucci easily kills you. FREE GUCCI MANE AND DEATH TO FAKE GANGSTA RAPPERS!

  • laylah


  • wasd

    The difference between Donald Sterling and Bieber is Donald was preventing black people from having homes and Bieber is putting food into negro mouths every day.

  • wasd


  • HOPE

    he just needs to stop moving to fast he about to hit a brick wall hard, it has nothing to do with usher or diddy you give and let go the bumps they make are on them and he headed for a no return it's not that great, get a grip child!!!

  • Bigruffneck

    black people don't give you the ghetto pass because if you are white boy with N-word.

  • Anonymous

    so what did he think about the la clippers owner sterling? fucking moron

  • anonymous

    when will people grow up!? everyone acts like they are innocent and have never said or done anything wrong n just because j.b. is famous they wanna make it in2 a huge deal. j.b. has showed over n over how kind hearted he is and so many people r either jealous or just damn right ignorant. why does everyone worry so much about how other people are? unless ur wanting to help or be a friend then why the hell should someone else's life!!?? one minute it's oh I hate jews, blacks, Asians, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever. we ALL bleed the same so why do we worry about pointless things? j.b. is not an insane criminal and soooo what he's from Canada, big deal that don't make him a bad person! grow the hell up people!!

    • wasd

      stop replying to yourself. and dont comment about world issues that you have no understanding of in a shrill hysterical voice "we all bleed the same". lmao shut the fuck up. learn about tribalism bitch. you're probably gonna check this comment for replies obsessively. you're having a nervous breakdown in the comment section of a website

    • anonymous

      Amen! People are so mean to others and worry so much about what others will think if they don't behave a certain way. Why must we live like that? What is the big deal that people have nothing better to do in life than to worry what someone else is doing or saying? It's like living in a world full of spoiled ass ignorant two year olds. (Mom he said I have big ears) Oh my god people, Really?? Just leave Justin Bieber alone. If you don't like him so what, the world does not revolve around you or him, everyone can like who they want. He may not be your cup of tea but why should it matter to you then what he is doing or saying? Did he do or say it directly to you? NO! So get over yourselves!

  • mike klique

    Usher like " As much money as you made me, you can call every negro a nigga!".


    a friend from South Africa andblack likes USHER and told me over a year ago who USHER was mentor to Justin Bieber.. I lie to help youth andwhen I wasin high school we had FEDELIS HIY and a mentor came to monthy meetings. When we find help to rent an office the 4 youth groups who presented original idea wil have room in shared charge..if we don't help the youth the next generation of leader in our communities will fall down. First time I helped out for YOUTH EVENT August '79 @ PAC Centre U/W..the man who organized that with friends wa pastor Newton Gingrich.."Mike if we teach the youth about reading the Bible and all about Jesus they will turn out to be good leaders in church and good leaders in community." Can I just say it's been 3 generations since we last had a ew testament in public me what pastor Gingrich said explains why so many poor ledership decisions at various levels of government. No longe have moral code...peace[SHALOM] Mike Wolf

    • Anonymous

      ".the man who organized that with friends wa pastor Newton Gingrich...... if we teach the youth about reading the Bible and all about Jesus they will turn out to be good leaders in church and good leaders in community." ^ never knew he was a pastor, always thought he was a historian if that was '79 it was the time he was a politician, so if that's what he said that made you better that's wonderful, but newton's public service history is not wonderful or inspiring or consistent with that quote


    LOL you bird ass rap niggas will roast that jew donald sterling for what he said, but you give that whiteboy a pass? You niggas is petty

  • Angie

    A lot of young people, (including African Americans), tell stupid jokes about other races and even their own. I am Italian and have heard a lot of Italian jokes. If he knew a funny joke about a Canadian he would tell that joke too. Comedians also make insulting jokes about other races and nationalities. Lighten up people.

    • Anonymous

      "If he knew a funny joke about a Canadian he would tell that joke too." ^ I hope you meant to type italian and when you recognized your mistake, realized italians are the WORST cosign for a canadian saying racist things and put that "lighten up" garbage back in your pocket

    • Anonymous

      canadians are trash anyway

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck yall HATIN 4?? the dude was fuckin 15yrs old!! folks in AMERICA are fuckin STUPID!! they always got sum shit 2 say at the wrong fuckin time. HELLA folks that AINT BLACK use the shit but yall dont CHECK they muthafuckin asses. b4, i didnt even LIKE bieber... but his NEW shit isssssss raw! THE MEDIA can make u look like sumthin u NOT.... especially when it comes 2 these CELEBS... i dont believe SHIT media says. not 2 mention this dude is the MUSIC INDUSTRY...... what is he DOIN that ELITE dont LIKE? CAUSE THEY SHOOOOOOO quick 2 build his ass up, then tear him the fuck down....

  • Boo Boo

    Why are you all trying so hard to bring this child down? What he's doing is no different than any other trash in the street! Leave him the f*ck alone! As soon as they start acting like Black people you all come out of the wood work with the bullshit! Would it be posted if he wasn't famous or swept under the rug? GTFOH

  • Truth Serum

    What's he suppose to say, he has money invested in the kids continued success. I'm sure in the back of his head he thinks the kid is a douche bag but would good would it do for him to go public and make a scene. And for all you butt hurt crybaby types, just take comfort in this fact : Even if Bieber really is a racist, there is something comforting in knowing his boss is a black man.

  • Harry Bahls

    I respect usher for his music success and everything, but I despise him for dropping this little penis wrinkle kid on the world.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber is lucky that Usher has been there for him and will continue to do so. He has grown a lot in five years and hopefully grown up and learned a lot.

  • Jackie

    "Usher, who mentored Justin Bieber when she singer entered the music industry as a teen" Really HHDX? Oh well we all make mistakes lol

  • Usher Raymond

    Did i just post that? LMFAO

  • Me

    Usher doesn't know history and he can't articulate this situation, all he needs to know is his artist has this racist shit in his blood line and he can't take it out of him.

    • wasd

      there's no such thing as a black canadian (including drake). so bieber has never seen such a creature before.

    • Anonymous

      you really want us to believe london ontario, where it's over 80% white, and a stone's throw away from detroit, cleveland and upstate new york couldn't have been influenced by americans or american media the last 100 years, LOL go slap yourself boy

    • Castro

      Fucking yankees

    • You

      Don't forget he's Canadian and not American, we're not bred to be racist lunatics like YOU PEOPLE* in the States. *Americans

  • Anonymous

    i am not buying your new album Usher.

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