Ab-Soul Says He's "Lupe Fiasco On Drugs"

Ab-Soul: "I figured it out. I'm Lupe Fiasco on drugs."

Ab-Soul has called himself "Lupe Fiasco on drugs" in a "Showoff Freestyle."

"It’s just a little inception to get your thoughts processing on the way to the club," Soul raps on the track. "I figured it out, I’m Lupe Fiasco on drugs / No religious preference, just bundles of love." 

Recently, Lupe Fiasco spoke about Ab-Soul and the TDE family

“Listen, Kendrick is ill," Fiasco said recently. "He's super ill. To me, the whole TDE team is the illest team. They're the illest team that I've seen in maybe five years. Ab-Soul's on the album. That's my homie...I'm trying to work with SZA right now...I love the creative collective they got. As an emcee, I wish I had that." 

To listen to and view the Ab-Soul freestyle, click here.

Fiasco and Soul have collaborated. Recently, the duo released "Thorns & Horns." 

Soulo's "Stigmata" is available below. 

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  • Sensaye Sixkiler

    And another thing...that Carry the Cross shit is not even a decade old, and you're using that for you hook already? How is that not biting? These rappers get away with shit now that you couldn't do back when Hip-Hop governed itself. They're out here frontin'. Peace.

  • anon

    You eat waste, that is why you are shit mouth, so take this orbit and have a spaceship run into your mouth, shit.

  • anon

    Damn what's that smell? Shit nigga, you, you're shit nigga! You smell like shit nigga! Old retarded ass nigga.

  • jkengjkn

    the drugs: cocaine, heroin, meth

  • Thatnigga

    If you think Lupe is wack your IQ is probably under 100.

  • Anonymous

    So he just admitted he's a wack chicago nigga???

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Nigga but I'm a muslim on pork

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Nah, you're just an average MC on drugs. This nigga is very overrated. Someone show me something above average that this nigga has done please. He's the new Stalley. Just 'cause you're a hipster doesn't mean you're interesting or clever.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Why is that verse good to you? Because it's some psuedo-scientific shit? There's nothing special or impressive about that verse. He's not a wack MC, but he's not a ill MC either. These Black Hippy dudes are the new version of Freestyle Fellowship. They have a fanbase of listeners that are so desperate for something decent to come out, that when a 'decent' rapper comes out, they act like he's way better than he actually is.

    • anon

      Swallow dick, you gon' learn today!

    • Ruvunja

      This is from an "average emcee": I'm in a space where matter don't matter Just beer molecules and geometric patterns Shitted in a crater last time I sat on Saturn Got a letter from Andromeda, they tryna shrine my bladder I'm in a whole 'nother realm, go to hell Last nigga tried to scratch the surface broke a nail Last nigga tried to cross the line got crucified We overseas, back-to-back, never wore Chanel The new nucleus never sitting in a cell Genius idiot, best description of myself I'm in a fucking lab coat rhyming as high as shit When I die, donate my organs to science bitch Pineal Gland - Ab Soul

    • sam snead

      I agree, control system was dope. I don't think Ab will put out something as good as lupe's first album though. After that Lupe keeps declining though

    • Anonymous

      You serious bro? As that other guy said... control system. Basically every track is worth a listen. Who else is making music like that?

    • Pat

      Listen to control system, his last album. Very dope. Listen to Book of Soul.

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