Wiz Khalifa Launches Second Hat Collection With Flat Fitty Luxury Headwear

"Wiz Khalifa Collection 2" is available online now and is set to hit retail outlets next week.

Wiz Khalifa has launched "Wiz Khalifa Collection 2,” his new line with Flat Fitty Luxury Headwear.  

The hats are available online here now and are scheduled to arrive in retail stores next week.

The line features bucket hats, studded caps, leather caps and traditional caps.

Last week, Wiz Khalifa released his 28 Grams mixtape. 

Images from Wiz Khalifa's "Wiz Khalifa Collection 2,”his new line with Flat Fitty Luxury Headwear, are as follows, as is the stream of 28 Grams.

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