Lil Wayne's Young Money Defends Justin Bieber After Racist Remarks

Mack Maine, Young Money president, says artists on the imprint, including Lil Wayne and Birdman, will continue working with Bieber.

Following two unearthed videos of Justin Bieber using the n-word and making racist comments, Young Money president Mack Maine has addressed the imprint's relationship with the singer. 

Maine says Bieber is still family for the artists on Young Money, according to TMZ. The publication reports that Maine says Bieber has Black friends and that "Bieber does not have a slave mentality." According to Mack Maine, Bieber "treats his people with respect."

Moreover, Maine says Bieber has "legitimately adopted the culture of the Hip Hop, African American culture."

The publication's report also says that "everyone in the Young Money camp" feels Bieber's age at the time of the video clips is an important aspect to keep in mind when assessing the statements. 

"I remember telling a White man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible," Maine says, "and I told it to my friends because I thought they'd think it was funny."  

Mack Maine confirms that Young Money and Justin Bieber are slated to continue working together. 

Recently, Wayne referred to Justin Bieber as his little brother in a scathing rant regarding Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun

To view the first clip that was released featuring Bieber's racist comments, click here. To view the second video, which features Bieber's racist song, click here

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  • Maurice Williams Jr

    These dude are all about the money but it will be handled by some REAL DUDES believe that.

  • Anonymous

    Well at least now Beiber and Eminemhave something else in common besides being vultures.

  • Anonymous

    how is dude hurting your ears. you really are a fool. are you listening to him or are you reading his post. damn. you dont understand the difference between seeing and hearing?

  • Anonymous


  • WTF

    Of Course Bieber, a jew, is racist! Look what the Israeli's are doing to black people in Israel!!!!! Google that shit

  • WTF

    Boycott that little racist pig

  • Drizzaveli

    I know Drake aint cool with it. he's the realest nigga out. he was definitely hurt by his comments. better watch out biebs he might just body you

    • wasd

      drake getting hurt by a racist song aint nowhere near as bad as u getting hurt over his sensitivity and vulnerable mature human emotions that get him endless tang

    • Ursher_baby

      He prolly was hurt by it. Soft ass bitch...

  • Yoruboy

    Poor black people!!!! What a shame!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    white ppl are starting to like Beiber now. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i wonder why, Lmao!

  • xtro

    of course they are gonna defend beiber, its very simple. they want to continue riding off his teen fans. Everyone see's beiber as an opportunity to make some extra money and make some extra fan base. I dont think beiber is actually racist but i also dont think he thinks blacks are on his level. Just like I dont think sterling is necessarily racist he just see's himself higher than minorities

    • Will

      "I dont think beiber is actually racist but i also dont think he thinks blacks are on his level. Just like I dont think sterling is necessarily racist he just see's himself higher than minorities" those are 2 clear cut examples of racism...

  • Anonymous

    Boycott Bieber, Lil Wayne and YMCMB

    • Anonymous

      you read my mind. This is the exact definition of a sellout. Wayne and them fags defending him just so they can gain money.

  • Drake Runs Rap

    Fuck y'all east coast old school ass fools! Worshippin irrelevant ass underground rappers. It's all about Weezy and Young Money in this bitch! Swag, bitches!!!

  • AR

    You know the music game has become a circus when you see Lil Wayne sucking that faggot's dick in the media.

    • Anonymous

      gosh - you really need to read a book instead of listening to wack rappers like drake all day. homophobia is not only relegated to fear - damn you are truly an idiot. please try to get through at least one book this summer.

    • Anonymous

      im pretty sure that aint spit. im pretty sure that's his boyfriends jizz that's flying out his mouth

    • wasd

      anti-homo does not mean we fear gays. please stop your shrill preaching you are hurting our ears and your lisp is sending spit flying everywhere.

    • Anonymous

      please stop with homophobic harangue. you are so ignorant.

  • Justin Beiber

    i used to have hella black friends... then my parents sold them all :(

  • What

    This is one simple reason with Black people will be never free, they can even come together and stand Up for a simple cause of what right, Young-Money are stupid Period

  • Anonymous

    Ain't nobody thinking about Justin Bieber. FULL STOP.

  • Tony Browne

    Justin Bieber knew about those vids even before they came out. Thats why for the past 2 yrs he's been wiggering, hanging around with Black people, patiently waiting for this vid to come out to say Oh, i'm not racist! Wasn't i the guy that was spitting rhymes, pulling my pants down, hanging with lil twist in the club just a month ago? FACT! Black people are fools. FACT!!

  • Not Impressed

    Like Jay said, you can talk so money talks so talk more bucks. Black people are the most stupid people. cash is more important to them than integrity. Only God deliver that race from its savagery. I'm not impressed.


    Justin Bieber is black!! He has only black friends!!! He is making black music! What more you want? Ignorant ass niggas. I hate white people, but Bieber is okay

  • Kramer

    If little white boy helps you get more money, he can be extremely racist. If I did this, I would be shunned. I also dont think "racist jokes" are that bad..depending on how you do it. Bieber was terrible at the joke. The second video was bad though..the KKK one. Bieber is a dick

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't Lil Wayne going in on Donald Sterling for being a racist? Whats the difference here? Sterling employed black males and made them rich while Justin Bieber just exploits black culture for profit.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know where y'all live in the universe but teenagers are responsible for their actions on earth, many of y'all get punished, yelled at, told you're wrong, stop acting like that, don't use that language're a teenager who I pretty much bet doesn't want to be treated like a child, correct? you're ready to be your own person, start being , pick your own clothes, have your own money why are you online saying he was only a kid when he's about the same age as you? he's not defending his actions, he's saying he was wrong, why are you defending his confessed wrong actions? it's so bad thru conversation that many of you are admitting you're guilty of being that teen he was and still are, you're on the Lord Jamar thread typing n i 9 9 e r

    • AJ

      Ummm Donald Sterling is also a grown ass man while Bieber was what, 14 or 15? It was wrong what Bieber said but don't compare the two. Also black people are so sensitive I know that I make jokes that might be considered racist, but honestly it's all fun and games. Black people are so much more sensitive about the n-word than other races, the boy just said something seriously wrong in a time of sheer stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne believes he can make money with the racist boy bieber, hence, he is willing to stick his neck out for him. the same logic does not apply with sterling - gosh!

    • Anonymous

      it was DAVID STERN who ordered the sign-and-trade of CP3 to the Clippers and facilitated the Doc Rivers TRADE (1st ever) to keep the "ready-to-be-sent-away" rookie phenom Blake Griffin in town and put together a competitive team, because he grew tired of Sterling's shenanigans you're a bigoted asshole to sit here and think Sterling actually "made them rich" when that bastard shitted on the players, workers, and fans of that franchise so long, he put his team under the SAME roof as another NBA team! Is that a sign to YOU of someone paying people? in reality, potential all-stars where shipped away from the Clippers because he don't believe in paying n!ggas (what many of you say "they're overpaid", "rich tattooed thugs"), MANY players saw it as a diss to be traded to the Clippers, coaches just wanted the stage to get another job so they took the Clipper position, and GM's went there to practice people knew the Clippers were horrible but now we know WHY they were horrible, there was a SYSTEM in place....NOW, where do you morons see Justin's system? the music is the LABEL, not Justin's system

    • Anonymous

      But he was paying a bunch of other young black males and making them richer than Bieber ever made any black person.

    • Anonymous

      The difference is Donald Sterling wasn't making any money for them. Minstrel acts know better than to bite the hand that feeds them.

  • IpondathaThought

    could it be possible that weezy and bieber in a sexual relationship??

  • Dj Shadowmack

    Yea of course if your white ur going to say it just a word but when anybody says fag everybody like that wrong and all this bullshit(Macklemore). F**k ymcmb of course there going to defend this punk ass lil kid. Drake is half white and there all rich. Also everybody so quick to defend this white boy but will disrespect a black man quick. I dont F**king get.

  • Myrenzo Whittaker

    We need to stop putting so much stock into race. Like seriously, these so-called "hate words" only have as much power as we give them. If we stop caring, then we can all sit back and laugh at was an admittedly pretty funny joke. And not just Justin, either. Racist jokes are just jokes. They're a stupid reason to get angry.

    • Anonymous

      blacks in the western hemisphere are a product of racisn therefore it is impossible for blacks to be racist, they just fight oppression.

    • Anonymous

      that's the fantasy they taught you the real has it where loans are based on race, jobs are had based on race, real estate is sculptured based on race, schools are filled based on race, food is provided based on race, protection is regulated based on race, and whether you want to believe it or not, many whites are raising theirs with the same old superiority/entitlement code, they are better, therefore smarter and are supposed to be in charge none of what I said as real matches your mentality or mantra, sit down and think about what you're living

  • Me

    We acting like he Pac and can articulate some shit like he deep, drop the mic son because this is to deep for dummies, you have to call in the Doctors for this one, this is to heavy for Lil Wayne, you Tim Wise for a job like this and if you don't know him and you black or white you should google him or Dr. Naim Akbar so you can overstand why people like Beiber exist because it's not his fault but it is his ancestors fault for passing hate down from generation to generation... This hiding racism shit is the ELEPHANT in the room that no one wants to talk about.. hahahah it's, time baby..

  • Anonymous

    these c000ns need to give it up

  • Anonymous

    Faggs stay in y'all lane.weezy is racist for is danm self

  • Anonymous

    Ymcmb faggots suck justin dick all day

  • sook

    So Bieber get a pass but not Sterling? smdh

  • Anonymous

    They all fucking each other n shit

  • Anonymous

    "treats people with respect" the same dude who spit on his fans from a balcony!?

    • Anonymous

      naw hes a disrespectful little shit, even if he didnt do the spitting theres still a list of about 100 other things hes done in the last year alone that shows he has no respect.

    • Anonymous

      He never spit at his fans, that was a fake news story. Look it up

    • Anonymous

      the same dude who throws eggs at his neighbors home and speeds through a residential area where children play?

  • Anonymous

    No one care about those faggots opinion

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