Tyler, The Creator Discusses Gay Rappers, Absent Father & Offensive Language

Tyler, The Creator wonders why people care if a rapper is gay, says he isn't offended by words and claims he is "stoked" his father was absent from his life in an interview with Larry King.

Tyler, The Creator recently addressed several topics in an interview with Larry King, including his stance on offensive language. When asked why he uses certain words, Tyler says, "it's pretty natural." 

"I don't really think twice on it," he says. "I don't know. It's just words, man." 

Tyler, The Creator also has a chance to provide his perspective on the way "nigga" is used. 

"I grew up in a different time to where that word is just a word," he says. "It has no effect. But it is a double standard because certain people would get offended if someone who doesn't have the skin tone of me says it, which is really weird. Then, they're keeping the original meaning of that alive...It's weird that a lot of people still get upset with that. You give certain words power."

When asked if the term "boy" would bother him, Tyler says it wouldn't disturb him "at all." "I wouldn't care," he adds. "Alright. That's good for you." 

King also asks Tyler to explain his stance on the possibility of an openly-gay rapper. 

"Why does that shit matter?" Tyler says. "If he wanna fuck dudes or whatever, why do we care? That's so fucking crazy, right?" 

Tyler, The Creator Explains Lack Of Anger Towards Father

Beyond these topics, Tyler was also asked if he is upset at his absent father. 

"Nah, dude, I'm stoked," he says. "I think if I had a dad, I would have went the normal college route like a lot of other people. I'm so stoked my life panned out how it was. I just decide to rap about it to seem like I'm sad."

When asked if he would like to meet his father, Tyler says, "One day, I guess. I don't really think about it. I don't really care. I'm fine. Not even being passive aggressive." 

Tyler posted several Instagram posts about his Larry King interview, which was released in several segments. Three of those segments are below, along with the Instagram posts. 


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  • wasd

    two perverted homosexuals. Larry Queen why is this dyke talking to a black 20 yo rapper? Cuz he sees blacks as a form of perversion and he gets off on it.

    • Anonymous

      lotta people gon ignore you or justify you as a hater but you know what the fuck you talking about

  • da Mayor of MN

    Can somebody help out da mayor?? I don't understand what is to like about Tyler the creator. He is a weirdo talking about depression it killing himself. Random shit and it sounds like some off brand emotional weird dude that nobody fuck wit. If y'all tell me he's good tell me song I'm willing to give the square a chance

  • t

    You don't have to like his music but you can't not like Tyler as a person. Just a really smart happy nice dude. Stoked on his success and positibity. Keep doin' it brotha

  • Anonymous

    how the hell did larry king find out about this nigga lmao

  • Anonymous

    just look at how he's hugging larry king...very, very gay. merry ol' tyler, more like mary tyler mooore. fag swag.

  • Anonymous

    Lol this shit look like a job interview

  • Anonymous

    pretty good interview so far, especially second 1

  • Anonymous

    Everything that was talked about only thing in the comments is gay this gay that.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler is paving the way for his own "coming outta the closet moment." Tyler is so immature, and so gay too. It won't be long...

  • Anonymous

    What is this about the "possibility of a gay rapper"? Frank Ocean is an openly gay rapper on Tyler's label.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I think he means a happy rapper and so far really aren't too many possibly if equality was truly given or reparations for the slavery and captivity of people similar to the jews with their holocaust (which should be spelled holocost). "Rappers" may rap about happy shit like Pharrell who fucks/loves a model as a wife?

    • D

      Frank is talented and can sing.

  • prez


  • Anonymous

    Happy Gay Pride!

  • Anonymous

    Half the mainstream rappers these days act and dress gayer than any actual gay musician of ANY genre. And that's real.

  • kohutlaet

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    fuck them faggot rappers. since when do rappers turn gay. that hardcore persona dont go with faggots. use to be where in a rap song they would diss the other rapper by saying he fucks guys & now all of a sudden its acceptable to be gay? god dont accept faggots unless they turn straight again. god made adam and eve not adam and steve

    • Anonymous

      Lol y'all live based on what's written in a book? That reLIEgion got y'all fucked up

    • White_Boy

      @ HOMOPHOBIC - You do know god isn't real right? They're stories believed by fucking morons. And so what if Tyler is gay? There is nothing wrong with it! I have two kids, and if either of them turned out to be gay I'd support them in it 100%. Its 2014 and still so many people are too ignorant to accept that love can occur in two same sex people. Shit, the comments section on this website really does attract the most brain dead, racist, homophobic assholes around. If only your Dad's would have pulled the fuck out the world would be a better place!

    • ..

      since when does rap have to have a hardcore persona. rappers beak about being gay but it doesnt mean they dont accept it.

    • Piss on fags

      Fuck all you Faggots Straight up!!!!

    • but umm...

      Right........so where did Cain's kids come from? Did he sleep with his mom? So is the message we should all have sex with our moms? If so, that's weird. I hope God doesn't want us doing that. I mean my mom's hot and all, but it would be hella awkward. Or maybe a random woman popped up outta nowhere that he had sex with? But then Adam and Eve were the only people so that couldn't have happened. Or if it did, it kinda makes the whole story completely bullshit. So either the moral of the story is have sex with your mom or it's a complete lie. Either way I'm not so sure that it should be used to say being gay is wrong. You know what though? Best not to think about it otherwise the whole thing comes crumbling down. I think you're right to stick with the Adam and Steve line. It makes A LOT more sense if you don't think about it for more than 5 seconds.

    • wtf

      That's not how the story went. Are you a jew?

    • Anonymous

      Cain and Abel were brothers

    • but umm...

      but then God made Cain and Abel, not Jane and Abel so what happened there? just saying if we're using illogical made of stories written by some dudes a few hundred years ago then we should probably be consistent about it, right?

    • Supergay

      Gay, Bi, Trans Pride Forever! Get used to it get left behind.

    • Anonymous

      adam and steve lol

    • Max

      At least you know you're homophobic.

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