Common "Nobody's Smiling" Release Date, Standard, Deluxe Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #4: The stream of Common's "Nobody's Smiling" album has been released.

Common has announced that his upcoming album, Nobody's Smiling, is slated to be released July 22. 

The effort, set to be executive produced by No I.D., carries a title that is reportedly meant to address violence in Chicago, Illinois. 

Nobody's Smiling's first single, the Vince Staples-assisted "Kingdom," was released last week. The cut was referenced by Common as the "start of something great." 

As reported earlier today (June 5), Common has spoken about the album and his new deal with Artium/Def Jam. 

"I'm honored to team up with No I.D. and be a part of the Artium and Def Jam family," he said in a press release.‎ "Creating this album and signing to Def Jam feels like a new beginning for me. I feel like a new artist because I created this album with the purpose to give back to my city and to the culture of Hip Hop. Def Jam is part of the foundation of hip hop and being able to work with No I.D. was returning to my foundation now with new energy and new hunger."

(June 5, 2014)

UPDATE: The standard and deluxe album cover art for Common's forthcoming Nobody's Smiling album has been released. They are as follows, as is a video about the creation of the cover art.

(June 25, 2014)

UPDATE #2: The tracklist for Nobody's Smiling is below, via 2DopeBoyz

1. The Neighborhood f. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s
2. No Fear
3 Diamonds f. Big Sean
4. Blak Majik f. Jhené Aiko
5. Speak My Piece
6. Hustle Harder f. Snoh Aalegra & Dreezy
7. Nobody’s Smiling
8. Real f. Elijah Blake
9. Kingdom f. Vince Staples
10. Rewind That

Deluxe edition:

11. Out On Bond f. Vince Staples
12. 7 Deadly Sings
13. Young Hearts Run Free f. Cocaine 80s

(June 29, 2014)

UPDATE #3: A preview of Nobody's Smiling is below via Beats Music and XXL

1. Blak Majik (f. Jhene Aiko)*
2. Hustle Harder (f. Snoh Aalegra and Dreezy)*
3. Real (f. Elijah Blake)*
4. Kingdom
5. Speak My Peace
6. Diamonds

The link for the playlist, which features the tracks above is here.

The playlist is set to be available July 18-July 21. 

(July 18, 2014)

UPDATE #4: The stream of Common's Nobody's Smiling album is available.

It is as follows:


The Neighborhood (feat. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s) by Barrelhousebklyn on Mixcloud


For additional Common coverage, watch the following DX Daily:



  • Quillo

    Keep doing ya thing Common, one of the few artists still staying true to his craft, and still kicking that lyrical shit I mess with, and good story telling

  • leakedalbums

    full album download mp3sleaked

  • Loop your Hoop

    Sales? What? I mean Really? Eminen earned a fucking enormous bunch of money for his below the average album. Not even mentioning these talentless dumb fake gangsters with golden teeth and tacky gowns. So I would even say if album sakes is low the album may worth half an hour of your attention instead of jerking off or posting obtuse school boys trolling comments or whatever you fucking do nowadays. Taste a bit of fucking common sense

  • drake runs rap

    drake ended this wanna bes carreer. This loser is the definition of irrelevent. Scratch that every rapper is irrelevent compared to drake.

  • PhillyMu

    I usually don't comment on this site anymore, I just read through the pages of unwarranted hate most of yall fuck boys post everyday. I felt compelled to comment today just to say, Common one of the artists in our culture that respects the craft, and tries to be responsible with the messages he puts out in his music. And he focuses on making REAL MUSIC, not trendy bullshit so if yall can find time in your day to hate on THAT, yall lives must be pretty miserable. And to all hip-hop fans under 25... Hating on shit just for the sake of it is not what our culture is about. I know it seems that way when you live your life on rap blogs and entertainment sites everyday, but the culture really is about praising the music that you DO like, and just ignoring everything you DON'T like. It's really that simple. If I'm not fucking with a certain artist or song, I won't even click on it let alone comment on it. Yall internet rap nerds are fucking the game up. Real shit...

    • Quillo

      Good point Fam, a lot of these lil niggs really think they know what hip hop is, they brainwashed from all these gimmicks this new wave of rappers put on, and the worst part is a lot of these new niggs in the game cant even write some lyrical, knowledgeable shit, or make a commercial song that has some lyrical fire shit in their verses like big and pac along with some many others did

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Word. Common is one of the last grown ups in Hip-Hop that has accountability for his music and actually CARES about the listeners and the culture. He doesn't talk down to the audience, he just talks to them. He still tries to educate and uplift without preaching and hasn't conformed to this shallow ass era of rap. He's 20+ years in and has never besmirched the Hip-Hop name or stooped to a level beneath him for a paycheck. He's one of our last spokesmen in Hip-Hop that can speak on a panel without making you cringe or feel embarrassed for Hip-Hop. You go to his shows and it's still 'love' energy, not a bunch of fake thugs, drug dealers, and hood rat bitches looking for trouble. You should appreciate this nigga while he still around, because there's not many authentic artists left in this culture. One.

    • Anonymous

      Wow great post. Good to see someone with common sense (No pun intended) on this site for once.

  • Not Impressed

    Album is underwhelming, the BEST records are the BONUS ones Whadduhfuk. Not Impressed.

  • LeonSFortier

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  • Almar

    Hustle Harder, Rewind That, Out On Bond. Best tracks. Common Is Back again, Fuck the haters.

  • Sam snead

    The last album was very good, he is one of a handful of artists that can say they made an album that may be a classic over the last 10 years with the album Be. Only Lupe,Kanye,Nas,common and Kendrick have had albums that imo can be considered in that discussion.

    • sam snead

      Fishscale is close, I like it much better than OB4CL2. OB4CL2 only had a few tracks I liked on it.

    • Anonymous

      Born Sinner will never be an classic album. OB4CL2 already is, like GKMC.

    • johnjohnphenom

      true say, halfway through the album now, so far its fire. I would add Raekwon, j cole and ghostface to that appropriately short list though. (OB4CL2, born sinner and fishscale respectively.)

  • Anonymous

    cornball fuck. when's Universal Mind Control 2 hitting the streets, Lonnie?

  • lindaehoffman

    Start working at home with Google! It's by-far the best job I've had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this - 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail,,,,, ========================= WWW.MUMJOB.COM =========================

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    rename to Nobody Buying

    • Jay Z

      ^ Suck my dick, hoe. No one understands all that bullshit you write.

    • TheGuyComfortableInHisOwnSkinThatDoesntObssessOverMoney

      You're all morally and spiritually broke. Money won't help you with that. Go give your Mother a hug. Give someone stranger a compliment. Do a day of hard work. Swim in a natural body of water. Read an uplifting book. Jog along a riverside. Be a positive figure for the kids in your neighborhood. Grow vegetables and them eat them. Then you will be rich. Until then, money is just something that distracts you from the things that are truly enriching. Peace.

    • Bill Gates

      I'm richer than all you bitches!

    • Anonymous

      And Im richer than the last guy

    • Anonymous

      I am richer than all of you

    • Anonymous

      He's still 50 mil richer than you though lol

  • Anonymous

    One thing I've noticed here is that a lot of the people who are hating on Common are using the idea of album sales to back up their points. The fuck? Since when has album sales had anything to do with the quality of the music. You're all letting the views of others determine what you think is good music these days.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign 100%. Common was never a heavy seller, even at his peak, in a much better industry environment he barely went gold. Something tells me this one will not as good as "The Dreamer/The Believer" was, yet hooking up with No I.D. was an incredible decision. All the naysayers: just take a look at Common's production history. He got albums produced mostly / entirely by Kanye West, The Neptunes and No I.D. He had timeless classics with Preemo. Questlove also produced for him multiple joints. Even J Dilla fucked with him heavily. Who can say the same thing about himself?

  • Anonymous

    More fake ass afrocentricity from this lightskinned alcoholic

  • Anonymous

    finally some good music coming from chitown

  • TheRealness

    I respect Common but i'm not down with this Chicago Rap scene (Lil Herb King L Katie Bandz Keef Fredo Chance Kanye) this is why Chicago is so fu ck up.

    • no

      have you ever listened to Chance's music? or Kanye's for that matter? they are absolutely NOT part of that scene in the slightest and are completely opposed to all the violence. they have nothing to do with the drill scene you're referring to

  • Lara

    Start working at home with Google! It's by-far the best job I've had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this - 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail,,,,,, ********************* *********************

  • sincere

    Really enjoyed most of Common's albums and knowing this is entirely produced by No I.D., makes me look foreward to the album.

  • Anonymous

    fuck yess!!!! Lil Herb and Big Sean

  • fgb

    Vince Staples used to creep with real niggaz... Used to :(

    • buzz

      regardless this album is dope, i listened to the leak, probably my favorite album of this year besides sadistik's ultraviolet, locksmiths album and a few others

    • buzz

      common is as real as it gets. and if you equate being a thug to being real common ain't no punk, he was an enforcer for the black stones growing up

    • Anonymous

      who Chance? LOL Common one of the realest niggaz in rap fool do ya homework. Being a real nigga doesn't mean rapping about the trap and thots.

  • Not Impressed

    It seems like this album is coming out of nowhere, no promo whatsoever. It would be a mistake to release it in July, I doubt it will sell much. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    thats dope for Vince Staples... 2 features!

  • Roger Rabbit

    Common may not be a big seller but we all know he always gets Universal acclaim on most of his albums and that's all that counts "Quality Over Quantity"

  • Anonymous

    Dreamer/Believer was a great album. Can't wait for this.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    One of the last good guys and leaders in Hip-Hop. 25 years strong. It's crazy that things have gotten so bad that Common is being criticized for being positive and thoughtful. I'm proud of the homie.

  • Come On

    I'm starting to wonder if there's any rapper that doesn't get hated on by you clowns in the comments section. Common's good I'm actually shocked that he would get this much hate the guys a legend man. Wow new hip hop fans have absolutely no respect or they have short term memory that these GUYS PAVED THE WAY for your new favorite rappers.

    • Anonymous

      HipHopDX is full of idiots

    • illone

      No need to wonder: after Common made the song 'Sweet' depicting emo rappers, without actually naming any one rapper, Drake and his homo following - on queue - got all emotional. Thus any Common post will now get YMCB hate.

  • Anonymous

    Common always delivers. Expecting great things as usual

    • Sonic Boom

      Common is one of the last great mc's/lyricist still doing quality joints.Grown man joints,better be thankful,only a handful of em still making thought provoking music.

  • jj

    I will cop this album when it comes out

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I fully expect this album to be a must have. No ID is by far the best hip hop producer in the game. All on top great lyrics from Common.

  • OWERp


  • bb bb bb bb

    aint nobody goin b smileing when dat shit go brick..fuck common its a glo world

    • Anonymous

      And Em is the greatest rapper ever, rightttt. NOT!!!! new to hip-hop, now wait, new to rap hipsters respect the culture before you comment. Common one of the best to ever do it.

    • Anonymous

      Keef moved 15,000 units total.... Kill yourself

  • Anonymous

    Drake's smiling cause he outsells this bore in his sleep.

    • Anonymous

      He didn't say Aubrey was a girls name, just that this Aubrey in question is a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      listen mate. Aubrey is a boy's name. It was #3 most popular boys name here in the UK!!!!@ nigga!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Common's smiling because he made better music than that female Aubrey.

    • Ignorance Is Bliss

      thats cool but snake dont be rappin bout spit... which is also cool. the problem is... u zombie ass fams go out and support that B.S. now do the Hip-Hop world a favor & go kill urself

  • Anonymous

    Last album was dope.

  • 901DATSME


  • Real Hip Hop

    Only the real Hip Hop fans will cop this. The general buying commerical cats will not.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you all, common shits on your face bitch

  • NF

    Shit should be titled "Nobody's Buyin"

    • Anonymous

      NF go prop up Em, we don't listen to his shit in the hood, you know, the hood? Where this culture was created and reclaiming it.

    • Burmy

      "Nobody" THAT's a name I haven't been called in a while. I still prefer "Burmy" though.

  • Anonymous

    He stole that from rakim 'in the ghetto'

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