Nick Cannon Calls Justin Bieber A "Thug" Who "Don't Mean No Harm"

Nick Cannon says Justin Bieber has to "own up to" racist remarks he's made.

Nick Cannon has responded to the Justin Bieber tapes that were recently released, which featured the singer using the n-word several times.

"He a thug in all kind of wrong ways," Nick Cannon says of Bieber in an interview with BET's 106 & Park.

Cannon elaborates on this, explaining his stance on the singer's tapes.

"We know Justin," he says to the show's host Bow Wow. "He don't mean no harm. He was a little kid when all that went down. But you know what? Now, you gotta own up to it." 

Two videos have been recently unearthed featuring Justin Bieber using the n-word as a 14 and 15-year-old. Several people had reportedly tried to use the videos in order to extort the singer, but Bieber reportedly wants the videos to be shown and TMZ says he wants to be accountable for the racist remarks.

Bieber recently released a statement apologizing for at least one of the tapes.

To view the first clip that was released featuring Bieber's racist comments, click here. To view the second video, which features Bieber's racist song, click here

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  • Ellie

    He has owned up to it Nick. Twice. Move on.

  • Anonymous

    "nick ain't giving him a pass he clowned him as a wanna be, a thug" And Nick is what, Mariah's bitch who hosts America's Got Talent, and pretends he's making real moves in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    a thug tho??? Go and checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there.

  • Anonymous

    he is just a silly lil white kid who wants to be black now

  • Anonymous

    Its hilarious to see all these black celebs giving Bieber a pass when 2 weeks ago they were all up in arms about Donald Sterling's old racist ass.

    • be clear fuzzy-boy

      nick ain't giving him a pass he clowned him as a wanna be, a "thug", said he soft, "he harmless" and he a man, he's gotta man up, not an excuse or sympathy people knew sterling was racist slaving the workers, looking at his players like livestock, keeping blacks out of his social circle and purposely doing them wrong in the houses SPECIFICALLY because they are black, AND, let it be known he feel a certain way about magic IT AIN'T THE SAME

    • Wow really

      Justin is singing a stupid song joking around like a more immature version of his immature self while Donald Sterling was saying don't associate yourself with blacks, even if they're successful as Magic Johnson

  • TheBigPunisher

    More Uncle Toms justifying the obvious racism because they knew them "after the videos".

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