Tragedy Khadafi Recalls Nas Interaction, Telling E Money Bags His Verse Was "Wack"

Tragedy Khadafi says in his early years, recording with LL Cool J would have made his world.

While working with fellow Queens rapper Nas in the studio years ago, Tragedy Khadafi says he found himself in a confrontation that was surprisingly cordial.

During an interview with Forbez DVD Live, Tragedy Khadafi recalled working with Nas in a studio at Sony and being approached by the late E Money Bags shortly after he recorded his verse for Nas’ record. Khadafi revealed that he had previously left E Money Bags’ verse off of his record “Calm Down” because he felt it was “wack.”

He added that upon informing E Money Bags about the reason why he was left off of “Calm Down,” which featured Nas and Noreaga, the rapper was relatively accepting of his reason.

“So, he passes the dude the phone,” Tragedy Khadafi said. “And the dude is like—Cause he always call me like, ‘Yo, peace almighty.’ So, I’m like ‘Yo, son, what up?’ I’m like ‘Who this?’ He like, ‘Yo, it’s me Nasir.’ So I’m like ‘Aight, what up?’ He like ‘Yo, all that shit in the 1900s. We gon’ leave that there. We gon’ make this record.’ So, I’m like ‘Yo, son, I ain’t never had no problem with you.’ So, you just told me you had an issue with me. Whatever. I said ‘Alright, where’s it at?’ I think it was at Sony. He was like ‘Yo, we gon’ be at Sony’…So, I get there and I got my cousin with me. And I’m with Littles and I’m with Taheem. So, we all in the room and son like ‘Lay your verse.’

“I did my verse,” he added. “I go in the little lounge and shit. Niggas like ‘Aight. Good money’ or whatever. Next thing I know this nigga E Money Bags walk in the studio. This is two years after ‘Calm Down’…I’m like ‘hmm.’ So, he like ‘Yo, what up?’ He come in the room. It’s mad niggas in the room. He like ‘Yo, what up?’ So, now he got to me [and] he like ‘Yo, what up?’ So, I was like ‘Yo, what up?’ So, he said ‘Why you took me off the record?’…I’m like ‘Yo, so, your verse is wack.’ Peep this though. Peace be upon him, real nigga though. He said ‘No doubt.’ And kept it moving.”

Tragedy Khadafi was later asked what artist he would most like to work with during his interview. He didn’t reveal an exact name, but did speak on his admiration for LL Cool J.

“When I was coming up the illest dudes in the game was like L[L Cool J],” Khadafi said. “That’s before he got on his super pretty shit. He was a monster. And I remember he had a record called ‘Rock The Bells.’ Not the one with the rock shit. He had another one. The original one. I remember hearing that shit. I remember what I had on…I was in Astoria Projects. And I was standing next to the speaker, lil nigga, and I’m like this. I’m listening to that shit and I’m like ‘This dude is killing that shit.’ And I remember like ‘Yo, if I ever could do a record with him, man. That shit’ll just make my world.’”

Tragedy Khadafi’s interview with Forbez DVD live can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    Nah mean, nah mean, numsaying, yanahmean, yuhurd....da fuck is this nigga saying an how many times he gonna say yo?

  • Gangsta Translator

    Okay, I thought I'd do the lord's work and read this paragraph and translate what the fuck TK was talking about for the rest of you. But DAMN! I couldn't get past the first two-three sentences without being lost. So, he passes the dude the phone, Tragedy Khadafi said. -Okay, who passed the phone to who? I'm guessing someone passed the phone to Nas. And the dude is likeCause he always call me like, Yo, peace almighty. So, Im like Yo, son, what up? Im like Who this? He like, Yo, its me Nasir. -Okay, as of right now Nas is definitely on one line, Tragedy on the other. Nas calls Tragedy "yo, peace almighty"? And all the time? WTF? So Im like Aight, what up? He like Yo, all that shit in the 1900s. We gon leave that there. We gon make this record. -Tragedy is trying to act like he don't care that Nas is on the other line by just nonchalantly saying "Aight, what up?" Nas I presume makes a comment about leaving some beef in the past. 1990's I believe (not 1900's). Maybe someone stole the term illmatic from another person. Who knows. So, Im like Yo, son, I aint never had no problem with you. So, you just told me you had an issue with me. Whatever. I said Alright, wheres it at? -Tragedy says wtf you talking about Nas? I don't have beef with you. Then out of the blue Tragedy asks where's it at? I'm confused here. Judging by the next sentence he wanted to know where Nas was recording, but how do we go from past beef to "where are you recording?" I think it was at Sony. He was like Yo, we gon be at SonySo, I get there and I got my cousin with me. And Im with Littles and Im with Taheem. So, we all in the room and son like Lay your verse. -Okay, it was at some Sony studio. Tragedy goes over with some people named Littles and Taheem (wtf are these guys?) Tragedy and his duo make it to the studio and son (Nas) tells him to record or recite his verse. I did my verse, he added. I go in the little lounge and shit. Niggas like Aight. Good money or whatever. -Nas already finished his verse so he's waiting on Tragedy. Wow, this all got done fast huh? I still want to know what happened to that "beef?" Tragedy goes in the studio and does his thing and Nas' posse is feeling his shit. Next thing I know this nigga E Money Bags walk in the studio. -Ahh here we go. That guy E Money enters the studio This is two years after Calm DownIm like hmm. So, he like Yo, what up? -This is two years after Calm Down. I don't care to know or even google what the fuck this is. It must be some album by Tragedy. Tragedy quite possibly stares down E Money all inquisitively. Then E Money pretends to know Tragedy real well and tells him what up like they were lifelong homies. He come in the room. Its mad niggas in the room. He like Yo, what up? So, now he got to me [and] he like Yo, what up? -At this point I guess E Money, Nas, and Tragedy are all in the lounge outside the booth. And there's a bunch of niggas around they could hardly fit and the police will probably soon be called by Sony. Again E Money says yo what up? Tragedy has to respond at this point and says yo what up back. So, I was like Yo, what up? So, he said Why you took me off the record?Im like Yo, so, your verse is wack. Peep this though. Peace be upon him, real nigga though. He said No doubt. And kept it moving. -Again Tragedy says yo what up to him (E Money). E Money asks why he's off the track that I assume both Tragedy and Nas were on. Tragedy let's it be known in front of all the other niggas that he thinks E Money's verse is like a good portion of Tragedy's discography. Wack. But still, Tragedy respects E Money and even states peace be upon him. He still respects the dude. E Money agrees with Tragedy that his verse was as wack as Tragedy's albums that don't include the pen name Intelligent Hoodlum. So, with this he just nods, agrees, and keeps on moving, possibly to talk to Nas or any of the other hunnits of niggas in the room.

  • DrewDown91

    Tragedy is the truth. His work speaks for itself but his choice of name definitely hurt his mainstream recognition. For real son you good b.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a great conversationalist. "I'm like yo, he's like sup, I'm like sup son, he's like, yo, I'm like yeah dog, he's like what"

  • yep

    he told that dude that he took his verse off the song because it was wack and all the dude said in reply was: "no doubt." wtf? he said no doubt and kept it moving--so lame.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that was probably the toughest paragraph to read...EVER! Yo, son what up? then he said, what up? then they said what up? then she said, yo son, peace, son. what? keep it moving, what?

  • Come On

    So who had a problem with who?? I thought this was about E Money being left off the track?? So who did Nas think had beef with Him Khalifa? This is a very poorly written article. They move from some dude getting left off the track to Nas on the phone with some one else. I wish these guys would just come with it straight and talk proper, And drop the cool guys gangster talk shit. Grown ass men still talking like they are still 15-17 year old hood rats.

    • DX STAFF


  • Anonymous

    the illmatic writer

  • Chris

    Aries Spears or Tragedy Khadafi? Lol.

  • Keeding

    A New York conversation Him: I was like yo son wtf b. Him 2: Yeah son niggas is wildin money! Him: For real son you good b. Him 2: Chill b you wildin son.

  • B-Miller

    Somebody need to teach this nigga a lesson in Grammar! Damn

  • STFUUIgnants

    Yeah LL was dope, before he followed Moe Dee's advice a little to sharply. wanna survive, stick with the love songs, take off yo shirt flex n flirt, and leave the real hard songs to the hard rock experts

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    naming yourself after a dictator, that wack.

    • POS120

      I think the Outlawz would comprehend that they're named after some bad motherfuckers though. It's all a gimmick. Tragedy Khadafi though likes to (as I see it) pride himself in consciousness and being aware of happenings in the world. Well when interviewed years ago on the whole ousting of Gaddafi he said it was some U.S. plot and said he didn't trust the media and that Gaddafi wasn't doing any of the bad things the media claimed he was doing. But that if he ever saw it was true he'd change his name. Never mind the fact that most of the Libyan citizens wanted the man out, it wasn't an Iraq situation where the U.S. government solely wanted Gaddafi out. He's just an idiot. So is Nas. Put these rappers on a one on one interview they don't know shit. Prove's that having the most intelligent lyrics doesn't make you smart.

    • Anonymous

      Them outlawz niggas did the same, I don't see you complaining

  • M-Double

    Show some respect you $5 crackho. Prodigy couldn't beat the shit out of pillow, this guy right here is a legend who did a alot of time. People who know what time it is know the deal, you just a little faggot with no sense of what's the world about.

  • Anonymous

    Great, now recall you being a fake five percenter and Prodigy beating the shit outta you

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