Justin Bieber Uses N-Word, Sings About Joining KKK In Unearthed Video

Another video of Justin Bieber using the n-word is released. In this clip, a 14-year-old Bieber sings about joining the KKK. Will Smith and Usher were reportedly aware of the videos.

Following a video release of the singer using the n-word as a 15-year-old and his subsequent apology, another video of Justin Bieber using the n-word has been released.

In the newly-released clip, Bieber reportedly uses the n-word several times. 

"One less lonely [expletive]," he sings in the video. "One less lonely [expletive]. One less lonely [expletive]. There's gonna be one less [expletive].  If I kill you, I'll be part of the KKK. There'll be one less lonely [expletive]."

Though the n-word is bleeped out, TMZ confirms that he uses the racial slur. 

TMZ reports that Bieber was 14 at the time of the video recording. He had just seen a video of a comic saying "one less lonely girl." He replaced girl with the n-word, the site says.

Bieber reportedly told Usher and Will Smith about these videos years ago and that he felt it was a "stupid thing to do." Usher reportedly took him in a room to show him historically racist videos to exemplify the impact racist clips can have.  

According to TMZ, several people have tried to extort the singer and he now wants them shown and also wants to accept responsibility for these clips. 

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  • not funny jb

    he was only 15 we all make mistakes obviously he was just messing around but still what he did was not funny though im white and i feel bad for the blacks in the old days cause of slavery n it was not something nice but u should never mess around with kkk and the n*gga word seriously #TeamGetRealRacists

  • becci

    I dont see what all the fuss is about, just because he is famous it means that everyone has to be horrible to Justin. I have used that word when i was younger and thought it was funny because your not allowed to say it, you can clearly see that Justin was a little kid with his mates messing around. Just because he has done this at an immature age doesn't mean this is his life goal. He has woked with some great artists who are not the same colour as him so surly that should show all you idiots that he wasn't serious. I'm not a Justin Beiber fan but I think people should cut him some slack the kid is growing up and learning a very difficult lesson that everything he does is watched an criticised! #TeamJustin!!!

  • Madlien

    & that makes it ok, how? Doesn't matter if black kids themselves taught it to you, racism is racism and whether it's coming from a white person or another black person it doesn't matter it ain't right.

  • Crystal

    Ok... honestly... That was SO bad... But this was years and years and years ago, and it seems like some other people were prompting him to do it. To be honest when i was younger I made the same joke as JB the "Run N*gga N*gga" joke... Funny thing is. I was in the ghetto and Black kids taught me the joke. XD

  • Anonymous

    The KKK isn't funny AT ALL. Racist Bastard. I am 16 i don't even joke about words like that. It seems to me like he has a learning disability. You have to very stupid at that age to say something like that. it's not development. it's simply racist and offensive.

  • donnetta

    Ummmm yeah he was a child and how many racist white jokes do we all tell? I mean come on son? Really? People grow up and they learn from their mistakes if they learn and if they don't who cares what can a word really do to you? Get mad about the 90% of the crimes committed against blacks being committed by other blacks! Go walk your neighborhoods and find the fatherless sons and spend quality time with them. Change the negativity that we have among each other such as in the black community and or minority communities instead of talking about bull like this. SMDH

  • EJ

    The N word could mean any one and he was probably influenced by a bad person in his life..No ones perfect cause we all have those hate moments no matter who it is or what? If some one called me the N word i would not receive it because i know i am not...lol He was at the time, a kid people! guidance is the key to our children...

  • Amanda W

    First off he was only 14 its not like he knew it was a bad thing but he still did it it was a stupid mistake but come on people wait 9 years to say all of this i think thats stupid like its the past the past so dont worry about

    • Reason

      You know what's bad at 14. Are you serious? Why was it funny to him if it didn't have negative connotations?

  • Anonymous

    a kid saying something stupid. okay.. what else is going on in the world?

  • George Zimmerman "The First Avenger"

    Zimmerman needs to do the black community a favor and blast that little wannabe kkk motherfucker bieber.

  • Yelloblackredbrown

    You've seen slavery...please tell me how you've managed to live 150 years. Shoutout dude from South Africa hate is hate period no excuse or blaming needed

    • IHS

      This is a response to "Crystal": You're obviously not a pro at these things. Some post-colonial theory would do you good cause what u are spreading is a racist myth. The slave trade was a huge complex, a market controlled by companies, some of which were connected to or owned by european royalty & colonial lords, most were private enterprises. The wars, famine, genocides & chaos that the europeans brought to africa created a situation where sordid & shifty business could operate with little or no transparency (or moral/legal bounds) but sometimes u had to cloak yourt business with a shroud of false decency (an occidental specialty), for the politicians back home, radicals & for the small minority of stockholders who considered themselves progressive it could facilitate support to add a variable of voluntariness, many slave traders claimed that the slaves chose to be slaves or that their tribe elders sold them, to put the blame on the oppressed (just like poor people today are targeted & called lazy or stupid for being poor, implying its a choice), even if see-through. Some slaves were probably POW:s from tribal conflicts, but that wasnt in any way legio. Even africa had hierarchys & of course opportunistic chiefs & africans who betrayed their people were less likely to become slaves as long as they were useful to the undertakers & the benefactors of the trade.

    • Crystal

      Ok, white people may have purchased slaves, but it was other black people that sold them. So think about that.

    • Yellowblackredbrown

      Slavery and segregation not the same thing not at all. And yes slavery is always relevant while discussing the n word so we don't forget the power if words. But you misses the point entirely. Hate is hate period, is big homie beignet a racist? Of course not. An idiot? Sure. But it's reflective of the society he was raised in not a majority that manipulates him. The point is blaming is unnecessary when certain things are always wrong and explanations detract fr the point

    • Anonymous

      segregation was after slavery so that 150 years ago becomes a very recent 50 years ago, now a lot of people in your life were around to experience that society it's little facts like that many of you just can't seem to remember so you can't see how this topic is more than a joke being told or a song being sung

  • Anonymous

    Also this was after Justin had gotten a record deal and released his hit singles. Look clearly at the haircut. Compare it with his pre-fame videos.

  • Keef Marey

    "...Usher reportedly took him in a room to show him historically racist videos to exemplify the impact racist clips can have." ??? Usher, what room was this and where do you keep a library of racist clips to shame your employees? - this whole thing is mad corny

  • COCA


  • OMG

    Omg Bieber said the N-word he should be tried in court for his offences. He is such a bad person omg I would never say the N-word in this lifetime no way no how

  • burbidx

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  • Anonymous

    Someone is obviously trying to destroy his career. He is not the first nor the last to make comments like this. There are other celebrities who have controversial statements, its just that he is being exposed. That doesn't mean I agree with what he said. Its funny how you have people that like to fuck black women and participate in black culture, but still think black people are inferior.

    • Anonymous

      he released this video himself and it has been confirmed as truth on news stations "Its funny how you have people that like to fuck black women and participate in black culture, but still think black people are inferior" ^ that's the point he's trying to show he changed, look at the ones here trying to make the excuses, and see his parents & close proximity allowing that behavior then and are quite silent right now children pick up things from the adults around them and mimic them in an attempt to be.....an adult

  • Trayvon

    I bet this is George Zimmerman's favorite song

  • Anonymous

    If you are not accountable for things u did at 14 then school wouldn't mean anything. im accountable for not learning at school at 14 that's why I had to live with the grades I got. I cant use the excuse I was young in that instance.

  • Anonymous

    Guys im from South africa, Ive been watching many things occuring in your country. when it comes to the influence of black musicians on young american kids especially boys regardless of colour, hip hop has an influence and all these kids think using the N word is cool and arrogance is sweet all because of media influence. if will smith and Usher were responsible enough to talk to the young dude about this issue and he went and spoke with them, I dont think its fair to label the boy as racist. from my country to yours ive seen more black on black hatred than white on black. hatred is hatred even if you give it a new name and call it discrimination. lets just be open minded and be human before we become niggaz. be more than a colour (ask Malcom X).

    • Anonymous

      I said mimicking bigotry, that means he was doing what he saw others around him doing, because children do that to show they are mature, and you still haven't answered how it's a generation thing when we are on a post that has a teenager on film and teenagers commenting with the same mentality of old not surprised you said a racist joke, I don't remember nor have heard nor read white jokes, our jokes are "ya momma...", "you so.....", "you look like....", not "what do you get when you cross a white with.....", "what do you call a white that.......", "whites are like......", those last 3 are the jokes y'all run around telling, BIG difference in "comedy" dave was 100% racist? so the rick james, prince skits are racist, the dice olympics is racist? lol, dave left because he saw it was becoming a spectator sport to watch him stereotype his own, but george lopez had 2 shows, bobby from madtv and the hangover dude don't have shows, guess their "racism" and stereotypes aren't funny. where's the white dave so we can all laugh weekly at the white stereotype skits? notice how your book-smarts ain't matching up with reality

    • golfwang

      What are "both sides"? And in response to your statement that old people are still racist, it is because they lived in a different generation. Each generation is becoming less and less racist, and things that have been around for so long take time. Dude this isn't an example of prejudice from Bieber, and he hangs out with people that are black and white, so how is he a bigot? When I was 14 I made racist jokes too, big fucking deal. Chappelle's Show was 100% based on racist jokes, and it is considered one of the best sketch comedy series of all-time. You're really just arguing semantics, like there is a really a difference between a racist, bigot, or a prejudiced person. Society's moving forward and these "conversations" that are going on are fucking pointless and circular. Conversing solves nothing, action does.

    • Anonymous

      brethren, you are hearing stories about the effects of a racist infrastructure, from a racist infrastructure, you're not getting the information from both sides to draw a conclusion so be careful with that "racism isn't nearly as bad as murder, and racism nowadays has no fucking definition" "as you grow older you do learn and change your thought process" ^ this is your white american who will think they are colorblind but are ripe to perpetuate the racist system due to their ignorance they benefit from the system as is, discriminatory, so they don't see it as racist, if adulthood changed thoughts there would be no old people alive with these thoughts and wish to voice them, and there are murder cases in the us known worldwide due to racism they can't say it's just the older who were around and not their problem because we have proof their teenagers are still being taught supremacy/bigotry/prejudice, the videos and comments are evidence. those teenagers are becoming adults and taking seats in the system & society, where they will make decisions on their beliefs, and the racism begins justin was mimicking bigot ways, living with prejudice, but is he racist? no, he's a pawn for the system to exploit him, but his parents, manager, agent, lawyers, probably are this is the conversation that is going on

    • golfwang

      "im not equating racism to murder, but it's just as bad homie". LOL that makes no fucking sense for one, and racism isn't nearly as bad as murder, and racism nowadays has no fucking definition. just stfu. Bieber was 14 years old, and everyone on HHDX is probably 14 too, which is why you dumb fucks don't understand that as you grow older you do learn and change your thought process. Dumbass bitches

    • wolfgang

      and throughout history i've seen more white on black destruction, segregation, apartheid, police murder, and slavery. the White supremacy mindstate this kid had when he was 14, he more than likely still has, so I think it's fair to label him a racist. if a kid kills someone when he's 14, he's still labeled a murderer, not equating racism to murder, but it's just as bad homie

  • Chris Williams

    15 minutes are up! It baffles me what kind of stupid stuff people do in their own privacy?

  • da1

    good point the truth. his whole family laughin nigga cant even sing. this dude super white. was probably gonna do country. but when u make money off blacks u aint racist for the moment. he done far as im concerned. dude blew up right after this shit. and u saying he aint racist are u kidding me. really now ok son. if u say so. if u go into a kkk rally and u black and say hey u got some talent and u offer em a deal i bet sed person aint racist no more.

  • TheTruth

    So where are all the activists saying that J.B. should stop singing, give up his record contract, etc like they did to this other guy Sterling. I don't see the difference here besides maybe on guy is 80 yrs old and the other guy is 15. What JB said in this video is far more damaging and degrading than what Sterling said. The problem now is that everyone will justify JB's actions by saying 'he's just a kid, should we all be held for things we said/did as kids?' and the answer should be...if you get caught, just like everyone else, yes u should. But instead people will defend JB and say that his actions are justifiable and give him the pass. Where are all the activists now... This kid should be forced to give it all up. Sell it and ban him from music. Sterling treatment. Play fair.

    • zoop

      The Only difference is that the NBA was in a position to Arbitrarily force him out as an owner for the sake of their brand. After he was in breach of his contract, similar to how the Co-Founder of RG got shit on for that Misogyny annotation, and other CEOS are regularly forced out of their companies for improper remarks or relationships. The Music Companies most likely aren't going to see this as damaging his brand. I mean How many Teenage Suburban girls(White, Black, Otherwise) are gonna give a fuck that he was either exposed to or raised with discriminatory values? If Anything, this gives him access to a Country Music market he previously wouldn't of had reach in.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      You don't see the difference in an 80 year old man and a 14 year old kid?

  • wasd

    are we going to let them attack this poor young brotha or are we going to stand up and defend him

  • Anonymous

    OH shit its on now nigga nigga nigga

  • JeromeAdams

    i fucking hate white people they make me suck their little dicks and lick their asses i wish i was white.

  • Anonymous

    I'm fucking with TMZ, keep exposing all these white artists the same way y'all do the industry niggas

  • joubai

    everybody should be held accountable as an adult for random dumb shit they did at 14. right?

  • Anonymous

    all white americans hates black people

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a joke to me hhaa he was not being serious with is singing.. a joke in bad taste

  • Kizman

    Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks around the world...So why the fuck are ya'll worried about who can say "nigga" and who can't??? Muthafuckas that try to pretend or pacify the word nigga to mean jus somebody who's ignorant, regardless of race is following along with a RACIST agenda...Making you believe that calling somebody who's black a nigga isn't racist...That way they you can't bring them to justice...White people have the burden of proving that they are overall better than anyone else, so they are constantly thinking of ways to separate themselves from the prejudice mindsets of their grandparents, who were very honest and open about how they felt towards people of color. Today they cloak their bigotry with humor, cuteness and whit...A cowardly stance but much more effective because now they can execute racism and you'll buy into it because it's not overtly demeaning. If a white person calls you a nigga or thinks that shit is cool or tries to justify doing it because black people call themselves that word...do yourself a favor and get the fuck away from them ASAP...they are not your friend!!

    • runningwscissors

      Anonymous is exactly right. First part of Kizman's statement is debatable, but the second half and finishing insight is right on point.

    • Anonymous

      "Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks" ^ disagree, lot of them see whitey do this thing, even their outcasts know, but I agree with you, especially the last part told them that the other day they better start wondering why they want you around instead of assuming they're colorblind just because you are

  • Nigger, Please

    What's the n-word?

  • Tiffany Brailles

    Bitch! you'll call Usher one less lonely ni99a. Not me!!!

  • QB

    Nobody said much when Eminem's racist tapes came out in 03-04.. Interscope squashed that story quick and since all the Black rappers want an Em feature they didn't say shit. Every time a White person is exposed as a racist there's always Black folks lining up to defend good ol Massa.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem didn't rap about killing blacks and joining the KKK, all he said is what we all know...black women are bitches

    • Todd Kelly

      Fuck yall sensitive koons.

    • Anonymous

      "Nobody said much when Eminem's racist tapes came out in 03-04.." Negro please, were you alive when them tapes came out? People went at his ass, white people included. And lol @ dudes saying Em has more black than white friends

    • get yo facts straight

      it was so quiet that nytimes wrote about it, petitions were started, radio discussions happened, boycotts were called guess what happened? his fanbase said ignore it, he was young, upset and stupid......sound familiar? remember.....they all know who benzino is and that was the same time the tape came out, and when 50 was blowing up, but just cannot seem to remember what happened with the response of that tape

    • Anonymous

      Boo hoo hoo, another niggar crying racism.

    • Anonymous

      Oh cry me a fuckin river. Eminem has more black friends than white friends. That so called tape dates back from the early 90s and was made out of anger after a break-up with a black chick i believe.

  • Anonymous

    It's official. TMZ is a credible news source and we all follow it like a bunch of bitches. The guy above and below me like TMZ too.

  • stringer

    The truth comes out.

  • Anonymous


    • the guy calling you an idiot

      Since when Canada is not apart of America. Last time I checked, the United States of America & Canada are both apart of the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT. Get your facts straight IDIOT.

    • told y'all they ain't smart

      and the american justins will still be here, your point is?

  • daaaaaaaaaaam


  • ergjknjkn

    the joke one wasnt that bad but this kkk one gunna get this nigga killed

  • IROC

    This boy is just some TRASH PRIOD!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Ross can be on the remix.

  • DamnMan!

    I reckon Donald Sterling is behind this. He wants us to forget about his own racist tape by showing that all white people are born racist and that he is not the only one. The difference is black people use the word out of ignorance and other non-blacks use the word for racist purpose and to poke fun on black people for using such a racist word as a term of endearment.

  • V-nasty

    Justin Beiber, you my nigga.

  • Mighty

    Where can I start a petition to have all of Beiber's endorsements canceled?

  • Anonymous

    J Biebs my nigga tho

  • Anonymous

    C'mon people, if you live in america, we're all racist to a certain degree. Can't help it, it's all those years of god damn TV. F**k Bieber tho, this shemale is so annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Ahahahahahaha, wow.

  • Anonymous

    jb a real nugget, he can say whatever the fuck he wants.

  • flyforawhiteguy

    I knew better then that when I was 14, don't forget that he also made a N joke at 15. So the facts are that for at least 2yrs of his life he thought this behavior was cool. We only know that he felt different when he got a record deal. So let me get this right, Don Sterling is to old to take responsibility and Justin is to young?

    • Anonymous

      "c'mon guy, you're lame if you've never told a racist joke", LOL

    • tIsRight

      if you haven't made a racist joke in your life, then you probably don't have much of a sense of humor

    • t

      Shut the fuck up we've all jokingly said racist things behind closed doors. You're telling me you never uttered the N word with your white friends? Lyin ass fuccboi

  • Not Impressed

    lol at black people blasting bieber. when eminem's tapes saying the n word and dissing black women came out nothing. he came out the same year and sold a billion records with you black monkeys buying. I'm not impressed.

    • QB

      He's right though nobody said much when Eminem's racist tapes came out in 03-04.. Interscope squashed that story quick and since all the Black rappers want an Em feature they didn't say shit. Every time a White person is exposed as a racist there's always Black folks lining up to defend good ol Massa.

    • you don't know either

      nope, there was so much outrage all over that they were calling for his airtime, a petition was up.......on the internet..... just say YOU WEREN'T AROUND, if you were you would have also noted the tape leak came later, like 02-03, not that sh-t you tried to pass off as knowledge

    • Anonymous

      @ Not Impressed, you're more than likely trolling, but just in case you're not: 1. Eminem's tapes where he said the "n-word" were just that, tapes. They weren't sold across the country and they were out when there wasn't any internet, hence why no one complained. 2. Eminem didn't sell "a billion records" in the same year, that was much, much later.

    • Anonymous

      look here, our very own hhdx 14 yr old justin!

  • Anonymous

    the conversation isn't just justin saying this stuff on camera, it's the point that justin was walking around like it was ok, and it took USHER to wake him up instead of his parents, handlers, teachers or "close friends" and realize that many of you 14-15 yr old "justins" are out there, even right here right now

  • Anonymous

    "He had just seen a video of a comic saying "one less lonely girl." He replaced girl with the n-word, the site says." Lol so where does the KKK part come from

  • Jay

    Everyone in the comments section passing judgement, I'm not taking any of you serious...I can only imagine the shit you all have done, I wonder how your family/friend would feel if they knew your secrets. I'm not saying this kid is right, because he has absolutely no right to drop the N bomb, BUT this countrys high horse complex is getting ridiculous...If you all were treated like these celebs are, you would of jobless, homeless, judgement passing idiots

  • Anonymous

    HiphopDX, you and other websites like you should be held responsible too for not censoring such offensive words like the N word. Hypocrits.

    • geminiman7

      HHDX simply used TMZ's video. Don't blame HHDX. TMZ is much more widely known than HHDX BTW. They HAVE to censor..

  • dfvsf


  • Anonymous

    if you evber said that shit to the MAINE GICC

  • Me

    White people have been cruel to black people and it's been passed all the way down to the Beib.. White people have been bullying black people for years, singing songs, black face, lynching and everything else, they actually can't help it.. There is a guy named Tim Wise and I think he is the only white man living that can't teach white people about themselves because this shit is deep and it was never talked about or fixed after slavery and the only thing that could of fixed this is reparations and then blacks in America could've had a Jewish Chance and today blacks wouldn't pack jails and do the shit we do but people wanta act like they don't get why blacks are in the situation their in today.. And if your offended by the word N your should know the definition of the word NIGGARD which were the white people, this shit is deep yall..

    • Anonymous

      Please. People have been cruel to other people forever, period. White people have been cruel to other white people and black people have been cruel to other black people. I'm not attacking your opinion but it is foolish to say things like only one white person understands. That's just wrong. Plenty of white people have empathy for the suffering of others no matter what color they might be. And as long as your bringing up the origin of words, look into where the word slave came from. White Slavic people were enslaved for so long and in such harsh conditions by the French that the word Slav became synonymous with slave. There were no reparations paid, just hard work from one generation to the next to slowly climb out of poverty.

    • Gettysburg

      Real. I love my people. The best strength we have is in numbers. Come together.

  • Malik

    The cold part is they work so hard to make someone a star and once they get there they work twice as hard to bring him down.... Who cares people can change and we all have our feeling about shit, at 14 I said and did some crazy shit, we need to stop making cat larger than what they are.

    • Me

      Stop making excuses for the Bieb.. This is deeper than what he said, similar to Donald Sterling, your missing the point that white people have a BIG problem that gotta be fixed.. Only if white people were nice to black people immediately after slavery, Beiber wouldn't be in this situation.. White people need Tim Wise in there life foreal..

  • Anonymous

    "Usher reportedly took him in a room to show him historically racist videos" This is just getting weird now

  • LOL

    he was 14 years old you fucking morons. knowing all the retards that comment on HHDX, ill bet all of you have said dumber shit at the age of 14, and still say dumb shit today.

    • LOL

      Usher didn't HAVE to do anything... shut the fuck up. Plenty of people made racist jokes, and intention is what counts. Biebers intention clearly wasn't harmful. You are an asshat.

    • Anonymous

      yep, so much a joke usher had to pull a robot chicken an deprogram what his parents and his community let him run with funny how that slipped by you

    • LOL

      no but i've probably made a joke about the KKK, which bieber is clearly doing. you morons take shit too seriously cause you are stupid fucks

    • ano

      hes old enough to know better. i mean come on people are giving donald sterling a pass cause hes too old wtf.

    • FO

      have you sung a song about joining the kkk? i haven't. i don't know anyone who has. and this idiot was stupid enough to do it on camera. he fuck off for etenity.

  • Anonymous

    If nothing else I think Usher's response is rather an admirable way to handle a situation like this.

  • Anonymous

    Can he please go away now? Canada has to take him back now.

  • Verbal Tim

    JB is my nigga

  • White poer

    as a fellow white man i would like to ask my white brotherin. Which race do you hate the most. Personally i hate blacks hispanics and arabs. Its hard to say which i hate the most but white power!!

    • Me

      @WhitePoer The Klan is the dumbest white people on the planet.. Learn how to spell you big dummy and the reason you hate is because that's exactly what your culture consist of, HATE.. Google your brother TIM WISE so he can help you out because you need it..

    • KKK sucks my balls ohh ya

      Hispanic is not race, dunce cap.

    • Anonymous

      I hate Samoans yo

  • Anonymous

    lmao justin bieber is the equivelent of a real nigga to us white folks. Hes a real wigga.

  • Think

    He is just one of millions of non-black people that use the N word. Some of them say it with hateful intentions, others say it because they love hip hop and they hear the word in every song nowadays. Still, I as a black man think it's a hypocrisy to b*&t(h and moan when we hear others use it but it's somehow ok and cool for us to use it. I have heard many brothas calling their white friends the N word, so how is it we act shocked to hear 'em using it? I have heard whites calling their white friends the N word, you know how crazy that is!! The N word carries inferiority complex and only effects us negatively. Not to mention the fact our ancestors paid the ultimate sacrifice to erase that word for us not to be termed that. My bad I don't mean to preach but come on now, let's not blame a Canadian white kid when we ourselves are to blame. In the words of MJ " I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways"

  • Like

    Yo real talk why every other race want to get raid of the black's son, damn its bad enough we make it easy for them and kill each other for them, but damn late its all out war on a Niggas, Stand your grown law, jump the fence and fight all them niggas, dont bring us too the games and kill us them joint the KKK, whats nexts

    • Anonymous

      First of all I am black. Now, one only controls you if you let him/her control you. Like when you commit a crime and get in the system and shit...thats u giving them control dummy. According to what you're saying, they should be able to say and call you whatever they want dummy

    • Anonymous

      Stop using it after when if it's said by a white person a problem will happen or accused of racism. You ignorant whites are constantly trying to control everything from how people type to how they speak to what they eat how they walk dress etc. Obviously control freaks within the community and the world. Get gone

    • Anonymous

      Uneducated and just plain ignorant blacks is what the real problem is. Go do some reading, learn how to spell right, stop using the term N****. Maybe then you will be taken serious.

  • Like

    Let me see what they do to this white boy, because chris brown made one mistake and they stay trying to hang that nigga, this white boy talking about killing niggas and watch they try to act like ohh he was young, he is not racist and try to make it look like he never say nothing. but wouldnt leave chris brown alone

  • WOW

    Bet Ludacris is real happy with himself for creating this monster

  • What

    Yo this is why i miss real hip hop back in the days, someone would already address this white boy, a mean Damn is there any Rapper out there that have half the heart 2pac had, Pac would have been diss this white boy

  • R.Pgh

    This is going to destroy his black fan base....wait, that doesn't exist, does it?

  • Anonymous

    I don't think he's racist. It just proves how corny and fake he really is. He will do anything to be cool. He was obviously doing it to be cool and get laughs from his peers. Now he's trying to act all urban; tatted and hanging with rappers because it's the cool thing now. If being racist was still the cool thing he would still be making his little jokes. Just proves how fake and corny he really is. Not one real bone in his body.

  • Anonymous

    Watch all the drake and kanye stans defend this kid lol because they are just like him

  • Supergay

    Ok new trend: Finding archaic videos and exposing hypocrisy on white folks.

  • 614grind

    That's back before he needed black people in his click to get a pass into our music. Now that he's outgrown his pre teen fan base, he wants that black co sign so he went and bought black friends.

  • RC

    He doesn't love us, he doesn't love the people or the culture! He just loves whatever makes money! Everybody wants make money off us & our culture but on the low in the dark holds nothing but contempt & zero respect for us! I don't care how much money he got time to clean house & kick these no style half steppers out the artform!

    • LOL

      Get rich off what you created? LOLOL Do you have any idea how many black people have gotten rich over things white people created? Like every single black thats rich in north america, Some of the shit you people say makes me embarrassed to be black, straight stupid. I could give you dozens of examples, but I have a feeling I would be wasting my breath on you ignorant children. Big deal, white kid made a joke. My friends and i clown white people every single day. If you black, and have never said you love to kill a white person before over something, let alone just kidding, you'd be a bold faced liar.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you there Anonymous. But I will even go further and say, it's not going to stop until we black folks (artist or not) stop using it and making it sound cool.

    • so

      Agreed and i tell you this you can always count on black's selling out whatever they create, so the white boys can get rich off it and look like the invented it.

    • R.Pgh

      He made his money off of wack ass teeny bopper, boy band pop songs. Let's not act like he's stealing Nas' style or anything.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but it's not going to happen when you have black artists supporting this clown, (see Usher, Will Smith, Raekwon). We allow these clowns to get rich off what we created. We don't own sh*t. We don't own labels!

  • Anonymous

    Ellen looks great in that picture

  • Anonymous

    Bugatti Biebs is still the dopest!!! I fully support Biebs.

  • POPE

    Well if you can't ban him or fine him what should be done is make him volunteer his time to help young black youth. time to give back bruh. definitely being young, dumb and ignorant. you can also tell he loves our culture too. the thing about people who do dirt in the dark is you can never trust those next to you when you're doing that dirt.

  • Wow really

    LMAO! Ok, wonder what else he has out but I can't call him racist yet

    • Wow really

      He was saying he's going to join the KKK, lmao, come on. Just sounds like a bad joke to me. Do you really think he wants to kill blacks and join the KKK? He's letting them mess up his career. I need a little more concrete evidence, this isn't like Riley Cooper's outburst, this is Justin attempting to be funny

    • Now

      Cant call him racist yet, nigga you stupid! what more you need to see, the white sheet and the brunting cross in your front lawn Really

    • Anonymous

      Can't call him racist yet? You must be retarded.

  • Anonymous

    i hate you fucking cracckkkkkkkerrrs

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