50 Cent Confirms G-Unit Reunion Album

50 Cent says the album will be released this year.

50 Cent says that he and G-Unit are slated to release an album this year. 

"Yes," he says during an interview with Good Day Philadelphia. "You will see an album by late November." 

This follows a recent reunion from the group during Summer Jam 2014

XXL magazine reported that the group is in the process of working on a new studio album in a piece published yesterday (June 3). 

“We got no dates, we working,” Young Buck said. “[We] in the studio. Stay tuned.”

Lloyd Banks also chimed in.

“Work in progress," he said. "We just put out the new freestyle today. Check it out." 

50 Cent also said the group is ready to work. 

“Being able to bring everybody out to actual shows is not difficult for me,” 50 Cent said. “I can do it. I have a compass, a moral compass that comes from my corner on 134th Street. We supposed to behave and respond to each other a certain way. We supposed to hustle to eat. We supposed to get what we supposed to get, not have things handed to us because nobody never gave me nothing. It may be my fault for enabling them at points.

“I expected them to continue to get what they want immediately,” he added. “And then now having everybody back in the circle, the morale is great. They all ready to work. They been on ice long enough. So now you should expect [something]. You already got something new today. It didn’t take but a few hours after the show. Meltdown, it’s on now. It don’t take as much out of me as it takes for me to create a solo song than to create and participate in a G-unit record. We have so many moving parts on it and everybody got to show up.”

Yesterday, G-Unit released a "0-100" remix. Before that, the crew also released "Nah I'm Talking 'Bout."

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  • Anonymous

    the fact that he got Buck in interesting

  • NM

    now were talking...g-unit had the sound hands down

  • JJ

    After all the shit 50 said about the other g-unit member up until last month, he's got the nerve to call Game bi-polar.

  • Anonymous

    Them boys are back! Be sure to checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • grownups

    Little boys stay mad and stay broke or at like grown men and come to their senses and make money.... Fif never lied about non of them, he just should have kept it inhouse... But my ass is happy to hear shit from them, tired of all the Kumba Ya BS...


    G Unit gon take a S#!T on the whole rap game rite now all these soft lil cub scout MC's kickn it w Justn Beiber aint ready, the rap game so soft rite now perfect timing for the Unit to take back what belongs to them

    • Truth Hurts

      You are very right my friend. Very right. G-unit was the best group of all time. As in, when those guys get together, they make timeless music. You could pop in the "Beg for Mercy" album right now and it sounds better than anything that came out in the last few years. Hands down.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol that interview is jokes, watch it.

  • diddy

    wack wack wack wack wack wack wack 50 give up your finished,nobody cares for you losers

  • WhackPromoStunt

    All to sell albums. The pitch was fake. Just a stunt to get people talking about him and keep him in the press rounds.loooooool

  • Senior VP Marketting @G-Unit Records

    I can confirm that the G-Unit reunion album is definitely coming out...in the year 2086. Kidd Kidd album will follow after that Then Yayo The Paris Title G-Union-The-Re-Gang Album

  • Anonymous

    I love the way people use Indie as an excuse of why their favorite artist album tanked. Isn't Macklemore Indie?....i mean he is Independent->self distributed. No major label distributing for him. I believe UMG->Universal Records =Major Label is distributing Animal Ambition. Why didnt yall accept the same excuse when Ja-Rule or Fat Joe's album sold less bcos it was on indie? Yall funny tho.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule the GOD will rap circles around any of these talentless clowns.

  • Tank

    I don't know about this!!! I want to see how long this gonna last cuz just 2 weeks ago 50 diss Banks, Yayo, and Buck and all of the sudden they're back together. I mean only time will tell... and I wonder what Buck and Game relationship gonna be like now since they are cool now. Its a matter of time we gonna hear from Game about his whole G-Unit reunion. But at the end of the day Game don't need G-Unit he been doing his own thing for the past 7 years.... Buck, Yayo, and Bank haven't release an album in years and prolly is desperate to make some money, which I don't blame them.

    • Anonymous

      It's called the Art of War fuck boy. Make people think one thing while you prepare to surprise them with another thing

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Banks and Buck, at their best, are excellent. Whether 50 can step up and Yayo doesn't trip things up... As poorly as 50 handled things before, maybe he really is humbled now and ready to...

  • ades

    I believe this whole reunion thing is just promotion for 50's album and that this G-Unit album will never be released. Just my thoughts i don't know we'll see...

  • Real Talk

    It's gon be another Flop for G-unit and this time no blaming Interscope

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, asshole 50 issue was wit E1 music formally Koch. They suck ask Prodigy, or better you ask Fat Joe, or Joel Ortiz. 50 is still getting major distribution. His indie deal is not the same as these crumbs. Keep hatin' tho. @Real Talk, evey site tho'?

    • hoodCNN

      @PAhiphopFAN shut the fuck up with all that indie shit.When Fat Joe released his album indie with E1 and Curtis made fun of him about low sales...Yall all laughed and said There is no money in Indie.Now that Karma punched Curtis in the nuts and his album about to bomb on indie all of a sudden yall say there is so much money on indie.

    • PAhiphopFAN

      It's independent, so I'm sure it will be small numbers, but a success, no less!

  • jimjim

    wonder if they really coming out wit the album

  • Anonymous

    Well if this can help NY wke the fuck up.. I'm good. Don't forget to add Eminem on the album on a track with Banks as well.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait now all we need is dipset to do the same

    • POPE

      sad shit is dipset had their chance i think 2 summer jams ago and dropped one song and none of them even dropped solo projects that were sticking.

  • Anonymous

    G Unit intern floods this c section in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

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