Wiz Khalifa Previews Nas-Assisted "We Dem Boyz" Remix

Wiz Khalifa and Nas team up and Khalifa lets fans hear a portion of their "We Dem Boyz" remix collaboration.

Wiz Khalifa and Nas have partnered to craft a "We Dem Boyz" remix. Khalifa previewed the effort by playing a portion of the track in an Instagram video which features Nas in the studio.

The video was posted yesterday (June 3). However, it isn't the first time fans have heard about the selection. Khalifa also spoke about it during a recent interview.

“Oh, the remix is gonna be crazy,” Wiz Khalifa said. “The ‘We Dem Boyz’ remix. I could tell you guys. I got Nas. Because you know why I got Nas, man. Nas is the original bottle popper, designer, clothes rocker, weed smoker, young, fly nigga. He was doing all that, spitting. He was like putting that out there in a way niggas never heard that before. And I feel like our generation they need to re-see that from Nas. And like know him from that.” 

Khalifa's Instagram clip is below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Lol so Nas just jumping on any weak ass track he can find out right now, guess dude is really struggling

  • You already know

    Its already on repeat.... Nas and Wiz.... smh... you niggas going to learn today.... hahahahah... OG and LG... who fucking with it? ***Note to dumb niggas*** Radio hits are radio hits, please dont judge a rapper from what you hear on the radio, because if you do, you just dont understand money...

  • Anonymous

    I fucks with Wiz but cmon Nas, you can do way better

  • Kel Mitchell


  • Anonymous

    come on nas first a weak mixtape track with fucking rocko and now this smh

    • Spoken like a true dumbass

      So im assuming u have no job just another lazy good for nothing bum with his hand out on food stamps right. Log off mommys computer and go to your room

    • Anonymous

      dues been paid, son. Time to eat. These kids dont understand how much of business this shit is. Just because you see a dude in the studio with a blunt in his hand, writing lyrics, you think its equivalent to you and your boys spitting lies over an fl studio beat. All that sell out shit is for kids. In my opinion, if you have a day job, and work for someone, YOU ARE A FUCKING SELL OUT!!

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