Lupe Fiasco Says King Los, Logic Outrank Kendrick Lamar As Lyricists, Calls MF DOOM The Best

Lupe Fiasco says Kendrick Lamar is "super ill." However, he says there are several emcees who are better lyricists than Lamar, including Cassidy.

During a recent interview with New York radio station Hot 97, Lupe Fiasco was asked about young emcees he respects. Fiasco names Young Thug and Big K.R.I.T. When he is asked if Kendrick Lamar makes the list by host Peter Rosenberg, he says, "I've always been a fan of Kendrick. I'm not a nut-hugger like you." 

Fiasco then elaborates on his position regarding Kendrick Lamar. 

“Listen, Kendrick is ill," Fiasco says. "He's super ill. To me, the whole TDE team is the illest team. They're the illest team that I've seen in maybe 5 years. Ab-Soul's on the album. That's my homie...I'm trying to work with SZA right now...I love the creative collective they got. As an emcee, I wish I had that.

"Lyrically, no, I don't think [Kendrick Lamar is the best]," he adds. "To me, MF DOOM is the best."

Fiasco is then probed to name young rappers who are better lyricists than Kendrick Lamar.  

"On some lyrics, I listen to lyrics, of the young emcees, I think lyrically, it's it's King Los, it's Logic...Cassidy," he says. "Lyrically? Stop playing with me." 

In August 2012, Fiasco spoke about why he's a fan of Kendrick Lamar and why he wouldn't want to collaborate with him.

"I've bumped into Kendrick in different places and what have you," he said at the time. "But it's less me wanting to collaborate and it's more me just wanting to be a fan. I don't want to be a part of it, not off of ego or pride but it's more so to let me just watch it. 

"Let me enjoy it from a distance and not feel I've got to be a part of it to make this," he added then. "I just want to see them succeed and it not to be tainted. Sometimes when you meet somebody, it kind of taints what they make. It becomes a different experience. I'd rather just stay a fan. I don't want to come backstage. I'm happy in the crowd. But we'll see."

In August 2014, Fiasco spoke about Kendrick Lamar's "Control."

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  • onel

    I dont put any lyricist over another anymore because people got there own opinions, as long as you can spit thats all I care about, and make good tracks with good quality lyrics that showcase your skill as a MC

  • Anonymous

    Logic and King Los? Fuck out of here they both are not that good.

  • COCA


  • PATHH88

    OF COURSE The God MC, Rakim.... I can get iller than 'Nam, a killin bomb But no alarm - Rakim will remain calm Self-esteem make me super superb and supreme But for a microphone still I fiend This was a tape I wasn't supposed to break I was supposed to wait, but let's motivate I want to see who can keep followin and swallowin Takin the making, bitin it and borrowin Brothers tried and others died to get the formula But I'ma let ya sweat - you still ain't warm You a step away from frozen, stiff as if ya posin Dig into my brain as the rhyme gets chosen So follow me and were ya thinkin' you were first? Let's travel at magnificent speeds around the Universe What could ya say as the Earth gets further and further away Planets are small as balls of clay Astray into the Milky Way - world's outasight Far as the eye can see - not even a satellite Now stop and turn around and look As ya stare in the darkness, ya knowledge is took! So keep starin soon ya suddenly see a star You better follow it cause it's the R...

  • DrewDown91

    Lupe is one ugly #sonofabitch. But he is right, DOOM top FIVE dead or alive. "... and he won't stop till he got the masses."

  • PATHH88

    Budden Eminem when not in corny mode......

  • PATHH88

    DOOM is light years ahead of 99% of rappers, only few i can think of are on or near his prowess are.......... GZA Jeru the Damaja Saigon

  • Z

    I saw DOOM in Boulder a few years of the dopest live rappers I've seen since X

  • Ya Dar

    Kendrick Lamar is the most over-rated rapper of this generation. He's all hype. We're just so used to Dre selecting and giving us greatness, that we just assumed he was right again. Average Kendrick Lamar conversation goes like this. "You ever hear of Kendrick Lamar?", "Yeah I have, he's pretty good." "What's your 3 favorite songs of his?" "Ummm....." "Can you even name 3 songs of his?" "Ummm..." "Do you even have one favorite song by him"" "Umm.................." "You hear that new Drake though?" "Hell yeah man that shit is fire!"

  • Crass mInd

    Anyone that disagrees with DOOM as #1, do yourself a favor and go listen to all his shit. pure, uncut dope.

  • The Clap

    Watch, in the next couple of years DOOMS stock is going to rise like crazy and people are gonna go cope his old albums and proclaim him the best. About fucking time if you ask me...Dude is a "A rhyming cannibal who's dressed to kill and cynical Whether is it animal, vegetable, or mineral It's a miracle how he get so lyrical And proceed to move the crowd like a old Negro spiritual"

  • groupon

    lupe lost his mind we lost him

  • drake runs rap

    who cares not like any of these irrelevent wanna bes are on drakes level. Drake makes rap music everyone else just makes a parody of it because they can never make it half as good as drake. Plus didnt this wack nigga cry that he was gonna retire after chief keef said he was gonna slap him. Lupe is a soft irrelevent hasbin that has no credebility what so ever. Kendrick is just an opening act for drake. All these rappers would do better as being drakes shoe shine boy. Drake runs this rap shit

  • Anonymous

    I understand where he's coming from, lot of people fall back when the hype is turnt up because people become rabies feverish fanatics and savage groupies over whatever the status quo is

  • uhhh

    King Los and Logic are good don't get me wrong, but Kendrick is the better lyricist. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to listen to more of Kendrick's discog. MF Doom on the other hand is a crazy lyricist, but he focuses on wordplay, whereas Kendrick can hit you with wordplay (Rigamortis for example) or subject matter (Poe Man's Dreams). Kendrick was a beast before he went mainstream and he still is a beast.

  • jon

    damn amazing interview. az 'pieces of a man' reference...

    • Tim

      AZ Piecies of a Black man...that album when I heard it changed my life!!! Spoke on what really going on in my hood some of that shit still aint changed. SOSA lyrically and flow wise is just ill!!! AZ the legend

    • Anonymous

      One of the most underrated albums of all time.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    MF DOOM is def one of the best. Not sure if #1, but really damn close! Peace!

  • Troof

    Lupe startin to look like Lawrence Fishburne in the mouf

  • Anonymous

    mf dooms the best lyricist? i dont think lupe's really listening....

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick's the best in the game... MF DOOM got bars I'd assume, but not that much or else he would be known on a wider scale. Find a way to make your "Super Dope Lyrics" reach a wider audience. (Cough) Kendrick HAS done that and WILL continue to do that. I been following the Top Dawg's movement since January 2011 and I'M FROM NEW YORK. Peter Rosenberg a groupie' and been late. And HOT 97 is whack... A bunch a Spanish people over there. Fuck with that Breakfast Club or no radio. Just my iTunes, internet, and YouTube.

  • Sad Circus

    Illest movement is Strange Music

  • DrPoopMan

    I can't say that I think kendrick is a better lyricist the MF Doom because MF has some of the most mind fucking lyrics I've ever heard. Along with his overall unique sound. He's one of a kind. But I would not put the other three above Kendrick.

  • da1

    doom the tightest from 1990 to 2010. but if u talkin kendrick lamar. alot of cats got better lyricst then him. and u talking who the hottest 2010 and beyond. better than kendrick mac miller vado etc u cant throw doom in there thats like saying jay z is better than yong thug. different category

  • Josh

    lupe been wack since 2007

  • Anonymous

    Doom is a beast on the mike

  • YMCMBdrake

    lupe has always been mad.

  • lol

    Lupe still jealous I see

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see DOOM getting some recognition on this level.

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