Top 7 Ways Nas' "Illmatic" Shaped His Legacy

Green Label compiles a list of "Illmatic: 20 Years Later."

On the heels of the 20-year anniversary of Nas’ Illmatic, Green Label has compiled a list of “Illmatic: 20 Years Later.” 

The site says the list is "a look at the album’s inception, its qualities and how it helped shape Nas’ immense legacy.”

One way in which Nas’ Illmatic helped shape the Queensbridge rapper's legacy was by “Living Up To The Hype.”

"Nas was one of the most hyped artists in Hip Hop history by the time the album dropped,” the Green Label item says. "Backed by major Hip Hop producers like Large Professor, Nas had connections to some of the most respected Hip Hop circles in New York. Additionally, he generated major buzz via his star turn on Main Source’s 'Live at the Barbecue.’" 

To see the full list of “Illmatic: 20 Years Later," please visit Green Label.


  • the purple tape

    Most music today is only made for today.....but will not be remembered for anything good or positive decades down the road.... illmatic is a masterpiece that combined mc search q-tip and dj premier an others.... took hip hop that was dominated by Dre and snoop and brought it back to its core roots of Ill lyrics over ill beats...illmatic was cinematic and took us through queensbridge NY. Illmatic to me is like when the Egyptians wrote on stone walls and tablets.... their writings live on forever.......

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  • Anonymous

    irrelevant old ass wannabe eskobar negro.fuck nasir this is the #CHIRAQ era.

  • TrueDogg

    Nas is that dude. The best to ever do it! Waiting for that new album Nasir!

  • Drake runs rap

    who gives a fuck when is there going to be an article on how drake revolutionized the rap game in the last few years. This hasbin is so irrelevent.

    • StayUpSon

      Are you talking about The Yelllow Keith Sweat again? The Sweet Soul Singer. Nas is King! He will always be the king!

  • MaryJDecker

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  • Anonymous

    biggie was actually featured on the original version of it ain't hard to tell. FACT!!

    • the purple tape

      Illmatic is legendary... perfect street poetry matched by perfect beats... I don't know why any new schooler would even try to say anything negative about illmatic.... 85% of today music won't even be remembered 20yrs from now....

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