50 Cent's "Animal Ambition" Utilizes Long Lost Beats, Makes Producers' Dreams Come True

Producers for "Animal Ambition" sent their beats to G-Unit years ago.

50 Cent’s Animal Ambition came out today, but for some of the producers, the project has been in the works for years.

In an interview with XXL, the producers for each of the 14 songs explained the process behind their beat.

Charli Brown Beatz had to wait the longest to hear his beat make the big stage. He made the beat for “Don’t Worry Bout It” in 2008 and says he sent it as early as 2009. He heard the song for the first time on the radio.

“It's been an honor to work with someone of 50's caliber," Charli Brown Beatz says. "I wasn't in the studio with him—I never got to meet him—but it must've been recorded a little while back…. I've been a fan of 50 since Power Of The Dollar. Me and my friend used to ride around listening to that over and and over again. I would've never guessed that one day I would be working with him.”

Frank Dukes has produced several songs for G-Unit and says they used three of his beats in a row back when they were making a lot of mixtapes. A G-Unit A&R got in touch with him and gave him a song deal. He produced Animal Ambition’s opening track, “Hold On.” He, like Charli Brown Beatz, says he sent his beat about five years ago.

“It was a surprise to me, when I heard it eight or nine months ago, because I had sent it to him so long ago," Frank Dukes says. "But I was glad he used it because it was one of my favorite beats. It was really cool that he decided to go back to that old beat.”

A third beat is also about five years old. Steve Alien made his beat for “Everytime I Come Around” and sent it in a package of about 100 beats to G-Unit in 2009. He had given up on a production career and started pursuing film editing. Then, he got a phone call from G-Unit and was asked about the beat, which he couldn’t find among his old files.

“Finding a needle in a haystack would have been easier," Steve Alien says. "The crazy part is I was unable to locate the original beat and in a panic had to re-make it again from scratch. I found all the same drum sounds and re-created the beat to sound even better than the original.”

Nonetheless, 50 Cent ended up using the original beat.

“Working with 50 was a longtime dream I had that has finally come to fruition years later," Steve Alien says. "It validated all the hard work I had put into making beats for nights on end for all those years. I'm definitely proud and thankful. I'm blessed to to have these opportunities and be able to work with such veterans of the music industry.”

Jake One has made several beats for 50 Cent and said that he has actually never met the rapper. He produced two songs for Animal Ambition, “Hustler” and “The Funeral.” He says he initially made the beats in 2010 or 2011 and was also inspired by ScHoolboy Q’s 2012 album, Habits & Contradictions.

Q has a guest verse on the final track, “Flip on You,” which was produced by Nascent and QB. The beat was actually meant for Oxymoron, but didn’t fit the overall tone of the project. 50 Cent picked it up last minute and that is why it is the last song of the album.

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  • Anonymous

    50 probably paid like $2500 per beats lol. Got a whole album done for the price of 1 beat from a popular producer. smart business.

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  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show that if you keep grinding your big brake will come. I see the lames under me are using this as an excuse to hate like the crabs they are smh

  • MELA-D

    maybe it's 1 of my beats.i met 50 a few years ago and gave him a cd full of beats and some songs with me rappin.hopefully it is 1 of mine.but i doubt it.my beats were kinda wack back than.i wouldnt even want money.it would just be a dream.

  • Anonymous

    Then why didn't he? Up and coming dudes deserve a shot, but not one beat off the new album is earth shattering.

    • Anonymous

      every beat and song is not earth shattering, think about that when you learn to read articles instead of headlines

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when a major kicks your ass out and all your left with are no name producers making peanuts to lace you with non heat.

    • Anonymous

      that was a stupid thing to say and you must not know about 50, he's always worked with up incoming producers 50 is rich as fuck and can buy any big name guy if he wanted to thats the difference with 50 he always gives up incoming guys a chance

  • asher1985

    Explains why the beats sound so dated, it's all good though because it matches the lyrics as well, completely outdated

  • the fuh

    So Jake One is a time traveler. "He says he made the beat in 2010 or 2011 and was inspired by ScHoolboy Qs 2012 album, Habits & Contradictions." Come on DX lmao

    • Victoria

      We edited it to make more sense! That's what Jake One said, so we reported what we had. Thanks for pointing this out

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That's what's up, 50 putting money in them boys pockets. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have good videos on there too!

  • MaryJDecker

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  • Anonymous

    According to hitsdailydouble RCA Nashvilles Miranda Lambert should easily take the top spot next week. Early, early reads suggest 130-150k. Rhinos three Led Zeppelin reissues could potentially all wind up in next weeks Top 10; each looks headed to the 25-30k range. Other debuts include 50 Cent (G-Unit/Caroline) at 30-35k and Lucy Hale (DMG Nashville) with 18-22k. HAHA. And you all said 50 will outsell ross. LOLOL!!! Truth is 50 is irrelevant despite the 10 dickriders on hhdx. No one's checking for 50. At least Ross is able to generate buzz with his albums.

    • trigga

      your forgetting his selling his shit through www.50cent.com

    • Anonymous

      50 may not be relevant musically, I can agree with you on that, but 50 doesn't need record sales anymore. He was the last rapper in past decade to go diamond, selling more than 10 million records on both Get Rich or Die Trying and The Massacre in which I think was his weakest project. Look at the business ventures 50 is involved in. SMS audio headphone company which now going into sports, promoting boxing and nascar events, the energy drink Street King, and he's also the executive producer on a television show which will be premiering on Starz in a couple of days called Power. At the end of the day you still have to pertain an image, and after getting Rich Forever tattooed on his chin, I think Rick Ross will never be a business man outside of music. In the late 90's and early 2000's 50 and G-Unit elevated the mix tape market and made it what it is today in which is MMG uses the same business tactics. The only failure 50 Cent faced was building G-Unit as record label. Banks and Yayo are lazy, Buck is straight, Oivia flopped, M.O.P flopped, Mobb Deep needs to it hang up. If 50 can change the roster of his label and become more of an executive, than he will be relevant again in the music industry. He's on the heels of Jay-Z and Diddy as men who started out into music and now has lucrative businesses making them entrepreneurs.

    • TGP

      It's a indie album/mixtape. He didn't even release a real single. Only songs each week with music videos. Lataly, all people have been talking is 50 Cent and the G-Unit reunion. If you ask me, he is winning.

    • Anonymous

      I said 30k all along lol Flop city!!!

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