Papoose Explains "Jive-Ass Turkey" Trinidad Jame$ Diss

Papoose says he wasn't just defending New York from Trinidad Jame$.

Papoose says that his diss track “Jive-Ass Turkey” was fueled by more than just Trinidad Jame$’ comments about the South running New York. The rapper says that promoting New York in his interviews, Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” and Trinidad Jame$’ comments were the reasons he recorded the track.

In an interview with VladTV, Papoose says the first component presented itself during his promotional tour for his The Nacirema Dream album, which was released in March 2013. On the promo tour, DJs in the South asked Papoose why New York didn’t have the same influence that it used to. He says he then questioned New York-based radio hosts.

“I did my interviews on Hot 97 and Power 105,” Papoose says. "If you pull this footage up, you will see me sitting in front of them basically telling them, asking them why is it that New York has the same playlist as Atlanta? I was the first one to vocalize that in my interviews.”

Then, in August, Big Sean dropped “Control,” a song on which Kendrick Lamar claimed the title of “King of New York.” Papoose was one of the first ones to respond to the track and defend the Big Apple.

In November, Trinidad Jame$ made comments at Converse Rubber Track Studios that the popular rappers in New York were all from the South, specifically Atlanta. Papoose then made “Jive-Ass Turkey."

“Jive-Ass Turkey” dropped last Thanksgiving. The Brooklyn-rapper called out Kendrick Lamar and then turned his attention to Jame$, calling him an “ugly bride of Frankenstein” and a “one-hit wonder.”

“I feel like all of these chain of events played a part in this happenin',” Papoose says. "But I’ve been waving the New York flag for the longest now.”

Earlier this year, Papoose claimed on Vlad TV that he was the reason for the “King of New York” line


  • Young Guwop

    Papoose ole 1970's blaxploitation slang loving face ass nigga. lol!!! So thirsty to be relevant and it fails each and every time.

  • White Guy

    Why is papoose trying to become relevant again by dissing new faces in the game that he is clearly not better than. Don't flatter yourself either by saying you're the reason for the line King of New York because you're a trash rapper who on their best day isn't harder than anyone on the A$ap Mob.

  • Come On

    SHUT UP Papoose you've been out for over 10 years with no album out yet No one cares. your ship sailed a longtime ago. This diss is pointless two Wack rappers fight about who sucks more.

  • Anonymous

    Trinidad James has more relevancy i Hip-Hop now than Papussy. Man go make good music...all that tough guy talk aint washing no more. We dont believe u bitch. No one heard of u until u started rapping.So when did u do all the things u rap about in the hood? GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    U know u a lame when u still say "jive turkey"

  • Anonymous

    I'm a die-hard New Yorker - East NY Brooklyn to be exact - and admit that New York takes a backseat to the south when it comes to hip-hop. The "sound" of the genre has changed, and New York accents now sound antiquated, particularly over traditional New York production. Although less relevant these days, 50 Cent's prior success was based largely on the fact that he raps with a southern accent.

    • the guy calling you an idiot

      One thing I never understand about idiots who post their opinions is that they talk as if the speak for others when stating their bullshit. Papoose stated a fact that New York radio no longer showcases hometown artists like in the past. The "sound" of the genre hasn't change at all because it's all still heavily sampled music.

    • Anonymous

      "New York accents now sound antiquated" ^ come off of van siclen & linden son go out in the world and see how that accent is loved ^

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