Lecrae "Anomaly" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #4: Listen to Lecrae's "Anomoly."

Lecrae said via Twitter today (June 3) that his new album is slated to drop in August and that it will be titled Anomaly.

The rapper posted a picture with a piece of notebook paper that said,oeMy name is Lecrae and my new album Anomaly drops August 2014.

A few hours earlier, Lecrae tweeted a piece of notebook paper with the message oeMy name is Lecrae and I don(TM)t fit in #anomaly.

A series of athletes and rappers followed with their own message and the hashtag.

This will be Lecrae(TM)s seventh studio album. He also has two mixtapes, Church Clothes and its sequel.

Lecrae(TM)s tweets and tweets from Derek Minor, Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin and Oakland Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck are as follows:

(June 3, 2014)

UPDATE:Lecrae's Anomaly album is now slated for a September 9 release date, according to a tweet the rapper sent today (July 7).

His album cover has also been released via Instagram.

Lecrae's tweet and Instagram regarding Anomaly are as follows:

(July 7, 2014)

UPDATE #2:Lecrae tweeted the tracklist for his forthcoming Anomaly album today (July 16).

It is as follows:

Lecrae's tweet is as follows:

(July 16, 2014)

UPDATE #3:People who pre-order Lecrae's Anomalythrough iTunes and Merchlinewill receive two new songs from the album as a free MP3 download,according to a press release. The songs are"Fear" and the single "Nuthin."

(July 24, 2014)

UPDATE #4: Listen to Lecrae's Anomaly below.

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  • winner

    glad it grabbed #1.. really solid album.

  • Anonymous

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  • G

    That Welcome to America track.....

  • G

    Been following Crae since his album Real Talk (album 1). After the muic stops is still my favorite, I liked Gravity better than this, but its the same Lecrae on different sounds. Great concepts, lyrics that make you think about your personal life and convictions. The intent is to bring change. Aint nothin change, Its still #116

  • G

    The track Good, Bad, Ugly was very transparent.

  • kashius1990

    Very dope album, contemporary with some dope raps.

  • Boston hip hop fan

    Should be a dope album. His music is for anyone willing to accept the truth and some haven't find the strength to find it yet.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    LOOL do your thing man tell me why they hatin!!!!!!!!!!These lost people don't know nothing about Jesus Christ.

    • Anonymous

      jesus lived 2,000 years ago which made everything he done prophetic as a warning and reality of the end times whats about to come and happening now in this very moment. S adly he has been made into something else by the white race. He fought and died for freedom. justice and equality which is modern day Islam and was was set up by the jews and killed for his life giving truth message

  • J Thomas B

    Not that anybody will love you or hate you since nobody is loved by everybody and everybody is loved by somebody. But I can honestly say as a convert of ten years from serving self and everything else but God to serving no one and no thing else but God, that rapped word when tailored accurately to my composure has the power to keep me strong in the face of adversity. I live not by our own views, it's the Book that steers me. To condemn the book and leave my faith intact is to poke the alpha wolf with a small branch in the midst of the pack. Not to convert the obstacles or try to lure a cat using a dog as bait, seeing they only seek to destroy. Their arguments challenge our faith with considerable claims to persuade us to doubt. Never providing enough substance to debunk Christ; and even in Christ the divisions among us due to the diversities of functions and the lack of understanding and appreciation for or differences in our functions only makes it harder to be accepted anywhere, church or not. Core root is: if the belief is deep enough it won't change no matter if that belief be right or wrong. So if that be the case with us and we disagree, my belief, which is reality, is that God will make clear every disagreement. Luke 12 he said he came to send fire on earth, to divide, and that hypocrites can't tell what time it is, between the 49th and 55th verses. It's time to lay aside our differences and focus on the work we were given, and if the greatest priority you were given is to condemn every work that is in the body of Christ working salvation in a way that you don't understand while there's Dope Dealer Rap, Pimps dogging our daughters, Rockets and Air Strikes, lives torn apart from addiction, neglect, bullying, peer pressure, lies, human trafficking, diseases, death and even though we both stand up against all of these, instead of staning together now and letting God correct us on his own time, it's more important for us fight and war and lust an kill and bite and devour one another trying to correct each other just so we can fight these challenges all by ourselves. That kind of thinking deserves sarcasm. Lastly it's not about christian rappers, it's about the division Christ set intentionally, not to separate us from each other, but to function as needed together as different parts of the body in him. That's methodists, baptists, pentecostals, catholic, anglican, all are guilty of letting our responsibilities die and go to hell all because whats more important to us than saving souls from an eternity in hell is that we get that man over there to have his eyes roll in the back of his head and go into convulsions when you lay your hand on his shoulder.

  • Nate A

    Luke 6:26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way. Haters helping evidence that Lecrae isn't false. If they spurned Messiah, they'll definitely hate him.

    • Anonymous

      They the same ones demolishing jay electronica's beliefs in the name of their christian teachings but wont ever listen to this guy. The hypocrisy is evident and rampant.

  • Anonymous

    This niggga is such a fuckin' dweeb. You're religious. that isn't an "anomaly. over half the fuckin' nation identifies as being religious. Nigga just milkin' these Lolo Jones-ass niggas blind.

    • dre

      u buggin. half of these people dont even live out what they read. crae aint milkin' nobody. he been about that life. u should do ur research. homie been spit in his face for tellin' people about christ. how many of those so called believers u talkin' about experienced that, going to church once in a while and having "christian" in ur religious views means nuthin' if u dont have a relationship with God. look up some crae and let em point u to that living water. peace

  • Co-Sign

    This dude annoying as hell. His first album was released around the same exact time Fabolous released his album Real Talk. This dude's album name was also Real Talk. Around the same time Eminem released Recovery he released a similar sounding title named Rehab. Plus he loves getting secular producers and collaborating with people who ain't Christian. You can tell this guy wanna go mainstream secular but he's found himself a nice niche that he knows he can keep milking.

    • winner

      two albums out of 8?? seriously your logic here is lacking. I'm sure he's not looking to go mainstream secular. You really need to do your research into why those albums were even named that. In fact, he just dropped a track called "Non-Fiction" where he says his selfrighteousness spurred him to write Rehab. Not Eminem.

    • Co-Sign

      OMG TWO RAPPERS WITH SIMILAR ALBUM TITLES IT'S JUST MIND BOOGGLIN' Yeah, every time. Weird huh? Like a rapper can't out of respect (and to not make it look like he's biting off someone else) change his damn album title. And content sucks. Nothin' big

    • Anonymous

      Do you listen to the music? All your comment pertained to was gossip related shit. Let's judge the content and grow up a bit

    • BumiYay


  • Anonymous

    Straight swagger jacking Master P's cover for GameFace. May God have mercy on your soul.

  • Anonymous

    still corny. gotta conform with the ways of the world yo

  • Anonymous

    Lecrae gets better and better with every release. I hope this is good!

  • vcepzcxbzxb

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  • Justin Moss

    Anomaly is going to be dope. Lecrae is one of the best rappers out right now. Whether you're Christian or not, you've gotta respect his hustle as an artist.

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