Beastie Boys "Can't Make New Music" Without MCA, Mike D Says

Mike D: oeWe have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died. We can't make new music."

 The Beastie Boys' Mike D says the group has been unable to work since the passing of MCA.

“We have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died,” Mike D says in an interview with New York Daily News. “We can’t make new music."

In the interview, Mike D also explained the group's perspective on licensing music for commercials. 

“We do not let our music get used in in commercials for commercial products,” he says.

Mike D recently testified in federal court as part of a $1 million lawsuit he's filing against Monster Energy Drink for using a Beastie track on "Ruckus in the Rockies." 

Another example of this came up when the Beastie Boys were recently asked to have "Sabotage" in Sabotage, an action film by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After MCA's 2012 passing, Mike D posted the following message.

"I know, we should have tweeted and instagrammed every sad, happy and inspired thought, smile or tear by now. But honestly the last few days have just been a blur of deep emotions for our closest friend, band mate and really brother. I miss Adam so much. He really served as a great example for myself and so many of what determination, faith, focus, and humility coupled with a sense of humor can accomplish. The world is in need of many more like him. We love you Adam. BTW this photo sent to me by a friend, (thanks Saslow) is just one awesome example of how NYC is such a unique place that amidst it's huge size and frenetic pace it really opens up it's heart in so many ways and on on so many levels in times like these. And though it makes me cry sometimes, it has been really amazing and moving to see.  Mike." 

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  • PATHH88

    Do not comment on the Beastie Boys being non Hip Hop if you have not listened straight through the whole Paul's Boutique album. Also, as Lord Jamar will tell you "Hold It, Now Hit It" was a Hip Hop anthem back in the 80's, in clubs like Rooftops, Latin Square etc And to say they were mocking the culture cos of a pic of them in the 80's is straight BS, THEY toured with LL, Run DMC, Public Enemy and a whole host of other real Hip Hop acts that all cosigned them. If you speaking out the side of your mouth about an era or group you know nothing about then put a zip in it. The Beastie Boys are more Hip Hop than your favourite rapper...check out Root Down video for some Hip Hop history you wont get in your favourite rappers videos...i could go on but you KIDS lack education, respect and integrity...

    • john mickins

      man i dont know you personally but my dude PREACH!!!!!! well said

    • nuc

      co sign!!! 100%. root down reference is alone evidence enoygh let alone all the countless hiphop trakcs they rocked over the years..... if you doubt the beastie boys, you don' deserve the quality they delivered.

  • Anonymous

    If You Can Feel What I'm Feeling Then It's A Musical Masterpiece If You Can Hear What I'm Dealing With Then That's Cool At Least What's Running Through My Mind Comes Through In My Walk True Feelings Are Shown From The Way That I Talk And This Is Me Y'All, I M.C. Y'All My Name Is M.C.A. And I Still Do What I Please And Now I'd Like To Introduce what's up? I'll Pass The Mic To D. For A Fist Full Of Truth

  • Anonymous

    for those concerned about the hip-hop purity aspect, they didn't even want to release "Sabotage" at the time because they felt it was "too rock." The song was even titled 'Chris Rock" and was an instrumental-only. no one in the group wanted to rhyme over it. They only wanted to put out hip-hop sounding rap songs (and they had rap hits from like 1987-2004 FWIW). They wanted to release stuff like "pass the mic." Then finally Ad rock jumped on it and added lyrics at the last minute. Then after that they still came back (for the 4th or 5th time) and put out a huge hip-hop record.

  • Anonymous

    Come on, just look at the picture, u can clearly tell theyre mocking the culture.

    • Anonymous

      how would you know if you weren't in the culture then every time I see this picture I think about them bootleg fila shirts

  • Anonymous

    rip MCA, i dont wish cancer on anyone. but i with the beasty boys its where it started to go the wrong way with hiphop, these whiteboys tried to capitalize on black culture AKA culture vultures.

  • MaryJDecker

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  • Anonymous

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  • What yall smokin

    See this the problem. the same niggas sayin these guys got classics would never have bumped their shit when they were alive. Lets be honest here these guys were nothing more then a gimmick. They wasn't hip hop and they didn't have no classics. only song most people know is no sleep. These cats were nothing more than a gimmick group they weren't hip hop and most definitely NOT legends.

    • Anonymous

      "would never have bumped their shit when they were alive." "They"? SMH..

    • Anonymous

      only a f-ckboy would think 'no sleep' was the song in a time where 2 turntables, boomboxes and big ass woofer speakers ruled dudes that would slap the eyeball out your socket listened to the Beastie Boys, drinking their 'brass monkey' (wasn't no ciroq or fireball then), listening to 'posse in effect', 'the new style', 'slow and low' and 'paul revere' in the streets, cars and parks of the 5 boroughs blasting them beats foh

    • Anonymous

      Nigga, you just went full retard. Never go full retard.

  • nuc

    'Hello Nasty' got two spins in my whip this AM. NY Legends!

  • polo hova

    Hey that's real love for MCA r.i.p. My introduction to hip hop was through them. They legendary and originators.

  • VbN

    I still bump Beastie Boys. They have enough classic hits

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