Young Buck Comments On G-Unit Reunion

Young Buck says he is "never looking back" following G-Unit's "Summer Jam 2014" reunion.

Young Buck has addressed G-Unit's Summer Jam 2014 reunion with an Instagram post. 

The photograph the rapper posted shows him on stage during the event.  

"LEFT THE #TRAP LASTNIGHT....AND ENDED UP HERE. NEVER LOOKING BACK!!!! #DopeBoyUniversity #G-Unit @dopeboyuniversityclothing IS AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL @citygear RIGHT NOW," Buck says in the photo's caption.

This isn't the only photograph Buck posted regarding G-Unit. The Cashville emcee also posted an image of 50 Cent placing a chain around his neck.

"IN THE OFFICE #RunninDatCheckUp WITH @50cent TODAY. JUST PUT A HOUSE ON MY NECK...AND A CAR ON MY WRIST...#DopeBoyUniversity," Buck says in the caption. 

The reunion didn't end on stage. G-Unit released "Nah I'm Talking 'Bout" yesterday (June 1). The track features 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd and Young Buck. 

Buck's Instagram posts are as follows: 

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  • GordonX

    50 and his whole crew is dated and corny.

  • Anonymous

    why does it feel as if this whole split up was a publicity stunt



  • Anonymous

    'Cops were in the wrong in Georgia and that's why Pac didn't to jail' 2pac almost ran over the 2 cops and their companions. They pulled their guns and Pac fired back. The only reason it went away cause ballerina boy filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit, so the department buried it to avoid bad press.

  • Anonymous

    "Burnin_it_down420: You jus went from being one of the realest.. to one of the fakest @buckshotz" Lol at niggas hating already

  • Tank

    I don't know about this!!! I want to see how long this gonna last cuz just 2 weeks ago 50 diss Banks, Yayo, and Buck and all of the sudden they're back together. I mean only time will tell... and I wonder what Buck and Game relationship gonna be like now since they are cool now. Its a matter of time we gonna hear from Game about his whole G-Unit reunion. But at the end of the day Game don't need G-Unit he been doing his own thing for the past 7 years.... Buck, Yayo, and Bank haven't release an album in years and prolly is desperate to make some money, which I don't blame them.

    • Caho

      Banks dropped HFM2. That album is dope and it was undershipped. Sold out everywhere. Beamer Benz or Bently single went platinum. Banks has been touring clubs in Europe for the last year. He made lot of money. That is why he was absent for a year.

    • Obvious

      This whole thing was staged, and look at the reaction of the unit reuniting, it made headlines everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Save yo money this time Buck. This won't last long.

  • Anonymous

    it's good to see brothers handle they business like men. now, for the sake of official street lyrical hip hop, i wouldnt mind seeing YMCMB implode.

  • mmmmmmm

    this time he better not be broke

  • Anonymous

    DJ O.P. Ft. Young Buck, Styles P & Uncle Murda - Murda Barz

  • Anonymous

    A pair of tims in the pm in Brooklin lookin for some dominican niggas that be cookin/ Pushin threw these boroughs followed by two camaros mac-90 beside me with the airhose/ Couple grimey bitches on the text who dont wear clothes/ Set a nigga up just to get something up in there nose/ All my niggas sell os and roll cigarellos rich country niggas with some ashy ass elbows/ Worth a hundered bricks and some khakis and some shell toes and fuck with rachet hoes that be boostin in stillettos/ Mansion paid for but we sleepin in the ghettos/ Please dont compare me to rappers we on different levels/ Baggin up angel dust servin it to the devils this shit will make Micheal Phelps go and pawn his gold medals / You and lv bitch im runnin with the rebels and ill be right here when all the smoke settles

  • Buck sucks

    50 needs to put buck back on the streets where he belongs. Buck aint loyal he jus wanna be with 50 to get hooked up with some dough. Buck needs to back to living in his cardboard box.

  • GRiiP

    G Unit are just like any family members that have a dispute. I haven't seen 2 of my brothers in 7 years, but the love is still there. Sometimes people just need space.

    • PAhiphopFAN

      True stuff. Sometimes Im mad at my cousin, but I still notice he's family. Good to see Buck getting back on point.

  • Anonymous

    "Pac shot 2 cops" He shot at them. That's just fucking dumb. If they would have died, you would have never heard from him again.

  • Anonymous

    This is what's up. Hopefully all them boys get back to the money! Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have good videos on there too!

  • MaryJDecker

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  • Anonymous

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  • LANigga_

    Fuck the Gossip bullshit! We complain on the site about Garbage ass albums all the time, We complain about artist not being Hip-Hop, We complain about Niggaz being more like bitches now a days.. For once, can we just sit back & appreciate Good Music & Good Moments from Great Hip Hop Artist like Unit.. Buck, Banks, Fif can all rap they ass off & most importably of all... They haven't abandoned our culture for commercial success. I salute these niggaz

  • Anonymous

    From Dipset to g unit reunion sounds but in 2014 will anybody care?????????

  • Anonymous

    will anybody give two shits a week from now when Fiddy flops like a fish out of water?

  • What

    You know what say what you want to say about 50 Cent but he is a smart dude, he know what to do to sell record after talk all that trash about evey last member of G-Unit, The Kid flip it to made himself look good, If 50 Cent is not pulling another stunt, My hat off too the nigga man, I respect what he is doing

  • ThisJustIn

    I think this move just re-made me a 50 Cent fan. No more hating on Curtis from now on...until he disses G-Unit then we back to gettin at him. For now He is good on my books. Just might buy his album...NAAAAAAWWWWHH. lol He good for the Buck stuff tho.

    • nuc

      said the same thing yesterday to a homie.... 50 respecting Nas was the big one for me.. Can't lie... Would still love to see Game get back in the mix. He out the Unit for not disrespecting LOX, NAS n others.... Whom Fiddy is now showing love to.

  • Anonymous

    Banks is looking very depressed

  • POPE

    I dont think the industry wanted this. 50 is smart. He said you know what, let me get off this label and run my shit my way then bring everyone back in. The team can't be hot until the leader is hot. he gotta set it off and from the looks of it he shut down summer jam!

  • Anonymous

    The reunion gimmick was already predicted on the blogs because Curtis made it so obvious by overdoing the fakeness of it all by shitting on his crew. HipHop is in a new phase right now were people are more interested in the music and less interested in the gimmicks and fake shit so the G Unit shit will crash and burn and be forgotten in a few weeks while people listen to used from relevant artists.

    • Anonymous

      "HaHa Brutha always make them faggit ass white bitches scam in pain like the bitches they were bred to be." HaHa Bruthadee always pretends to be someone else to defend himself when he gets called out for being a 40 year old black nerd

    • Anonymous

      funny how you attribute the predictions to blogs and not your own critical thinking it all makes sense now

    • Anonymous

      HaHa Brutha always make them faggit ass white bitches scam in pain like the bitches they were bred to be.

    • Anonymous

      We heard you the first time, bruthadee, and no one believes you.

  • yo mama's wet dream

    Hope the unit can put out another lp b4 they split again! Hopefully they don't put kidd kidd on it tho, I can't stand him. Really don't understand what people see in him, same generic garbage ass flow that the game is overdosing on already.

  • Anonymous


  • guerilla jones

    dope boy university? what kind of dumb shit is that?

    • Me

      Not Dope meaning High but DOPE meaning fly, now kick rocks sucka.. Buck been catering to the D-Boys and now he twisted it for yo punk ass Ni..

  • COCA


  • joey

    Lol They look miserable.

  • Anonymous

    half the industry is all fake

    • Anonymous

      the problem is people can't recognize real or fake so they get them twisted heads only annoyed and salty now because their 50 gUnit trolling has gone up in flames, they'll fall back and wait for the sales numbers because that's their lame life

  • Anonymous

    implosion in 3,2,1...

  • chris

    The reality is this and I respect yall opinion's on the subject because we all have one but,contract wise G Unit still have album obligation's to 50 ,while they can go to another label ,they would still be obligated to pay 50..i cant get mad at some shit that went the end of the day Buck was the first one to say fuck G Unit so whatever happen after that he brought that on his self..but let me ask yall this if a nigga came to your door step and said hey fuck what happen between us in the past let go make a couple more wouldn't do it?

  • Anonymous

    "rapped about facts that affect society and about busting shots which he did" List the names of so called people he shot and killed. Then try and explain why he kept getting shot up and never drew a gun. 2pac had his moments, but was a walking contradiction, aka a fake tough guy who admitted on camera that all his Death Row antics were just to make some money. His mom did more dirt than him lol

  • Anonymous

    They all look like their about to cry lol

  • Mario Toney

    I think thats a smart move by 50 cent , bringing the unit back on some indie shh....add Kidd Kidd and one more emcee like a chicago nicka or Freddie Gibbs type and west coast .cat ..then you got G/z from the south, east midwest and west....Find a few hungry producers with a new sound and booooom.....I think 50 can have shh like death row, cash/money young money ....and then sign some other acts like Brielle marie, Futuristic and acts thats different than the street shh and diversify the brand to white corporate america as well as all nationalities...Gunit latino also.....also checkout the songstress Brielle Marie new video Only Human .

    • chris

      And on top of that everybodys favorite crews/labels so to speak,got artist that's just sittin on the shelf doing nothing..

  • Anonymous

    Lames.They all let 50 pimp them. P.I.M.P.-Buck, this dude posted a call with you crying and you put his chain on? You are a special type of fool.

    • Anonymous

      it's called growing up child, you should try it

    • Anonymous

      Lol and bucks got a ton of diss tracks with 50s name on em whats 50 doing buyin him a chain?

    • chris

      To be quite honest homie they pimpin 50..where else can they go and be in front of 50,000 fans??where else can they go and make 30,000-50,000 a night?..damn sure not solo so they using each other

    • fuck you

      buck didnt put 50s chain 50 bought buck the chain. the man who made him rich then released the taped convo and made him broke is now making him rich again and your actually complaining?

  • kayne

    the you today new hip hop drink prom party nssc his did'nt you , to day going bitches you rappper his eminem dear 50cent and lloys banks young buck tony yayo we nah im talkin about guint attack come your cd album fucking tuesday you dre fuckin too much going branden jravis you going to killer justin go fuck theworld

  • kayne

    fuck hell little fucker bitch muthfucking

  • kayne

    50cent ni**a bitch faggot goddamn

  • kayne

    we here you to what up going but going from bowling you gunplay we going cash aftermath going you fucking his about his suck ggggggguint and gount the game fuck it

  • kayne

    50cent and young buck

  • anonymous

    These niggas actin like the world is anticipating their reunion. Besides Fiddy, the rest of HIS UNIT haven't done shit. I look at G-Unit like a basketball team. Fiddy is like Vince Carter. He was dope back in the day, but now he average at best. The rest of the unit is like a bunch of bench warmers who get thrown into the starting line-up because they can't afford anyone else decent.

    • Anonymous

      of course G-Unit will become tired again like everything in hip-hop does...

    • anonymous

      I dont rock skinny jeans nor do I listen to Drake. Nigga is whack. I look at consistency son. G-unit was hot for a minute and then disappear for an hour. 50 talks all this shit about other rappers to keep his name in the game just enough so that when he drops this bombshell that G-unit is back, it's big news. Mark my words, this won't last. G-unit will become tired to most and it's de ja vu all over again. Sincerely, Fuck Boy

    • sd

      the world are anticipating their reunion. they're already trending worldwide more than nicki, drake, wayne, ross and all them other rappers so i think its safe to say g-unit are back.

    • Anonymous

      a lot of people were anticipating this fuck boy. just because you wear skinny jeans and listen to drake dont mean real niggas still aint checking for the unit.

  • Anonymous

    Next week they're all gonna hate each other again. That's 50 for you.

  • TRAP

    Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young rappers out there, they are the blueprint of the real niggas and here is why: - Young Thug was arrested for drug possession; - Young Thug was arrested for reckless driving; - Lil Durk was arrested on a weapons charge; - Lil Durk was arrested with a loaded .40-caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached; - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; - they walk around with illegal weapons; - they go out gunning; - all other rappers rap about being gangster, shooting and killing, but they haven't done it. They ain't no fantasy niggas like: 1. Mobb Deep were 12 / 14 years old when they met at the school of arts. 2. Nas "Escobar" raps about how he is a queens thug, but he wasn't. Lol, nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong. So you sold dope? Nigga, the only thing you sold is records. 3. 2Pac never gangbanged 4. Ice Cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a "G"? 5. Rick Ross is a legend, but not a streetlegend, but a foodlegend. 6. Eminem raps about killing - he hasn't. He says he hates gay people, but did a song with Elton John? 7. Jay Z raps in open letter about sending shots - he hasn't. Nigga, you never hustled, fucking liar! People in Brooklyn tell other stories... 8. Most of the rappers rap about stuff they haven't done, yet you all support them and say it's real rap. 9. 50 Cent a.k.a. Snitchy Cent tries to commercialize himself as a "gangsta", though we both know that even a vegetable is more hood than him. 10. The Game was never in a gang and he never gangbanged. He is a phony and talks in his lyrics about his brother who is a real banger. Lol, nigga was a male stripper! 11. When Rick Ross does it you all claim he is fake and say it's fake rap. This shows that hip hop fans are hypocritical and all these real hip hop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. I never heard your favorite rapper (50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, The Game, etc.) diss Lil Durk or Young Thug, because your favorite rapper knows that they will beat him up. Wack or not Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young niggas in the rap game and that's a fact. They were drug dealers and gang members before rappers. They have street credentials, they are the only rappers who rap about facts. Your favorite rapper wants to be as real as Young Thug or Lil Durk. That's how real niggas do it. They ain't nothing to fuck with!

    • you sound stupid

      Since when did being "real" matter? It's music... it is meant to entertain... make us dance, make us think. Will Smith didn't kill aliens in real life... I still enjoyed MIB, Al Pacino didn't kill a bunch of people or run a drug cartel but I still love Scarface... Young Thung is wack and gay as fuck.. Lil durk is ignorant and makes shitty music. You have everything backwards... Bill Gates is rich as hell so if he made terrible music about being rich you would respect it and like to more than Jay-Z, Eminem or 50 Cent because it is "real"? People forget that music is a business and it's main purpose is to give people entertainment.

    • nycwhiteboy

      Main thing I disagree with is your point on 2pac. The dude was born practically in jail. His mother was a black panther who defended herself against the US government and WON! He shot at two off duty cops for fucking with a black man on the side of the highway who Pac did not even know personally. He was shot 5 times, left immediately after surgery under his own security guards who were all ex Black Panthers as well, showed up in court the next day and was found guilty of a crime he did not commit. The dude started a beef that ignited an entire coast to hate one another, completely changed the Rap game and birthed the Rappers becoming actors movement. You can never say this dude was not the realest, he rapped about facts that affect society and about busting shots which he did. He looked to change a young persons mind and be spark that would change the world so that Lil Durk and Young Thug would not have to grow up under the circumstances they did.... HE WAS AND STILL IS THE REALEST THAT EVER DID IT...HANDS DOWN---

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay shits on young buck.

  • Anonymous

    Game ended G-Unit. Stop Snitchin-Stop Lyin

    • Anonymous

      Whens the last time Game was asked to headline a festival? That nigga don't even have a label that will sign him because he thinks he's worth more than anyone is willing to pay.

    • Anonymous

      You fool dick ride. Game ended them. 100 bars and runnin, idiots. To be on stage?? they couldnt get money without him. SUCKAS

    • gds

      game didnt end g-unit... there was once upon a time when game petitioned for a reunion

    • Anonymous

      Thats why G-Unit just rocked the stage in front of 60k people with Nas, Yo Gotti, and Fabolous while Game was back in Cali taking selfies on himself with his shirt off for IG.

  • Anonymous

    G UNIT!!!!!!!!! East Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!


    Dope Boy University??? Really?? That's the best name you can come up with for a clothing line and you expect it to blow-up in any shape form or fashion?? I'm glad your back in the game Buck, but I honestly think you can do better than Dope Boy University bruh.

    • G-Unit

      Buck has t-shirts that touch on all subjects including knowing your 4th Amendment rights, he is also doing projects helping the youth by giving them merch to sell instead of drugs and there isn't another clothing line that touches on these realities in poor communities... Buck has matured and I know personally because I work with him so slow down and peep game before being so quick to judge..


      @Anonymous- Touch on that bruh, lol!! @Garry- I think outside of the box all the time and I know he could've thought of a better logo or saying that wasn't related to drugs. So basically, by today's standards and stereotypes, he was thinking inside the box, if he was even thinking at all...

    • garry

      think outside the box. it doesnt mean dope as in drugs. the logo says dope boy university... dope meaning fly not high.

    • Anonymous

      hey it's still better than Vampyre Life! LOLOL

  • Anonymous


  • John

    50 Cent is the Vince McMahon of hip-hop

    • Anonymous


  • Arturo Jimenez

    i love it... dont fuck it up this time buck.. lets get this money

  • Your Father

    50 really a WWE nigga. I have a feeling the breakup (with Banks and Yayo) was staged as promo leading up to the album and summer jam.

    • me

      absolutely it was staged. it's all corporate. kind of like how 50 Cent has had a story daily on this site for the past month leading up to his album release. not a coinky dink.

    • Anonymous

      Nah Banks really wasn't fucking with him for a few years...

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