Kool Keith Addresses Lil B Comparisons, Praises His Work Ethic

"That guy is cool," Kool Keith says. "It's like he has a lot of work ethic to himself."

Responding to commentary comparing California rapper Lil B to himself, Kool Keith detailed his view of the “Wonton Soup” artist.

“Yeah, I saw some of his videos, matter of fact,” Kool Keith said in response to the comparison in an interview with VladTV. “Pretty cool. It’s like he’s making his own moves. He’ll film a video anywhere. He’ll cook breakfast and do his video. One video I saw that was kind of ill, he had some crazy grandmother hat on. It was crazy. But the record was wild. I like the dude’s motive of work. He keeps making records constantly. And he’ll film a video anywhere. And he got more views than the average person signed to a record label.”

Adding praise for Lil B’s work ethic, Keith went on to reference his lack of label backing.

“That guy is cool,” he said. “It’s like he has a lot of work ethic to himself. You know you gotta say sometimes, a guy that records like that, he’s not lazy. He’s making songs...No matter how much you see him it’s like, he has a place to go to make them songs...It’s not like he’s not making those songs. He’s making them naturally the way he wants to make them. It’s not like a record company is behind that stuff. You could listen to his music and you could tell it’s no executive sitting, telling him...Most artists you could tell it’s very executive-driven. Like, ‘Okay, this song is supposed to be directed this way. It’s more a lot of politics in the song.’ His song you could tell there’s no politics in the records at all. It’s just what he made.”

On the subject of Lil B’s one-take and prolific recording habits, Kool Keith said, “You don’t always have to make perfect records sometimes.”

“You might say a word that’s funny that you mispronounce and you wanna leave it like that,” he added. “Or you might wanna make up a word. You might want to make a word like ‘eradicize,’ that’s no such word in the dictionary. But it sounds so good on the record, you’re like, ‘I’m gonna leave “eradicize.”’ It sounds good. If you was with a label, they’d be like, ‘You didn’t say that word right. Why don’t you go back and edit it and take it out?’ Even if you was an R&B singer, you couldn’t sing a wrong word. I’m saying, that’s good for him. It’s definitely open-minded to the ears. A person like that can make anything and it opens doors for people who want to work on songs and feel more open about’em.”

Yesterday, Lil B released his Hoop Life mixtape. Alongside a dis for Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, the project features 32 other songs. The release is Lil B's second this year and follows his Basedworld Paradise project from February. 

Last week, Kool Keith released a 37-track double album called Demolition Crash. The album features A.G., Rah Digga, and more.


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  • Anonymous

    lil b is one of the worst rappers ever, no lyrics at all. if you dont have flow or lyrics you do not embody what a true mc/rapper really is. complete shit, reason why hip hop is in the shape its in.

    • hatchitori

      The fact that you have a set idea about what a rapper "really is" shows the limits of your imagination. Rap was born out of a challenge to what music "really is". Let's not close shit down. The key to lil B's distribution approach is that he doesn't have to adhere to any expectations. He can be true to his creative vision not to that of a record label.

    • tybg

      u just mad cuz lil b fucked your bitch fuck boy

  • Mike

    Kool Keith is a straight legend. He has always done it the way he wanted to and never gave a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Demolition Crash was ill

  • FucKKK KKKool KKKeith

    Fuck this old irrelevant ass nigga and that faggot Lil B.

  • Lil Bars


  • kjnjknjkn

    comparing lil b to kool keith is an insult to the based god. talk to me when kool keith releases 19 classics including a top 1 album, im gay. dont get me wrong, dr octagonecologyst and ego trippin are good but lil b's shit dun changed the game and brought forth a new sub genre of hip hop we all know now as horrorcore without lil b there would be no eminem, tyler the creator, earl and all them lil b is god

  • Anonymous

    They may have similarities, only Kool Keith is 1000 times better than Lil B.

  • Hachitori

    I agree with KK, you can't front on Lil B. Basically anyone who is working with Calms Casino, or a producer who sounds like Clams Casino, Lil B started that. I also like that he doesn't give a fuck about perfect delivery. Him and Kanye. It's about time rappers stopped it with the heavy handed rhyme schemes. Too often complicated delivery compensates for not having anything to say. Kendrick is an obvious exception.

  • Anonymous

    Kool Keith is Fucking ILL!!! Anyone who says different needs to change the music you listen to. Dr Octagynocologist !!!

  • Anonymous

    The backpackers don't know what to comment to this story. On one hand, they want to criticize Lil B. On the other hand, they don't want to go against Kool Keith. Uh oh.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Haha. Exactly. Backpackers don't know how to think objectively. They just have artists they've decided to like no matter what, and artists they've decided to hate no matter what. They'll say Wax is a better rapper than Jay-Z with a straight face.

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