Public Enemy's Chuck D Says Hot 97 Has Made "Sloppy Fiasco" Of Hip Hop

Public Enemy's Chuck D also appears to call what Hot 97 has done a cultural crime by using the hashtag #culturalcrime.

Chuck D posted a picture of himself yesterday (June 1), showcasing a look that he says he has when he thinks about New York radio station Hot 97's impact on Rap.

"The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop. #culturalCrime," Chuck D said in the Twitter post. 

One of Chuck's followers responded by saying Hot 97 has to "pay the bills like everybody else." To this, Chuck said: "yeah slavery paid bills too, correct?" 

He elaborated: "bottom line is you make sht better than how you found it. You buy a house, don't take care of it, a town is calling u out.." 

This followed Hot 97's annual Summer Jam 2014 event, which featured performances from Nicki Minaj, Nas and a reunited G-Unit. 

In 2012, Chuck D spoke with HipHopDX about his thoughts on radio.

"The consolidation of radio stations was like the worst thing ever done to music," he said at the time. "Look, man, conscious record versus unconscious record, political record versus street record, that’s a bunch of bullshit really. [On an artist’s album pre-consolidation] there were always two to three songs for the hood, for your mom’s or whatever – by every artist. I think when it became formula to continue to just cut joints and you’re pressured to sell – Understand this, niggativity has always been popular and has always been a money-maker in America. Blacks [being degraded and] looked upon at our lowest has always sold – just like slavery itself – more than something that happens to be high standing on its own two feet … to this day. So we shouldn’t be surprised if somebody makes a conscious move to make a quote-unquote positive record and that doesn’t fly out of the record stores, and you make something that might just be talking about stripping or drug-dealing in the year 2012 and it happens to rise because it [works] in the club. I don’t think it’s unfair to measure the music by its quantity instead of its quality …. And too often Rap music and Hip Hop is weighed in bubblegum type standards."  

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  • Young_Bruva

    I usually don't comment on these sites but dude said Chuck ain't from the hood,He from Long Island...Well i'm from Cali..and you must have never been to Hempstead,Freeport, Rosevelt,Wyndanch..I'm all for the club shit,but you kinda need both for balance..Rakim,EPMD,Keith Murray,DE-La,P.E.,all from L.I.,but none of them sounded the same...kidz nowadays need BALANCE...

  • the_truth_teller

    One word:IRRELEVANT.

  • Fosterakahunter

    Im reading some extremely negative and disrespectful comments posted here in response to Chuck D's views. My response to those that feel it appropriate to throw stones at the Brother; "Fuxx you, you crab-in-a-barrel-ass Uncle Tom spooks with your hatred of self, and you racist, white trolls. You're the same sort of people that thought the group "Too Black, Too Strong" and a threat back during their heyday. And, for the record, DEF JAM was an independent label with a major label distribution partnership in place when PE were under contract. Get your facts straight before you show your stupidity on the internets.

  • anonymous

    Calling Chuck D out because you can't play politically insightful hip hop in the club is weak as hell. PE was a pioneer for hip hop and their sound influenced Eric B. and Rakim, Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Wu Tang, Killah Priest, Brother Ali and so many more. Their songs were educational for a whole generation of people who weren't and still are not getting facts from the school system. Public Enemy was and is a gateway into black liberation theology, a lyrical remembrance of social inequalities, and a call to action. I'm not knockin all the club banger shit, but at the end of the day, what is the message to the community? Get money, get laid, and then what? There is no real substance to it. PE and some of the others I listed before have substance that leaves you with questions about the world around us. They are a full meal like a ribeye steak, whereas all the pop sounding, club shit is empty of redeeming value. That shit is like the jumbo pack of pink hotdogs, all nitrates and made up of random bullshit that isn't healthy for anybody.

    • DJ shadowmack

      Thanx now I know there are still real hip hop head and not all this water down bubblegum rap heads much respect

  • MR.TiredOfASmartRapper

    Chuck knows Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey but won't attempt to implement any Economics in to Hip-Hop even though he masters knowledge.. I don't wanna hear more talks of problems when we could strategically employ, empower and educate.. P.E has made enough money to buy equipment to make cd's, dvd's, books, t-shirts and all kinds of products that could have employed people in poor communities.. If we know Garvey we shouldn't have to even have this discussion, it's time to move and start making shit happen and give brothers other opportunities besides dope, this is why jails are packed because the bread winners/entertainers have not figured out the science of employing one another because we'd rather give away the COW on the Willy Lynch tip, YES we'd rather go buy milk and from the person we gave the cow to, it's sad but true and those are the chains RAPPERS like Chuck have to break.. Your not a leader until you teach people how to succeed, anybody can talk that shit.. People wanna buy from America but America don't make shit, but hip-hop runs the world and everybody wants a piece of it but we don't sell nothing but dope.. WakeUpMaFkrs..

    • Anonymous

      the fatal flaw in your rant is we know there's absolutely no way they would give chuck the keys to anything with that revolution talk -chuck wanna drop a book? nobody give him a book deal -chuck want milk distribution? throw 10 years of red tape at him -chuck wanna own cows? we gave them to bundy although we still ain't get paid, f-ck chuck though give him desert land and overpriced cows so he goes bankrupt & forecloses and it ain't just chuck, krs1 out there, dead prez out there, none of them can get that pro-black off the ground? hmmm..... I feel you though, carver bank only has 8 branches in NYC and hardly anybody knows about them yes, carver bank is a black owned bank, the largest black financial institution in the us, but beyond NYC it's nowhere to be found, you have all the other banks and rapid cash/quicken loans to use brothers and sisters, but jay & puff know about them and don't big them up or use them though

    • Anonymous

      Nigga was signed to Def Jam from the jump, he always been corporate, only real niggas are the ones doing it on the independent level

  • BigWorm

    Chuck D shut the "F" up! You tried to rock and roll with ll cool Jay a few months with an all white band. Just shut the "F" up!

  • ListenUp

    Some of the older White folks will never accept black people, Chuck! Let us be honest with that Chuck. You do have good points but you are telling us something that we already know. Those guys at summer jam last worked their butts off last night to maintain a position in hip hop and that stage. Yes, some of this was trash but when you have a guy like Nas representing how can you go wrong. Nas is the King of this Shit! I think it was beautiful for him to coexist with 50 again. Brothers learn how to love one another again. Stop all the fight the power shit!!! It is 2014 broh! Did anyone call Public Enemy and Chuck D. No! So "F" off!

    • Fosterakahunter

      You are true fool. Nas is pandering, and Curtis is trying to get back in the game and remain relevant. They don't call PE possibly because of people like yourself. Plus, PE is bigger than a Summer Jam at this point. They're performing internationally and continuing the message. You're saying ListenUp, and I say, "to what"?

  • illone

    Hot97 make be a mockery, but where's the pic showig the discus for Flava Flav!?

  • Anonymous

    "yall dont get it. listen to a country or rock and roll station and see how garth brooks and jimi hendrix are treated. you really think the crowd knew who Dres or Black Thought were?" ^ exactly they get love on the rock station, the classic rock station, the light rock station, the pop station, the oldies station, there's room to play things anytime for the love of music hip hop gotta fit on one 24hr station (NYC has two and they play the same music) and if you live in the small cities or towns, z100 is your rap music (why many commenters' top list & faves resemble recent billboard z100 rotation)

  • Renzo rollin

    He's on twitter, lol!?!?!?!? Twitter is for gossiping girls.

  • chris

    I dnt know how many of you guys are in your 30's and if your a younger head you cant fault what radio plays but ,hot 97 20 years ago played a lot more of the PE,Gangstarr,Nas,etc.nowadys you can barely find a new York artist on there reality they are now owned big a huge corporation which doesn't care about the golden age so to speak of hip cant blame the station ,you have to blame the machine

    • Anonymous

      Hot97 was WYNY, a country station, and I think it was 87-88 when they tried to battle WKTU (92.3) for the freestyle, uprock dance club fans, then switched to battle WRKS (98.7 Kiss RIP) & WBLS (107.5), then just Hot97 that $97 was real though, lol Clear Channel bought WWPR and changed the soft rock station to Power 105, clear channel owns WHTZ (z100) and iheart, so if you listen to all of them in one day you need deprogramming

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Oh, man another one of Public Frenimies' lackeys starts bitching and moping about the current state of hip hop. Shut your old ass up and get your prostate examined or something. Rap is going to be the way it is. Yes, the corporation shove this shit down people's throats, but think of it this way: can you see yourself turning up at the club to a political rap song? Hell to the fucking no! Why the fuck don't you go support a rapper that embraces positivity and rainbows and shit? Create your own fucking radio station and play that underground shit. Other than that, stop complaining. We don't want that over; this is rap music, this is trap music, this that turn up music.

    • Anonymous

      Chuck D has always been a spokes person for the genre, the impact of the group was original not simply living off hype skill, substance and creativity what elder generation brought to the forefront and mainstream, which was a great achievement and upliftment of black culture in general. Nowadays it's about the materialistic bullshit and crossover hit, and pop culture, no mind elevation, trapped in a sle like mentality or conditioned for the prison industrial system

    • Anonymous

      Umma catch yo momma and fucc her in the mouth.

    • chris

      I agree and disagree with you ,i think what he s saying is the music today is inspired by rappers talking about next to nothing on the songs..he thinks rappers have sold there soul whereas back in the day rappers didn't care about the money (which its not their fault the money is better than it has evr been)and just wanted to put good music out..nowadays rappers will put anything out just to get radio play..

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      Hip hop is only for them salty ass niggas who like to dictate what's right and what's wrong with the genre. get the hell of your soapbox, clown ass nigga. You're just upset that music is evolving and you and Chump D don't want to do nothing but voice your opinions that nobody cares about. If you want to listen to real hip hop, I suggest you sit in a car packed with 3 of your broke friends while passing a 25 cent roach and grumbling about the good old days of hip hop. Sheesh!

    • liobidope

      your a fuckstick... since when do you gotta go to the club to wana hear hip hop?... get the fuck on with your trap music... shit is garbage and hasn't changed in 10 years... same hate same bullshit...

  • Captain Obvious

    "Chuck D also appears to call what Hot 97 has done a cultural crime by using the hashtag #culturalcrime" No shit.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga Always complaining but what did he do for the hood? Nothing! He made money of the hood with his music

    • Anonymous

      @DaddyPhanton smh learn how to read son, what op said is how come this nigga always bitching about what needs to be done when he ain't never done shit for us himself

    • Anonymous

      someone ain't been to long island, it ain't all the hamptons son

    • DaddyPhantom

      Your comment makes no sense. How could someone always "complain" about "what he did for the hood"? The only "Nigga" I see is the ignorant MF writing the post. Chuck has never "complained"(as your dumb ass put it) about what he has done for "the hood". What he HAS done is go down in music history as part of one of the greatest American Groups EVER. Again... What has your black ass done...Nicca?

    • Anonymous

      Keep in mind he ain't even from the hood. Homeboi from Long Island

  • rude

    absolute luv for p.e....but who makes millions from speaking about the ills of who cant observe and report lmao...put a dog in the fight chuck or your no diffrent than the slave masters!!!! CAUSE ITS NO FUN BEING UNDER THE GUN THATS y YOUR PUBLIC ENEMY No1

  • Asian guy

    Chuck looks real scary in that pic

  • Anonymous

    i dont see how it did that...SummerJam last night was a HUGE celebration of all kinds of hiphop...shit they had The Lox, The Roots, Black Sheep, Bronson, YMCMB, G-Unit, Nas, MMG, Nipsey Hussle, Mustard/YG, Snoop, Wiz, Troy Ave, Jhene Aiko, Gambino ALL on stage...fuck this lame

    • j

      yall dont get it. listen to a country or rock and roll station and see how garth brooks and jimi hendrix are treated. you really think the crowd knew who Dres or Black Thought were?

    • Anonymous

      hot97 can do more than summer jam though, plenty of emmis communications cash & core sponsorships, corporate and small business, to only just promote the "status quo" with sprinkled in throwbacks they have the power to switch a format on another FM frequency station, they own many of them, if they had another 24 hr rap station that would format the last 30+ tears of music most probably wouldn't be so much pressure to force feed the new bullsh-t until our ears bleed but emmis communications' competition, clear channel, doesn't allow that type of energy, the energy is in competing with their competitor for market share and we as listeners lose

    • Anonymous

      they play throwback shit all the time, stupid

    • Anonymous

      "but they dont resepct the history. there is no reference to the roots all year. yeah, they have their olde school thrusdays, but do they randomly play big daddy kane, or even some rakim? no, its like this stuff didnt exist." ..... the throwback at noon?

    • Jax

      Chuck D is only mad cause they didn't invite him to perform with that laughing stock Flavor Flav.

    • j

      they only bringing on "other' and "older" rappers because street rap doesnt sell like it used to. but they dont resepct the history. there is no reference to the roots all year. yeah, they have their olde school thrusdays, but do they randomly play big daddy kane, or even some rakim? no, its like this stuff didnt exist. when Em or jay make references to these peole i really dont think that a 16 yr old has any idea. Rock and Roll celebrates their history, hip hop does not

  • RC

    Can't front on Chuck, just calling it how it is. Or course you know people will just say the same tired rap cliche' "Stop hating". Hot 97 'where Hip-Hop lives' my ass!!

  • Anonymous

    it is pretty "street rap" centered and like really, ok you did bring the roots up there, but you dont even play their music and barely have for the last 20 years and now you celebrate them? Talib goes on there and has a great relationship with Angie, but they only play his records when he is on. and there is no recognition of the past. they dont educate their young audience on the past, thats why no one knows there are so many older rappers that are so talented and would eat some of these rapppers today. Big daddy Kane should be walking in and out of Hot 97 like a God. when Bill Russell, a basketball player who hasnt played in decades, comes to a game they show him respect.

  • chillthrilllz

    pull together a team chuck start a new terrestrial station,,,get some of the original heads to add on to the cipher and the rest will follow,,,no more talking let make lemonade out of lemons 96thst medina

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