Hot 97 "Summer Jam 2014" Recap, Photos Released

UPDATE: Nas introduces 50 Cent to the Summer Jam stage and the "Animal Ambition" rapper proceeds to reunite with Young Buck, Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks. Photos are released.

Beginning earlier this afternoon (June 1), Hot 97’s Summer Jam XXI kicked off with performances from artists like Iggy Azalea, Chinx Drugz, Mack Wilds, Childish Gambino, and Nipsey Hussle at the concert’s Festival Stage. The annual concert is held at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

According to Billboard, the main stage’s performances kicked off with a set by R&B singer Sevyn Streeter. Shortly after, Troy Ave reportedly entered the stage backed by a video dis aimed at Trinidad James.

The Roots followed a full-day festival held in Philadelphia yesterday with a string of performances at Summer Jam. Initially performing their own material, the Philly group went on to provide a live backing for The LOX. Earlier, fellow Roots Picnic performer Action Bronson also performed singles like “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” and “Pepe Lopez.”

A Nas set included cameos from Meek Mill and French Montana as well as a live performance of his anthem “New York State Of Mind.” The Queensbridge emcee continued his Illmatic twentieth anniversary celebration with several other tracks from the debut.

After being introduced by Nas, 50 Cent took the Summer Jam stage as an opportunity to reunite with G-Unit emcees Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck. Together the rappers performed past hits like “I Smell Pussy,” “So Seductive,” and “Shorty Wanna Ride.” 50 Cent also invited Fabolous on stage and performed alongside Yo Gotti as well. 

During his set, 50 Cent took a picture of the crowd and referenced his recent departure from Interscope.

“A label can’t drop a nigga like me,” he said. “I dropped the label.”

“Niggas thought Jimmy Iovine was my boss, are you kidding me?” he seemed to say.

Later in the night, Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds introduced Nicki Minaj.

Throughout the concert, many of the performers shared their experiences on Twitter and Instagram.

“I Survived #SJ2014” Questlove captioned his Instagram photo.

(June 1, 2014)

UPDATE: Photos of the Summer Jam 2014 event can be seen below, via Miss Info

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  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross must have had such a lonely night at home alone with his wings. French was there, Meek was there, Nas was there, Wayne, Drake, Nicki, all his peoples but he couldn't show up or he would have took an L

  • ThisJustIn

    King of NY is Jay-Z plain and simple. All these other rappers aint performed lyrically, album sales, relevance and money wise as Jay. So stop with all that talk about Curtis being the king of NY bcos he said i run NY in front of Nas...STOP! What pisses me off is when these broke, mixtape rappers say they are the king of NY?, common son stop with the molly poppin. go check urself into rehad. STOP.

    • ThisJustIn

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    • Anonymous

      any man carrying any sort of conversation of another man's position in any industry is a HO. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE THAT DICK OUT YOUR MOUTH. SMH

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  • TRAP

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      trap is actually young guwop, a gucci mane troll/groupie who managed to change his name but not his trolling style and you guys all fell for it. this has been a PSA from

    • Chicago Slim

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    • me

      2pac is the realest dude. He didn't bust his gun at other black dudes, he shot a cop. #checkmate #endofstory

    • Anonymous

      Mobb deep didn't go to no school arts. they went to a dance class run by P's grandmother... not quite 2pac or Kanye $30,000 type school

    • Anonymous

      nas doesn't rap about being a thug. .. Not even close

    • Ron B

      They are kids that don't know shit about life or being a real man,

    • LongIsland IcedPee

      They beat niggas up, they shoot niggas dead? How the fuk you know that fool?

  • Black thoughts whole set was muted

    The sound mixing and microphones were fucked up most of the time most the show sounded fuckin terrible hot97 are a fuckin joke

  • Anonymous

    50 did what he was supposed to do and impressed his white boy fanbase with Black on Black violence and a bunch of negative bullshit that ain't got shit to do with HipHop culture. When Nas and JayZ hit the SummerJam stage to show unity it was a historic moment in HipHop but you let these crab rappers get on stage and it's all gimmicks and negativity. Salute Nas for bringing out MMGs Frenchie and Meek to show some East Coast love instead of being a crab and buck dancing for white folks by shitting on fellow NYers.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent and G-Unit reminded us just why we fell in love with them all those mixtapes and rap beefs ago. Curtis and Slowbucks have been at odds due to an ongoing spat involving Fiddys son Marquise. The personal issues with Slowbucks spilled over onto the Summer Jam stage which ended with Slowbucks getting beat up and having his chain taken. Not only was the chain taken but 50 Cent even decided to perform while wearing it. Footage coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    French Montana was spotted tucking his chain and running out of there with the Kardashian family security

  • Anonymous

    50 came on stage with 2 chains somehow ended the performance with 5 chains.. Magic happened b4 my eyes

  • Anonymous

    50cent really got 100 goons on stage and shooters you can't even see.. CRAZY 50cent just got Slowbucks and them beat up on summer jam stage and kept performing WOW TOO MUCH MONEY

  • Anonymous

    Slowbucks came to the side of the stage to show love, thought it was Southside reunion ... @50Cent clearly did not invite him though

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule already caught feelings and tweeted about it, everything is in it's right place.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent just put on an amazing set Summer Jam, following a multi-year ban, bringing the original G-Unit cast back together for an epic performance. The performance however didnt go down without a drama. Throughout the set, a fight appeared to breakout in the background, though 50 didnt let it faze him as he continued to rip the stage. Social media reports are indicating that Queens natives Slow Bucks were on the wrong-side of an alteration with 50s entourage near backstage. Tension between the two camps brew from recents events where Slow Bucks took picture with 50s son, Marquis, alongside 50s newfound enemy Trav. 50 since has openly voiced his displeasure for Slow Bucks following the incident and apparently Summer Jam played host to the showdown between the two camps. Here is a picture of 50 Cent performing with Slowbucks chain on:


    50 Cent now has Gunplays chain and Slowbucks. He even put on Slowbucks chain and did the rest of his set with it on. NY hail your King.

  • Anonymous

    Nas brought out 50 to I Get Money, who brought out Banks to On Fire and Yayo + Buck came out too. 50 Cent brought 100 other people on stage like the old days. Bunch of old and new songs come out, then you see Slowbucks getting brought on stage, then his ass kicked on stage, then 50 wore his chain on stage!! Then Yo Gotti gets brought out for Dont Worry About It after Trey Songz gets brought on for Smoke. Finally 50 and the Unit disses Murder Inc and Ja Rule by rapping I Smell Pussy then finally they pulled a fucking classic out of nowhere to end it, he brought out U Should Be Here from the 50 Cent is the Future mixtape. Oh yeah and 50 dissed Jimmy Iovene saying The label cant drop a nigga like me, I drop the label hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    Kicked Slowbucks off the stage, ignored Young Buck, dissed Jimmy Iovine, threw Ebro under the bus, perfomed hits & classics. Thanks @50cent

  • Anonymous

    Slowbucks posing for pics with Marquise thinking its all good LOL another chain for Godfather 50's collection.

  • Anonymous

    Yo they sayin 50 beat up and robbed Slowbucks in from of 50k people and kept performing with his chain on.

    • Tone

      lmao thats what heard too, 50 had Slowbucks chain on during the set!! Hot97 is gonna ban him again lol 50 crazy.

  • Anonymous

    I would have loved to hear Nas and 50 do 'Who I Rep With'. Dope moment though. Feelings will be caught.

    • Guess Who's Back classic mixtape

      God Damn you right if Nas had of brought out 50 to Who I rep with n then done Too Hot would of been the dopest shit ever

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