Lil Durk's Cousin, Rapper OTF Nunu, Shot & Killed In Chicago

OTF Nunu's death was one of four fatal shootings in a twelve hour span in Chicago on Saturday (May 31).

Cousin of rapper Lil Durk and Hip Hop artist himself OTF Nunu was reportedly shot and killed yesterday afternoon (May 31) in South Side Chicago. OTF Nunu, whose given name is McArthur Swindle, was 21 years old and had plans to release a mixtape this summer tentatively titled Nuski Got Da Strap.

Just days ago, Lil Durk released a set of visuals featuring Nunu on the song “OC.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Swindle’s shooting may have been gang-related. The rapper’s aunt, Sherri Swindle, told the Times that Nunu was not affiliated with any Chicago gangs and added that he was taking college courses in Joliet just outside of the city.

The shooting took place shortly after 3:00 p.m. when an unidentified suspect approached Swindle in his vehicle and began shooting.

Complex reports that Nunu was seated in a vehicle and tried to escape when the shooting occurred. Nunu apparently crashed his SUV into a window-front after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds.

Just hours prior to the shooting, Nunu posted an image to his Instagram account with the caption “Im on sum cool shit.”

Last night, separate pictures of the crime scene were uploaded to Twitter. Chicago producer Young Chop also took to the social media platform to share the news.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Nunu’s death was one of four fatal shootings in a 12 hour time span ending at approximately 3:00 am this morning (June 1).

Nunu’s aunt added that the rapper’s father was also shot and killed in 1995. “It needs to stop,” Sherri Swindle said. “He was a good person. He was a kindhearted person. He had a lot of soul.” Nunu is survived by his young daughter.

HipHopDX extends its condolences to the friends and family of OTF Nunu.

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  • KelzCT


  • Noone

    Its not Like they wanna live Like this He Got shot in His Car not knowing

  • Paul

    just one less Obama voter

  • Anonymous

    with all these people durk got beef with ain't no telling who did it, might have even been my grandmother

  • Anonymous

    they killed my best friend coming from church so I don't feel shit for these nikkas that wanna promote all that gang fuckery, let them all feel it if they wanna live it

  • john

    Good kid going to college. But look out for my mixtape Nuski got da strap. ctfu

  • john

    Aunt said he had no gang affiliation. Is she mentally challenged? lol Gotta be an idiot to say such a thing.

  • Anonymous

    Update: 14 shot, 5 dead since Nunu got killed. Chicago is lost.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ niccas jojoing lil durk's cousin, knew he was a bitch from the jump, see his fam get murked and don't do shit about it smh

  • jimjim

    whats fucked up is niggas already snitched on themselfs


    this ninja compost hahaha real bad boys move in silence, they dont be tweeting their beef, selfies with guns etc lmao he DEF GOT THE JOJO TREATMENT LOOK AT YOU NOW ?!?!!? hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaaaa

    • gimme your life 300

      dude got JOJO'd... think i'mma copyright that term, JOJO'd JOJO'd, go on say it, JOJO'd... NUNU STRAIGHT JOJO'D !!! that shit hilarious i swear, JOJO'd... i bet nunu retarded mom be like that bitch mom from the Wire who telling her boy he better go out and reprsent...Wee Bey's boy, you know the one... anyway, NUNU straight JOJO'd...

    • Anonymous

      all those chi rappers talk tooooooooooo much on twitter

  • TRE

    He was beefing with this dude FBG Duck and Keefs homie BallOut tweeted "Nunu gonna get the JoJO treatment" If this shit goes unsolved ill be surprised. People snitching on themselves on twitter and it was in broad daylight

    • Anonymous

      not to mention loose lips sink ships-azz muthafuckas like you runnin their dicksuckers on the internet

  • Anonymous

    I'm not from the US so can someone explain... why is the murder rate in Chicago so fucked up? Is it especially economically deprived? I mean it can't be as bad as somewhere like Detroit (i.e. not bankrupt). I don't get it...

    • KelzCT


    • truther

      Because the majority in Chicango is black

    • Will $teel

      aye that makes sense bruh. but Chitown aint more corrupt than Detroit. Their mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in prison right now 4 embezzlement. Detroit only got abandon houses. Chiraq is bad but like ppl said there r good parts n as a whole city is not bankrupt like da D. shits sad 4 both cities regardless

    • onblast

      Also take into account that Detroit's MSA = 3,888 sq miles and Chicago's MSA = 10,856 sq miles (because there are more surrounding cities); if you were to compare equivalent sq miles that is Detroit = 3888 to Chicago = 3888, then Chicago's murder rate would look like places in Mexico and Venezuela, which is sad and ridiculous. Again, over the past 20 years, Chicago has incorporated more and more surrounding cities into it's MSA in an effort to reduce the way their crime stats look, Chicago needs a fuckin intervention right now, it is truly the most crooked city the US has ever seen which is likely why the Sinaloa Cartel has their US operations based out of Chicago.

    • onblast

      @ Will $teel, Chicago isn't on the list because they report some of their crime statistics differently (translation, they fix the numbers to make them look better) so the Feds don't recognize the stats they provide, that's why they are not on that list any year and it has been this way for many years now. They report a few categories (namely forcible rape) differently than the Feds, this ensures all their crime stats are left off which keeps their name off that list... again it has been this way for years... dig deeper and find the truth.

    • Will $teel

      as far as most violent per person chitown aint got shit on Dtown. type in "most dangerous city in USA" n ull get the top 100. Detroit is #6, Flint is #2 n my town Saginaw MI is #5. Chiraq aint on da list.

    • Anonymous

      Chicago is so bad (murder rate wise) compared to other cities because of the gang culture... Chicago is the gang capital of the US.. its like LA was in the late 80s and early 90s..

    • Anonymous

      Chicago is a huge city. There are places that are actually pretty nice but these kids are all concentrated into one area where most of the killings are happening

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a mix between Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

  • mapos

    is it sad that I'm laughing over the irony of this shit? a few days ago Durk released a video with Nunu rapping about shooting all types of guns, and then his ass gets killed by getting shot. you honestly couldn't write a better joke

  • Black Cop from Boyz N The Hood

    Good, one less nigga on the streets we have to worry about

  • White People

    Our plan to invade the black community with rap music and crack is working. Look at the negroes off themselves quicker than I bust a nut in a black prostitute. Sincerely, Senator White

    • richc

      That has to be the dumbest shish I've heard all day! Them dudes in the Chi, have no real structure and real guidance, their all so-called hittas!

    • mapos

      "yes we must blame the white man for everything, because it totally not our fault for continuing this foolishness. we's just a bunch of simple-minded folk that get swayed easily because we's too stupid to realize that continuing this stupid shit is what's killing our race!" go die in a fucking fire

  • Justin Bieber

    RIP 2 my niggy. Looking at his picture, he must have been the inspiration for 2 Chainz originally being named Tity Boi. My dude has a nice pair of C cups. JB

  • Hold On

    Shit is trife when a nigga do the work of the Klan / That's what you're doing when you ruin the life of a black man

  • tmos

    His mom said he wasnt gang affiliated hahah blaint lies. Then what so what does otf mean

  • Anonymous

    marshall law here we come

  • Anonymous

    to bad they didnt get the rest of these mutts giving the city a bad name. cheif keef and all those clowns like him.

  • Anonymous

    *yawn* just another day in Chicago. Moving on....

  • Therealistofreality

    At least that's one more wack rapper not to bring a wack album out, the fuck is wrong with kids these days.not even mentally grown an wanna act like they're really on it like havin kids passin ignorance on to the next generation, where's all the that are supposed to be keepin these youngins in is a precious thing that slip through you fingers like the blood from your veins Rotational rotations Gangstarr- moment of truth Aceyalone & RJD2-magnificent city Viktor Vaughn-vaudeville villain W.C-curb servin Ghost dog-soundtrack

    • omg bro word

      omg bro youre soooo underground n so cool you know alllll about that real hip hop i think you would like this new rapper out of chicago named lil reese hes right up your alley straight boom bap and lyrics all day

  • Anonymous

    wan lez G inna da hoo

  • Anonymous

    These types of people represent a very small fraction of the hood in Chicago. I live on the Southside too and there's dudes that rock their pants halfway down their ass and drug dealers hidden in alleys but most of the people I associate with are in college trying to make it out. Keef, Durk & Reese are all out the hood yet still act like they're from it. All these people saying this is Chicago are wrong. Most of us are disgusted by this gangbang culture we are portrayed to constantly have and want to better our lives. Why anyone that isn't from the hood wants to act like this is beyond me

    • fuuuuufuuuuuu

      because all you really need in life are a pair of true religions, a ferragamo belt, some loud n lean, a handgun, and a room in your mamas or grandmamas crib wtf is a degree? who needs that shit?

  • P

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    • P

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  • Eastside Detroit

    this is what you skirt wearing nikkas from the chi get for being faggots

    • Eastside Detroit

      Shut up fuckboi them nikkas don't represent all of Detroit and they still more gangsta than y'all Chi nikkas

    • Drilla

      yeh when them detroit niggas spray painted Freddie Gibbs bus and ran that was gangsta right lol hoe ass boy

  • Fuck The Chi Y'all Niggaz Is Homo

    Lil Durk's cousin is under a lil dirt

  • nail in the couf

    i bet u aint gon be LYFAO when i put dis pistol n yo mouth lil nigga..... come try it

    • Anonymous

      you mean that blue shit they got at the top of pictures where its all bright n shit? fuck that

    • Anonymous

      This is the internet. The streets are that area outside your front door. I believe you may have confused the proper placement for you threats?

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  • Anonymous

    i just checked out his IG page, he be posing for all these pics and takin selfies with his guns like he really think that makes him cool, look where it got you boy

  • Yep

    Man I hope these wankstas disappear. Fucking pussies. I hope they all kill each other

  • Anonymous

    #CHIRAQ nuggetz dont play!

  • nigga

    stupid niggas........cant wait till they kill each other so non left

  • jusjazzzzz

    yea...he gon get the jojo treatment them otf niggas was tam bout bringing them migo niggas threw Lamron but chief keef, tadoe and big ballout 300 aint having that....appereantly

  • nail in the coufi*

    Yo these niggas really bout dat life yo was just beefing wit the nigga Ballout 300 from chief keef glo gang on twitter not even 24 hours ago...go check

    • Anonymous

      ballout didnt return a chain that he borrowed from soulja boy and claims he straight robbed him and 12 hours later tadoe got his watch taken by crips in la....them niggas about that life fuck all that fufu shit

    • LMAO

      "really about dat life" What life lil nigga? They are rappers thinking they are gangsters. They are in no mafia, their parents arent gangsters. They have no drug operation. They got famous off rap and now they want to shoot each other dead. Good. I hope they all kill each other


    nigga Lil Durk is a real nigga..!!! real talk his street cred jus increased !! deze Chicago niggas dont play, dey real niggas. Tyga betta watch hiz back...!

    • Anonymous

      nah bro look at the national street cred statistics lil durk went up by 1.27 points

    • AW're an idiot.

    • anon

      nigga sound dumb huh? since when street cred go up when yo nigga dies?!! u sound white af go the fukk home boi

    • chriaq

      you sound sleep nigga durk street cred didnt increase for nun durk cousin just got killed and this aint got nothing to do with tyga durk gotta be careful now niggas aint fuckin around they tryna get durk killed too if yo cousin get killed does that make u a hood nigga?? i dont think so

  • Anonymous

    one less nikker criminal thug leach on society. good for whoever killed him rest in piss bitch

  • Feel it

    "Nunu".....................ROFL what a faggy name.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dayyuuum. God Bless.

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