Lil’ Kim will star in a new VH1 reality show she’s currently shooting a pilot for. She recently filmed a segment of the show at Hugo Boss in New York and will shoot in Brooklyn this weekend. Kim‘s agenda could cause a time conflict with her scheduled Move Against AIDS Dance-A-Thon at the Javits Center this past Saturday, which Kim was to reportedly co-host with Rosie Perez. Kim‘s representative said that Kim was “falsely advertised as co-hosting the event” and “will do her best to simply attend.” At press time, there has been no word on whether she attended the event or not.

BET hasn’t made a lot of friends lately (Read Andreas Hale’s scathing commentary “Who The Hell Am I?” {Coon Picnic}) and now probably has made a few more enemies by showing absolutely no love to veteran groups De La Soul and The Beatnuts. The network has yet to show videos from either group even though they have released albums in the past few months. De La Soul’s “Shopping Bags” (from the critically acclaimed The Grind Date) has received spins on MTV but sources say BET told De La that the legendary group isn’t relevant to their audience. The Beatnuts “Find Us” featuring Akon won’t get play either because the network “doesn’t break new artists.” Funny because the duo’s past singles including “Off The Books” and “Watch Out Now” were all in heavy rotation in the past.

Mos Def‘s “The Rape Over,” which uses the instrumental from Jay-Z‘s “Takeover” has reportedly been pulled from future pressings of The New Danger. Even though there has been no official word on the track’s removal as of yet, Mos comments about, “quasi homosexuals” and a “tall Israeli running this rap sh!t” are believed to have caused the controversy. The latter reference is suspected to be a stab at former Def Jam honcho turned Warner Music boss, Lyor Cohen.