Turk Says B.G. Could Be Released From Prison This Year

"He ain't coming home on no snitch pass," Turk says. "When he come home, he done fought and found a loophole in the law."

Nearly two years after his former Hot Boys collaborator was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison, Turk spoke with Mikey T The Movie Star and detailed the possibility that B.G. could be released from prison as early as this year.

In July of 2012, B.G. was sentenced for a gun possession charge as well as witness tampering after apparently convincing an associate to claim ownership of an illegal weapon.

Detailing their frequent communication via email, Turk went on to describe B.G.’s current appeal process and hopes for an early release.

“Me and B.G. talk all the time...I could get on the phone with him right now through my phone and get on email and we could correspond,” Turk said. “That’s a great thing about the communication process that they got. Actually, one of our homeboys just died and I sent him an email. I gotta check in and see what he said about it.

“B.G., he be home in a minute,” he added. “He fighting. He keeping his faith in God. He in court right now on appeal so ya’ll keep them prayers up. Ya’ll already know B.G. the realest. ‘Til he hit the streets man I’ma hold him down.”

In addition to a short explanation of his own early release from prison in October of 2012, Turk said that B.G.’s appeal process hinges on a hopeful legal loophole. 

“I had 22 years, so I gave 12 years back on an appeal,” he said. “Not no snitching. He ain’t coming home on no snitch pass. When he come home, he done fought and found a loophole in the law. Which they gave him more time than they were supposed to give him anyway. I’m looking forward to B.G. [being] home. It could be this year, it could be first thing next year. But he be home, for sure. Ya’ll gonna be shocked that he is. We gon’ rip these streets up like we been doing. The real. You heard me?”

Speaking about his relationship with another recently released Louisiana native, Turk detailed his connection with Lil Boosie and a currently in-the-making collaboration.

“Yeah Boosie my homeboy,” he said. “I got his direct number. I don’t talk through no middleman, none of that. I don’t believe in that. I feel like if anybody give me a middleman it ain’t for me to talk to you. Boosie was real.

“I got on the phone with Boosie, probably two or three days [after] he came home,” he went on. "Boosie working right now. I sent him a record. Waiting on him to deliver on that. If it make it in time it’ll be on my album. If not, just be looking for music from me and Boosie. A lot of people compare me and Boosie and say we sound alike. I guess it’s because our accent, we from Louisiana. I believe we came from the same type of struggle. We just keep it one thousand. Keep it real. We done really been through these things that we talk about. Boosie’s my homeboy. Ain’t nothing gon’ change that man.”   

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  • Slumpalot

    That's fed time with 85% off top. He better find a damn loophole in the law or he'll be spending more time talking to niggas on the phone and sending damn emails.

  • trell318louisiana

    Bg u will never be forgotten hold ur head a tru louisiana nigga

  • Naneeee

    U fucktards, he tried to take a federal case to trial that's what happens when you lose..u get double the amount of time, if he would've plead guilty or negotiated a plea deal then he would've got 6 years TOPS...And you guys are failing to realize this man went to jail over 120 times, federal cases and convictions are handles through what they call "federal guideline system" which they go thru points..he's actually lucky he even got the time he got!!

    • Mind_in_Mine

      That's a messed up law system, it basically is saying you can gamble for less time but if we win then we're taxing you double. you should only serve the time you've been found guilty of not an addition 100% for court procedures. this world is fucked up. and no, I'm not excusing B.G.'s criminal acts. I'm just arguing the morality of the legal system.

  • Anonymous

    14 years for a weapon?? maybe he needs to contact T.I's lawyer

  • 901DATSME

    Mane Fuck Dem Fuck Boyz Who Sayin B.Gizzle iz Snitchin.

  • Anonymous

    Snitch ass nigga

  • 901DATSME


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