Papoose Discusses Lord Jamar, Demasculinization Of Men

Papoose says he can respect Lord Jamar for speaking his mind, speaks on demasculinization of men across all races.

Brooklyn rapper Papoose recently gave credit to fellow lyricist Lord Jamar for speaking his mind in a series of video interviews he’s taken part in with Vlad TV. Papoose revealed that he has respect for Lord Jamar for offering his true thoughts on matters concerning race, sexual orientation, the demasculinization of Hip Hop, and more.

“Yo, he’s speaking his mind, man. I respect it,” he said, during an interview with Vlad TV. “I respect people that speak they mind, man. I don’t like dudes [who] behind closed doors they feel a certain way. Then they feel like they gotta be politically correct when they get in front of these cameras and all that. You know what I’m saying? Just to answer your question, I respect it. The man speaking his mind. Everybody might not agree with you, but it is what it is.”

The New York City lyricist was later asked to share the reason why he believes less people are willing to speak their mind. According to Papoose, it stems from artists wanting to fit in and avoid any possible backlash.

“They trying to fit in,” Papoose said. “People just trying to fit in, man. Get in where they fit in. They try to follow trends. You know what I mean? And they afraid. They afraid of the backlash. So, that would cause them to do things they wouldn’t even do. Or say things they don’t even really believe just to try to fit in and be with the in-crowd. I really don’t give a fuck about that type of shit…They wanna be down, man. It’s sad, but it’s true.”

Lastly, Papoose spoke on the demasculinization of male artists in Hip Hop and revealed that in his opinion it’s a trend that’s reaching artists outside of Hip Hop and men of all races.

“I spoke about that. I spoke about that on the ‘Control’ record,” the rapper said. “I made a little comment about that. Yeah, it’s definitely real. Not just in Hip Hop. In society period. And it’s not just black men. It’s men, period. Shit is feminized out here, man. It’s crazy, man. It’s real crazy. You got dudes wearing skirts and all that, man. It’s crazy. That was an Irish tradition that they wore during ceremonies. And these dudes is wearing it at Hip Hop concerts. I don’t even see what’s the message in that.”

In past interviews with Vlad TV, Lord Jamar has criticized white rappers, called out Seattle emcee Macklemore for pushing an equal rights agenda, denounced pop stars Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and more.



  • Iggy Fresh

    I first heard Papoose back in '98 on Kool G. Rap's "Home Sweet Funeral Home" song... and I swore he gave G. Rap a run for his money on that joint... I was like "who is this kid?" and I was looking to hear more from him, but sadly, he never realized his potential. He had a little buzz in the early '00s, but he flamed out. And he never regained that swagger. His "Control" verse was aight, but still not as dope as his promise initially conveyed.

  • mortal

    Papoose always looks depressed nigga never smiles or laughs

  • Zam

    Big up Pap for keeping it real. This world is in trouble with all this gay shit on the rise. Real men stand up.

  • Drake was Nelson Mandela's favorite MC

    Both Papoose and Lord Jamar suck. Stop interviewing these losers.


    Lord jamar supports real niggas like chief keef and of course the emperor of all real niggas big gucci. Real recognize real so lord jamar is legit unlike the rest of these fake niggas in the rap game

  • Not Impressed

    This nigga Papoose is lame. Benzino been speaking his mind and stating true facts for years and no one gave him his props. Ray Dogg Benzino(ZINO) is a LEGEND while Papoose only minor leagues. Benzino made $10 million from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Papoose jerkin off to pictures of Remy Ma LOL. im NOT IMPRESSED!

  • Anonymous

    shout outs to Godfather 50, Papoose, Lord Jamar and Gucci Mane... some of the only guys willing to tell it like it is and call these sucka out!

  • irrelevant

    this dude is soo irrelevant....even though he can spit...its boring, missing everything. papoose does not know how to NOT be forgettable...i dont wanna hate bra to much bc he is sticking by remy and he can rap, but damn bro wtf you used to have potential

  • Anonymous

    "I don't even see what's the message in that." Lol for real, who the hell started this whole skirt wearing shit? Kanye???

  • Anonymous

    The kilt is a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear, originating in the traditional dress of men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16th century. Since the 19th century it has become associated with the wider culture of Scotland in general, or with Celtic (and more specifically Gaelic) heritage even more broadly. It is most often made of woollen cloth in a tartan pattern.

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck where it came from lol it has absolutely nothing to do with Hip Hop culture

    • ColeStar

      Irish or not, you're misinformed. Kilts originated in Scotland and were not adopted by Ireland until centuries later. If you're not willing to take my word for it, do look it up.

    • Eire go Brach

      Im Irish and I can tell u that the kilt is a joint Irish-Scottish tradition that the ancient Cetic warriors wore. The Irish are the true Celts tho, as Scotland has become more diluted with English Anglo-Saxon blood.

    • Anonymous

      if anything, someone living in NYC knows about a kilt, St Patrick's Day is a big day with plenty of fanfare, so let's applaud your "intelligence" we're talking about that "life imitating art" Gangstalicious skort they've been trying to make male fashion ever since Brad Pitt did 'Troy', it may be chic in Europe but it ain't ova west

    • Anonymous

      That nigga said "Irish tradition" lol

  • EmmerrGilchri

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  • Pete

    One irrelevant nigga talking bout another irrelevant nigga.

  • Burmy

    Respect goes to him too...I support his mission, to keep New York New York!

    • Anonymous

      "no one who lives here is from here anymore" It was never like that anyway lol most people living in NYC were born somewhere else

    • Anonymous

      "I support his mission, to keep New York New York" you mean to make street music that sounds like it wouldve been good if it came out a decade ago? new york has not been "new york" for years now no one who lives here is from here anymore

    • Pete

      im sorry im a fag

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