50 Cent Inspires "First Pitch Disasters" List by Billboard

Billboard compiles a list of "first pitch disasters," which includes Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey, among others.

Following a 50 Cent pitch that was criticized by many, including a Major League Baseball player, Billboard made a list of "First Pitch Disasters."

The list features 50 Cent, but it also includes other artists. "To prove that 50 Cent isn't the only musician to have had troubles on the mound, here are five other less-than-awe-inspiring first pitches at baseball games," Billboard says. 

Mariah Carey's pitch, which landed nearly in front of her, made the list. 

Another pitch that also made this list was Justin Bieber's, which went off to the right side of the catcher. 

Following his pitch, 50 Cent said he is not a ball player. Instead, he said, he's a hustler. 

To view the entire list, click here

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  • wads

    mariah did that on purpose to show she's "girly" cuz how it would it look if she threw a fastball. it still went directly toward the catcher so she can throw better if she want to


    Chris Rose wants 50 on his show intentional talk on the MLB network good promotion for 50 to promote his new album to baseball fans, lol this guy a genius and always knows how to get national attention when he got an album ready to drop

  • @Artise1

    He has everyone talking about him. #Checkmate. Animal Ambition June 3rd.

  • Anonymous

    after seeing the video of him practicing before i think he done it on purpose. It fucking made the news all over the world, Read it in todays newspaper in London and saw it on Tv last night and they both mentioned his new album out next week. 50 IS A FUNNY GUY

    • Anonymous

      I know this shit has been everywhere in 2 days plus Good Morning America Friday, Summer Jam coming soon. It still aint gonna sell much but he got a buzz.

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