Game Sells Shoes Worn In 40 Glocc Altercation & Other Items

Game sells several items he owns, including a vintage weed scale.

Game, who is reportedly moving out of his Glendale, California home, is selling many of the his items, according to TMZ.

In an interview with the publication, the rapper spoke about some of the items he's sold.

"My Jordan collection," Game says. "I really collect Js. I wasn't trying to part with nothing...It's for the shoe-munity."

One pair of shoes was specifically highlighted in the clip. 

"This the shoe I whooped 40 Glocc's ass with," Game says. 

The pair sold for $450.

Game was involved in an altercation with 40 Glocc in 2012

Another item he sold was a vintage weed scale.  


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