Arizona Diamondbacks' Brandon McCarthy Criticizes 50 Cent's Pitch

"Is 50 Cent sure he's not right handed?" McCarthy says.

Brandon McCarthy, a Major League Baseball player who pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks, recently criticized 50 Cent's opening pitch, which took place during a New York Mets game yesterday (May 27). 

"Is 50 Cent sure he's not right handed?" McCarthy, an 8-year Major League Baseball player with an ERA of 4.17, says in a Twitter post following the rapper's first pitch. 

McCarthy wasn't the only one to critique 50. ESPN's Buster Olney also commented on the pitch, saying the rapper may need to be "consoled about his first pitch." Olney offered advice for 50 Cent, saying he might get consolation from viewing another criticized pitch. 

50 Cent responded to criticism of his pitch today (May 28).  

"The sh!t almost hit the camera man damn, if you look close you can see them moving the plate. Lol #smsaudio #animalambition," 50 Cent said. "I'm a hustler not a Damn ball player. LMAO." 

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  • Anonymous

    This nigga 50 is a genius, this shit making headlines WORLD WIDE the week before the new record comes out. Ask yourself what kind of publicity he would have got with a normal pitch?

  • POPE

    lmfao he's a rapper not a baseball player. thats why they get celebs to throw the first pitch. cuz they know they'll suck at it

  • Anonymous

    The only time the fool works his hand well is when he is beating up women...stupid c*nt.

  • Anonymous

    people are acting like the guy plays baseball for a living..

  • Anonymous

    The Geek Unit bloggers said his throw was a desperate gimmick used to help generate a buzz for his album that has zero buzz and is likely to flop horribly.

  • Anonymous

    baseball is a whiteboy sport, i would be more worried about fif if he threw a perfect pitch. this just proves he really who he say he is, a hood nigga with no daddy from the hood who sold crack and never had a childhood like that.

    • spaz

      Exactly, he needs to play a real black sport where it's okay to kiss your boyfriend when drafted to play professional football or it's okay for a grown man to blow into another mans ear during a playoff basketball game.

  • Anonymous

    They said he on video in the bullpen throwing good ones

  • Anonymous

    Godfather 50 is from the streets. He didn't have a father to throw baseballs with him as kid. You better believe he could throw that crack rock straight into your hands or catch a bullet in his teeth though.

  • Anonymous

    That pitch symbolizes his carrer.....started out correct and then veered to the left.

  • TRE

    Its all the weight training he does his chest wont allow him to throw overhand and has no flexibility thats why baseball players train with restriction ropes and dont weight train lol

  • DJ85

    Should have did some practice throws.

  • sammy sosa

    50 you cant pitch meng

  • Anonymous

    Lol Even Rick Ross could have got it over the plate.

  • Anonymous

    I know one thing if you didn't know he had a album coming out its all over the news with this fukked up pitch lol

  • Anonymous

    50 is hilarious..i wonder how many units he does his first week

  • crazy crazy

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  • smh

    Come on...He obviously threw it like that on purpose hoping it would go viral. He wants attention for his lame ass album.

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