Busta Rhymes Reportedly Owes More Than $750,000 In Taxes

The federal government says Busta Rhymes owes nearly $800,000 in taxes.

Busta Rhymes owes $789,577.90 in taxes to the federal government, according to TMZ

The site says it has documents that shows the Department of Treasury has hit the rapper with two tax bills. One is for the $611,000 its says Busta Rhymes failed to pay in 2008. The other bill is tied to his 2012 earnings and is for $178,000.

Other rappers also have had tax problems recently. Lil Wayne reportedly owes more than $12 million in taxes. The New Orleans rapper allegedly failed to pay taxes for 2011 and 2012 and owes $5,843,952 for 2011 and $6,311,132 for 2012. 

This isn't the first time Lil Wayne has faced issues due to taxes. The YMCMB executive reportedly owed $7 million in 2008-2009, a debt he reportedly cleared in 2012

Other rappers, including Lauryn Hill, MC Hammer and Fat Joe have also been hit with large tax bills in the last several years.

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  • Anonymous

    how do you forget to do your taxes b?

  • PAhiphopFAN

    Dude should be dropping knowledge in his rhymes at this age, instead of making party music for high school kids (kinda creepy when you think about it)

  • PAhiphopFAN

    That's kinda what happens when you stop focusing on real rhymes and start worrying about your material image. Drop a real album. And get on a REAL label, not a pop label. Smh. Dude is now the complete opposite of what I like about rap.

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB, the B stands for BROKE

  • Anonymous

    Well, we know Busta didn't spend that money on WOMEN at least... Steroid addict has been fatso fuck... Someone, somehwere might have a sliver of respect for this clown if he came out and let other black folks, celebrities and not, know its OK for fatso steroid addicts to be gay but until then... Right, Busta just hasn't met the right girl yet!!!

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, I can personally confirm that this is all a misunderstanding. The accounting team aggressively pursues all possible deductions. In many instances, the deductions are not accepted by the IRS, and more money is owed. Sometimes, even after accepting deductions, the IRS will audit a tax payer, up to 7 years after the applicable fiscal year. So in this instance, the IRS is effectively going back and saying that they are no longer comfortable with deductions they had previously approved. It's okay though...all YMCMB artists are swimming in cash and dripping swag. Busta will have the tax bill paid by Friday.

    • Anonymous

      yoooooo, he ethered you fool

    • cmonson

      You are "NOT" an accountant of YMCMB, first off under legal disclaimer "NO" employee of any agency/firm/label/etc is allowed to give "any"information regarding any financial situations regarding there company or something similar to someone elses, second no accountant would be sitting on the computer worrying about a hiphopdx post, they are to busy handling money, setting up accounts, going out to nice dinners and luncheons and thinking about where they want to take a vacation for the summer, third your name alone dentaldamboy sounds stupid, fourth no accountant whether black or white uses the word "swag". Hate to call bullshit on your phony story but you know how it goes lol.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody believes you.

  • Uncle Sam

    This is a lesson to you rich ass negroes: pay your fucking taxes ON, you sorry baboons!

  • Nas

    Ayo Bus, let me lend you some of my L's.

    • Anonymous

      the funny part is they only touched Nas' royalties, not touring, endorsements, rock the bells, jewels, real estate, appearances, his "weekly" money, 2 years in the deal you don't hear a peep on what's owed or child support backed up the L is in your joke is all I can see

  • Anonymous

    Closeeted gay black man spent it all on steroids, tesosterone and ???? Dumb fuck.

  • Real Talk

    Dear Black rappers, stop perpetuating stereotypes against your own people. These same rappers would flip out if someone called them stupid or idiotic and claim "racism". You are stupid, not because you're Black, but because you don't pay your taxes, make millions and walk around perpetuating negative stereotypes which do a disservice to all people, particularly those in your own community. HOW HARD IS IT TO PAY SOMEONE TO DO YOUR TAXES?! You can ball hard all night, but can't pay taxes. Fuck these cunts. I do my own damn taxes.

    • Anonymous

      So many rappers taking Ls. They need to find proper accountants financial advisers ect, i hear its easy to fuck up money if you ain't got a good head.

    • Tax Man

      Niggas and taxes don't go together.

    • Anonymous

      Paul Hogan and Nicolas Cage, yes, white actors, have both owed close to $150m an adult with knowledge of business can see that big bill is when he finished his last contract, when they audit, and the recent one is the Cash Money School of Economics another with limited knowledge but keeps updated with recent events would remember when that black lawyer lady came out (estimating 2008) and said there would be a crew that would be specifically going after rappers thru their taxes to try & find laundering, or they would recall accountants are shady, lazy, and flawed too and both would realize that "real talk" you're kicking is bullsh*t

    • Real Talk

      Miley Cyrus, J-Lo and all these other no talent R & B singers pay Uncle Sam. Why is it always rappers, Black actors (Chris Tucker and Wesley Snipes) or athletes (Mike Tyson) and Willie Nelson? Clearly some celebs don't have problems paying their taxes.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but you're not pulling in millions a year. These dudes getting paid cash for shows and most of their money comes in untaxed whereas you probably work a regular job and that W-9 form you filled out takes the taxes. It's not them not doing their taxes it's that they're spending all the money they make and don't have 100's of thousands when the feds want the money so they let it slide. When you or I do taxes we're not owing the feds millions. They don't pay taxes all year so have to catch up at tax time

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    Cash Money Records slipping again.

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